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Asian bookmaker, the term has a simple meaning. However, is it really? There is interest in Asian bookies for many reasons all over the world, not just in Asia, although it is obvious that it is highest in Asia. What are the reasons for the high interest in any solid asian bookie around the world we will discuss later in our analysis. Returning to whether this term has a simple meaning, explaining. Writing at the beginning in a slightly provocative way to the reader, I had an intention in mind. A player searching for an asian bookie from Indonesia, Vietnam or Thailand, for example, has, in part, a different search intent than, for example, players from Europe looking for asian bookies. The goal is the same, to find the best possible offers, high odds and low limits, but due to regional conditions, the idea of the search may differ. For this reason, we will present the problem of finding the best asian bookie from the perspective of Asian and non-Asian locations. We will then present conclusions and the optimal solution for each player, whether Asian or non-Asian.

Best Asian bookie

To begin with, we can say we are starting from the end. After analysis, we have selected the best available solution for Asian and non-Asian players who are interested in access to professional asian bookie. With sports betting brokers, you can access multiple Asian bookmakers and exchanges through a single account. Brokers, unlike bookmakers, accept VPNs, which can be a huge relief for players from locations where there are problems accessing their accounts. Brokers accept many local payment methods. There is also no problem with bitcoin or tether payments. Below are the best brokers for the Asian market

What do the best Asian bookie offer?

High odds a hallmark of Asian bookie

High odds are certainly the biggest possible bonus, especially long-term ones that a player can take advantage of. High odds are an absolute staple for the advanced gambler, this doesn't need to be explained to anyone. High odds is one of the main advantages for which players seek asian bookie. But why are Asian bookmakers famous for their high odds? The answer is simple. The business model of Asian bookmakers is based on high turnover and low margin, dynamic odds.

Highest limits only with Asian bookie

Many highrollers need high limits for their bets, and this is where asian bookie comes in with a solution. Most bookmakers limit winning players and don't allow too high stakes, however this problem is not present in asian bookie. The business model described above allows the bookie to offer large bettors the possibility of betting at high stakes and allows for proper risk management.

High reputation worldwide

Asian bookies also have a high reputation outside Asia. They are the ones most professional gamblers have relied on for many years, and this should come as no surprise. Also, the Asian culture in which betting means a lot spills over to the bookmaking companies, which in most cases have been meticulously paying out all funds to their players on time for years. Of course, everything should be approached with reason, scams can happen anywhere, but averaging out, the high reputation of asian bookie is indisputable.

Asian bookie payment method

Asian bookies operate all over the world, so in addition to local payments for individual Asian countries, most bookmakers try to maintain a large number of payment options, taking into account differences in the availability of the methods in question as well as the preferences of the players themselves. Thanks to such, one could say broad approach to the subject, the claim that payments from any location to asian bookie is not a problem is fully valid. The speed of payment varies depending on the asian bookie in question. As a rule, deposits, other than bank transfer, are instantaneous. Withdrawals range from immediate to those that take up to 4 hours. Our site lists asian bookies and brokers that withdraw within a maximum of 4 hours of a withdrawal order.

So, let’s cut to the chase. Let’s list the basic payment methods you will encounter with the best asian bookies.


Bitcoin, Tether and other cryptocurrencies are now one of the most popular payment methods in Asia. Fast deposits and withdrawals as well as anonymous payments tempt players. Also, the ease of acquiring/selling cryptocurrency is a major plus. All brokers and bookmakers on our site support Bitcoin, Tether and in some cases other cryptocurrencies payments as well, as you will read about in the individual reviews of the respective bookmakers.


Online wallets like Skrill, Neteller, Jeton, Muchbetter, etc. are also staples when it comes to Asian bookmaker payments. Online wallets operate in many countries on all continents and you can top up your wallet using many local country-specific methods. Neteller, for example, accepts deposits in more than 200 different local payment methods from Asian countries.

Online Banking

The classic form of payment, or bank transfer. In most cases, this method is a bit slower, not counting some locations with fast bank payments. Some bookmakers still accept bank transfers, but in this case, usually in addition to the longer waiting time, the required minimum deposit and withdrawal is a bit higher than with other payment methods.


Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay deposits are honored at most outlets around the world. Also with many bookmakers there is such an option. And if it is not there, certainly payment by card is always an option, as we can pay our deposit indirectly, for example, by topping up the electronic wallet with a card or buying cryptocurrency. There are several options, and the group of payments by various types of cards is certainly one of them.

Asian Bookie Center

Asian bettors, are welcomed at most online bookie sites located in or outside Asia. However, where are the main asian bookie companies located that we write so much about? So the center, one might say the basin, of bookmaking companies in Asia is the Philippines. It is from the Philippines that millions of bets placed by Asian players as well as players from around the world are handled. The Philippines offers low taxes for such companies and a safe environment. Licenses granted by the state allow the company to provide its services anywhere outside the Philippines. The asian bookie center has been here for more than a dozen years and it doesn’t look like anything is going to change in the near future.


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