3et is not an exaggeratedly widely recognized bookmaker, but its cooperation with a number of brokers makes it, an option known to a group of advanced players and is certainly worth writing about. This is one of the group of so-called sharp bookmakers, and in this group it is one of the youngest bookmakers. Although their domain has been registered since 2003, but checking their history in the Internet archive, it can be concluded that they started a few years ago in approximately 2019. Exact, confirmed information is lacking. As a curiosity I can say that bookmakers like to add experience in years, because it looks better marketing-wise, so in principle we never suggest what is written on the bookmaker’s website, but try to check and verify this information ourselves. Coming back to 3et, it is a licensed bookmaker. They are licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, and the site and brand are managed by Eurasia Sports Limited. This is the only betting site of this company. They do have a logo and link to the Alderney Gambling Commission on their site, but to a different sub-page than the one listing the license, making it difficult/extensive for a player to verify their license. A different sub-page with the license list shows 3et. This means that they have the license they mention. You can find their license count here on the gambling commission’s website under the letter E.

3et, as a less popular bookmaker, gains a lot thanks to its wide access at big betting agents. As a result, their markets are exposed to a very wide range of players around the world and are matched on software-based platforms like Mollybet or Asianodds against Asia’s biggest industry giants and sports betting exchanges. It is of course impossible to support this with concrete data, as it is impossible, but it seems, or rather it is almost certain that thanks to this, (despite all its niche and lesser, shorter experience in the industry than its competitors) 3et generates high, even very high turnover, precisely thanks to this global visibility on such software. Thus, the previous statement that it is the niche bookmaker in the industry may be considered valid as far as brand recognition is concerned, but given the above as far as turnover and number of broker clients is concerned, already such a statement may not be entirely valid.

Access to 3et

At the moment, access to 3et is provided by the three sports betting brokers listed below. 3et is active on all platforms by default and their odds will be visible to us immediately. Of course, you can opt out of this in the settings so that 3et odds are not displayed. Most sites give you this option, I personally have kept the 3et markets in my accounts, sometimes it happens that they have the highest odds, although they are usually in 3rd-6th place in the list of available options ranked from the best odds. I also haven’t noticed any problem with settlement of bets and some strange returns, bets have always been settled fairly and moderately fast, I think it could be a little faster, but whether this is a significant factor depends solely on the betting style of the player…. So, you will get full access to 3et markets through the rate aggregation platforms of brokers BLACK (BetInAsia) Vodds or Asianodds (Asianconnect) and Vodds. Details and review of the above agent platforms below.

Despite its rather young age, 3et seems to be slowly gaining in reputation. The mere cooperation with the three largest bookmaking brokers increases not only their reach and recognition in the market, but also their reputation, as these types of brokers do not cooperate with weak and average bookmakers. With 3et, there is not the slightest problem with arbitrage bets. They are accepted. Certainly, 3et is a valuable bookmaker and a strength of the brokerage account.

It is also worth mentioning that at 3et you can also open an account directly. This is different from the vast majority of Asian bookmakers that cooperate with brokers. For example, at Singbet or BETISN it is not possible to open an account directly. This business model has worked well for years, with bookmakers focusing on the best possible offer and brokers on all the logistics. 3et has decided to operate doubly, as a classic bookmaker with the possibility of registration, as well as a donor of markets for players within brokerage accounts. Do 3et markets suffer? It’s hard to say, because certainly despite being a great bookmaker it is not the mainstay and foundation of the markets available in odds aggregation software. The Alderney license excludes registration from many Europesian and Asian countries and for this reason direct 3et accounts are not very popular. Other reasons are more expensive payments or simply limited brand recognition. Most players only get to know this bookmaker by opening an account with an agent. In fact, it’s clear that it’s more advantageous for players to access through an agent, which simply gives much better conditions and opportunities for sports betting.

3et markets in Asianodds platform screen (Asianconnect)

More about 3et

Now let’s talk about the specifications of this bookmaker. What can it actually offer players? After the first contact with 3et, it is easy to notice that the bookmaker is distinguished by its high minimum stake requirement, which is €30. Actually, one of the main target groups of sharp bookmakers and agents are advanced and intermediate players who operate with higher stakes. So in most cases this is not a problem. However, other bookmakers offer lower minimum stakes, making them more open to a group of beginner players who want to start on low stakes or test the product itself, the markets, without investing too much money. The max stakes work on the principle of dynamic odds, known in the industry and used by the largest on the market, such as PS3838. As a result, max starting limits are very high, and after betting the max we can continue to bet at reduced odds. However, if we wish to withdraw our funds, it is worth remembering that in case of direct access to this bookmaker, it is worth remembering that each withdrawal via Skrill and Neteller is charged a 1% fee. This is stated in 3et terms and conditions.

3et does not offer a very long list of available sports to bet on. However, all major sports are on board. Football, Basketball, Esports, Baseball, Cricket, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Boxing and MMA are the list of available sports. Markets for these sports are also available live. It should come as no surprise that Asian handicap options are ubiquitous here. Combo betting options are also available, but in a simple form. 3et is a sharp bookmaker and there is no problem with underpriced odds here. In fact, the odds are very good and I have not found bets to have a margin of more than 5%. Of course, the standard on bigger events is quite a bit lower than this 5%. You can verify the margins on their odds in sports betting calculators. As mentioned earlier, it happens that they offer the highest odds on the list, but usually they are a bit lower. It’s impossible to be clear on many dynamic markets, but certainly another low-margin bookmaker is a valuable option. 

Analyzing the web traffic, with the help of available tools, it can be concluded that the vast majority of traffic, more than 95%, and consequently turnover in 3et comes from brokers sites. This is not surprising, and the reasons for this have been explained in previous parts of our 3et review. Still, to be complete in its content, let’s analyze the bookmaker’s website in terms of functionality. We have already said about odds, sports, stakes and other most relevant topics. So what side features does the bookmaker offer? The 3et website is quite intuitive and has the classic Asian view, familiar and allowing you to easily navigate the dashboard and search for bets. They have a choice of odds display. Decimal, American, HongKong, Indo and Malay odds are available. There is also a choice of English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese languages. However, their translations are not of a very high standard, some of the content is not translated at all, and the site is basically based on English, while the rest is placed as if by force, not very professionally. It could certainly have been done better. There are several currencies to choose from for your account. The available currencies are USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, CAD, CNY, AUD. Another minor yet useful feature is the ability to select night/day mode.

3et day mode


3et night mode

Overall, it’s not bad, it’s even pretty good. However, it is still a small percentage of features compared to the advanced broker platforms where 3et markets are available. Add to that the fact that 3et is not available in many locations and I guess they are trying to operate in a similar way to Betfair (. That is, directly residents of very few locations can open an account, but they work with brokers to make their markets available globally. In my opinion, the issue is simple. There is certainly value in using 3et markets, but it seems that an agent rather than a direct account is a better choice. You simply get much more in every respect, competitive rates, payments, better systems and everything else. 3et is quite a young company, it may not be a mainstay for advanced players, however, I think it is such an interesting project that we will certainly keep it up to date and inform players about all the changes, problems and everything related to 3et bookmaker.


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