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Asianstorm, WinFair24, Betnfair, PS3838, Orbit Exchange, KingFair24

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Bank Transfer, BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, AstroPay, Many other cryptocurrencies

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50 EUR  (150 EUR Bank Wire)

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Up to 4 hours

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First withdrawal of the month free, next 1.5%

Transfer between accounts:

Yes, Free

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Country Restrictions


Brokerstorm does not accept players from the following locations: USA, UK, France, Austria, Netherlands and Turkey.

Players from all other locations are accepted.

Brokerstorm is certainly not a newcomer to the sports betting broker market. We verified information about the broker’s beginnings on web.archive and determined that the origins of the business date back to 2017. Brokerstorm is managed by REDCOIN LIMITED and is licensed in Curaco. Status and license number here. Some brokers do not have a license, or they mention a license in the footer, but upon verification it turns out that they do not have a license. We advise you to avoid these types of sites. Analyzing the entire period, from the beginning of the business until today, we can come to the conclusion that Brokerstorm is betting on long-term gradual progression. For players this is certainly good news, after all, everyone has seen many companies appearing for a few months, developing at a fast pace, only to end up cheating players. Brokerstorm, however, is a strong point in the sports broker market. And everything proves that it is a player-friendly project.

Brokerstorm works with many Asian bookmakers and sports betting exchanges making their markets strong and liquid. Odds are high and there are no limit issues, so arbitrage players and winners are welcome and not restricted. The broker, while offering a minimum deposit of €50, also has a lot to offer beginners who are interested in these types of “above standard” options in sports betting and want to educate themselves in this field. The company website is available in English, Italian, German and Bulgarian. However, it is worth remembering that Brokerstorm offers many products and these products mostly also offer multilingual interfaces in languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, as well as many Asian languages. Below you will find the individual product pages, which include detailed information on supported languages. We have done a complete analysis of the products, payments, security of this broker. We hope this review will answer all your questions about this service.

What options will I get access to from Brokerstorm?

Brokerstorm offers its customers access to a wide range of options. Observing the market, you can see that it is Brokerstorm that is the fastest to expand its offerings with newer and newer platforms, or to improve the existing ones. You can see that ambitions are high, and that’s a good thing, to the benefit of players. All sports betting platforms available through the broker offer high limits, no restrictions on arbitrage and win players , and low margins, thus high odds. Like other highly rated brokers, Brokerstorm only works with best bookmakers and quality exchanges. So let’s see what options we have when opening an account with Brokerstorm.


First Deposit Bonus 20% up to 200€

Asianstorm is one of the main options available at the broker. At the moment there is an interesting registration promotion for this product. We can get a first deposit bonus of up to 20% of the first deposit up to €200. Asianstorm is a highly advanced sports betting platform. It is built on Mollybet software and offers a huge number of features and possibilities, thus being one of the first choices of advanced players. You get access to the high odds and limits provided by Asian bookmakers that power Asianstorm markets, as well as a long list of available sports. A long list of live bets and Asian handicaps will also go down here. There are many Asian bookmakers like Pinnacle, 3et and many others operating within one account, as well as leading sports betting exchanges guaranteeing the highest liquidity.


powered by Betfair

Winfair24 is another in the list of available Brokerstorm products. It is an advanced platform that offers many useful features. The pillar of Winfair24 is a sports betting exchange, operated by Betfair. In addition to the exchange, the player gets access to Pinnacle markets, Cricketbook and many other options, including casino games. The system seems intuitive and easy to navigate despite its many features. Certainly, the sheer access to such powerful markets as Betfair and Pinnacle will make this platform work for any type of player. Of course, nothing prevents recreational players from also taking advantage of the great markets offered by WinFair24. The site is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Greek and Vietnamese. WinFair24 market aggregation platform is fully compatible with mobile devices. In some locations, a VPN should be used to gain full access to the site.


powered by Betdaq

Betnfair is another in the list of options a player gets when opening an account with Brokerstorm. It is a platform powered by the markets of the major sports betting exchange Betdaq. This guarantees liquid and stable markets, especially for major sports and games. Many sports are available on Betnfair. Certainly players who specialize in horse racing will find a good and extensive offering. There is the possibility to bet Lay on horses, as well as the whole offer on this sport is satisfactory. A useful option for a certain group of players can be live streaming of many sports events, including horse racing. Betnfair commission is currently 4%.


