Privacy Policy

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1. Cookies

We do not store cookies. However, third-party sites, browsers and servers may do this. It is done in order to adjust and improve the quality of the user experience. For example, to speed up the site’s loading, or to remember your settings and preferences.

2. Email addresses

If you email us, the address will not be shared with others. It will only be used for correspondence with you. In case you subscribe to the newsletter, your email address is also not shared with third parties. It is used to send you the newsletter in a spam-free form.

3. Traffic analysis

In accordance with our efforts to improve the site’s performance and to make it the best possible fit for you, we analyze the statistics of our site’s visits. For example, we analyze the number of visits from a particular location in order to tailor content to the needs of that location. This statistic is only used for our internal analysis.

4. Links to external sites

Our site may contain links to other websites. These sites have their own privacy policies, and we are not responsible for them. However, all links from us take you to authoritative spam-free sites. Once you have moved to a particular site, be sure to read the site’s local Privacy Policy.

If the Privacy Policy changes in the future, it will be in this section on our site


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