More options?

Brokerstorm offers a lot of services, adding a growing player base, they can be considered a big broker. However, the aforementioned platforms are not everything. In addition, through Brokerstorm you can open an account directly with PS3838, as well as with the popular Orbit Exchange and KingFair24. After registering on the broker’s website, we have the opportunity to choose the platform on which we want to open an account and start betting/trading. You can open an account on one platform, or on all of them, it’s up to you. You don’t have to decide at registration either, you can always add the product you are interested in at a later time. It’s also worth mentioning that you can request a demo account for the option of your choice to check out the site and its interface for yourself.

Brokerstorm registration

Registration at Brokerstorm proceeds in a similar manner to many other betting sites and is not complicated in any way, by any non-typical issues. After selecting the “Registration” option on the broker’s website, you will be redirected to a registration form like the one on the attached screenshot next to it and an instructional video about registration, deposits and withdrawals, setting up accounts on selected platforms from the offer, logging in to them. You will learn all this from the video. If it’s your first account in a brokerage system, or if you’re a beginner, we recommend watching this video, as navigating the brokerage site may differ from what you know from recreational bookmakers sites.

Coming back to the registration form, you need to fill in all the boxes with your data. Remember to enter the data in accordance with reality to avoid problems later. After completing the registration form, you should confirm your knowledge of the regulations and your age. Subscribing to Brokerstorm’s newsletter is an option, it is not mandatory. I personally use this option. Fortunately, there is no spam or an overabundance of irrelevant, unnecessary information. Brokerstorm is expanding its offerings and it’s worth keeping up to date with the new opportunities they offer players, and the newsletter helps with that.

Brokerstorm Register Form

If you’re curious about the video, it’s worth mentioning that there are many more such videos on Brokerstorm’s Youtube channel showcasing their services and other things on the topic.


You can contact Brokerstorm via email at or via the live chat available on the broker’s website. Technical support will answer all your questions about Brokerstorm’s services and products. You can also contact them via Skype and Telegram and you can find their contact information from the footer on the broker’s website. Remember to contact the accounts listed on the site (applies to Skype) There have been situations in the past where scammers have impersonated the accounts of bookmakers and other companies, for this reason it is recommended to go to the Skype contact from the broker’s site, rather than searching for Skype yourself. It is also worth noting that live chat is available from 07.00am – 23.00pm UK timezone.


Brokerstorm FAQ

No, although brokerage services, due to their high odds and limits, are largely chosen by advanced players, this does not mean that it is not also an option for beginners who also want to enjoy great odds and many unique solutions. In practice, it doesn’t matter whether you are interested in arbitrage betting or betting for fun. Brokerstorm is open to all players. The low minimum deposit requirements (€50) also show that they are open to all players, regardless of their skill level. For advanced players, they are one of the main options, for the reasons already mentioned, and for recreational players, they are an available option that is worth considering so as not to lose on low odds from average bookmakers with an inflated margin.

Yes, like all other licensed brokers and bookmakers, they must perform user verification. At Brokerstorm, KYC verification usually takes one day or several hours. However, in some situations, verification may take up to two days. In general, there are no problems in this matter or any unjustified obstruction to verification, we have not recorded any reports of difficulties. Sometimes we like to call it soft KYC and hard KYC, in this case it is soft KYC. It is also worth mentioning that bookmakers and stock exchanges do not know your data, for them you are anonymous and therefore you can have accounts on many products. Verification takes place only between the broker and the player.

A large number of products raises questions about what budget management looks like if you have an account in more than one Brokerstorm product. This is not a major problem because you can relocate your funds from one platform to another at any time. Especially since no commission is charged for it, it is completely free, and all operations of this type can be performed from the broker’s home page, from which all logistics, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, contact with technical support and everything related to the platform’s operation are carried out.

Yes, Brokerstorm is managed by Redcoin N.V and licensed by Curacao Gaming with license GLH-OCCHKTW0701192021. This can be verified on the regulator’s website or by visiting the Brokerstorm website, in the footer you will find a link to the regulator with the assigned license number and validity status. We also mentioned it at the top of the review, where there is a link to the license and its number. Due to the growing number of unlicensed entities and related questions from players, we would like to remind you of what was already mentioned at the beginning of the review.


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