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ASIANODDS, PS3838, Piwi247, Orbit , Betfair, Singbet, 3ET, BetISN, Penta88, Sharpbet

Available payment methods:

BTC, USDT, Skrill, Neteller

Minimum deposit and payout:

10 EUR

Average payout time:

5-15 minutes

Withdrawal fees:

First withdrawal of the month free, next 2%

Transfer between accounts:

Yes, Free

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Country Restrictions


Asianconnect does not accept players from the following locations: USA, France, China, Taiwan, HK, Singapore, South Korea, North Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sudan, Somalia, Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Bangladesh and Libya

Players from all other locations are accepted.


Asianconnect is the oldest bet broker on the market. The company has been in existence since 1998. This is a very long period of operation for this dynamic industry. Since the beginning, AC has been a solvent broker with a high reputation among players. As a long-time user, I have never been disappointed. I have never waited more than 5-10 minutes for a withdrawal. Asianconnect has earned a fairly high position and recognition among players. It is one of those brokers with whom your funds are fully safe, and you can get on with playing and winning. But to the point.

Asianconnect is a licensed operator with Curaçao Gaming. License number 1668/JAZ. The company offers brokerage services to betting players from most locations around the world. High player interest as well as long-standing operations in the market have paid off with a high volume of players choosing Asianconnect as their broker. So what specifically does this broker offer and what are its full specifications? You will find out below.

Asianconnect Bonus

Asianconnect offers a maximum €500 bonus for new players. 25% of the first deposit. This is probably the best bonus among brokers. The amount itself as well as the percentage by the brokers’ market standards is okay, but a huge plus is the very simple and low turnover rules. The bonus only needs to be wagered 3 times! With odds of 1.5 or higher. We have 60 days to turnover. It is not very often that we find such low wagering requirements. It seems that Asianconnect is so confident in their high quality service that they know the player is sure to stay with them after the bonus is wagered and will continue to wager. Certainly, as the oldest broker in the market, they know what they are doing.

This offer is not available to players who are residents and citizens of Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russian Federation, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. If you are not from these locations and want to take advantage of the promotion, you must use the special bonus link. Click here and get the bonus. If you are from these locations you can create an account via the main registration link.

What options will I get access to from Asianconnect?

Asianconnect offers several options for the player to choose from. Through the broker we can open an account with PS3838, Orbit Exchange, Piwi247 as well as the broker’s own system, which aggregates odds from multiple bookmakers, namely Asianodds. The player can choose one of the available options or all of them at the time of registration or later.

Asianodds access from a range of top Asian bookies with the highest limits and odds. The odds are taken from Pinnacle, Singbet, 3et, BetISN, Penta88, among others. Thanks to access to top Asian bookmakers from one platform, the problem of low odds and limits is a thing of the past.

Asianodds is Asianconnect’s in-house offering and their main product. It is one of the simplest brokerage plafarms I have dealt with. It is very intuitive and if someone has already been betting at a classic bookie they will not have the slightest problem getting started with Asianodds. This can be considered neither a plus nor a minus. Everything depends on the personal preferences of the player. However, the platform is ideal for beginners as well as advanced players.

Asianodds offers access from one platform to the offer of many bookies who complement each other’s sports offer. Available sports include: Football, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, AM. Football, Cricket, MMA, Boxing, Rugby and Esports and other sports. For many sports, the numerous niche, lower leagues/playoffs are also not an issue. We are sure to find a football match or event from the world of esports, as well as many other sports events of interest.

When selecting a specific bet, we can choose a bookie from the list at which we want to play this match. If we do not decide, the system always selects the highest available odds on the market. In the settings, we can add or opt out of displaying specific bookmakers on our account. In other settings we can pick the light/dark theme, the base stake per bet and more.

It has to be said that Asianodds is a very successful and reliable platform, ideally suited for pre-match as well as live betting. It is a powerful tool in the hands of the player, thanks to which we get functions and opportunities which we won’t find at classic bookie.


In addition to Asianodds, Asianconnect also offers access to Orbit Exchange, Piwi247 and PS3838 (Pinnacle).

Payment Method

Asianconnect offers several basic payment methods. Let’s face it, there aren’t many. The number of options is average, but if you deposit or withdraw, any of the options listed below, you can be assured that Asianconnect places a high priority on fast and secure payments. In the past, Asianconnect also offered payments via bank transfer and ecopayz, but at the moment these payment methods are not available.


We can make deposits using Bitcoin, Tether, Skrill and Neteller. The minimum deposit of €10 for the Skrill and Neteller options, 10USDT for the Tether option, while if we deposit with Bitcoin the minimum is 0.0001BTC. These not-too-exorbitant amounts show that Asianconnect is not just for big professional players, but is also ideal for recreational players.

It is worth noting that regardless of what method you make a deposit by, you do not pay any fees to the broker. Regardless of the number of deposits you make.

The time we wait for our funds to be credited to the account of the chosen bookmaking product is, in the case of Skrill and Neteller, counted in minutes at most, or Instant as the broker states. When it comes to cryptocurrencies it is usually just as fast, depending on the network load it is 3 confirmations in the case of Bitcoin deposit and 10 in the case of Tether deposit.


On the other hand, when it comes to withdrawals, the list of available options is the same as for deposits. That is, we can withdraw via one of the Skrill or Neteller web wallets, or alternatively via one of the available cryptocurrencies i.e. Bitcoin or Tether. Minimum withdrawals are very low and start at just €10 via Skrill and Neteller. If withdrawing with Bitcoin, the minimum is 0.0005BTC and 50USDT via Tether. Such low withdrawal requirements are a very good solution for small recreational players.

Asianconnect’s payout speed is great. I’ll be honest, as a long-time player of this broker, I’ve never waited more than a few minutes for a withdrawal. Regardless of the withdrawal method, as I used all available ones. So, if you value fast payments you will surely be satisfied as the declared speed of withdrawals fully coincides with this real speed.

The first withdrawal of the month is completely free. Each subsequent one is subject to a 1% transaction fee.


If you have more than one account through Asianconnect, you can transfer funds from one product to another quickly and without cost. This is a very good solution as we save time and resources on possible payment operator commissions if we want to simply transfer funds to another bookmaker/exchange through a broker.

All we need to do is simply select the product from which we want to take funds and the destination product, then specify the amount, approve and that’s it. The waiting time for the funds is a few minutes at most.


More than once, as a player, I had contact with AC support. Cases were related to technical topics, verification, opening new accounts and much more. The assistance was always fast and efficient. In general, most brokers respond quite quickly and Asianconnect does not deviate from this trend. Support is contacted via email and chat available on the broker’s website. The turnaround time is usually in minutes, depending on the complexity of the issue.


Asianconnect FAQ

Of course they do. Brokers largely target professional/arbitrage players, etc. However, some brokers also accept smaller players and Asianconnect is among them. As you’ve probably already noticed the minimum deposit requirements of €10 are not too excessive. Also, the minimum stake per bet (depending on the bookmaker we choose) of about €5 encourages smaller players. Answering the question simply, yes anyone can open an account and bet at the highest odds.

Yes, thanks to the broker service you can have several accounts with the same bookmaker! The fact that you have, for example, set up an account at PS3838 by another broker such as Betinasia does not mean that you can’t set up another account at another broker! Bookmakers do not know your data so this is not a problem. So if for some reason you need this type of service in more than one place you don’t have to fear any consequences. Everything is in full compliance with the brokers’ regulations.

Yes, Asianconnect as a licensed operator requires KYC verification. This is exactly the same verification we encounter with any bookmaker. Of course, we verify our account with the broker. Towards bookmakers we are fully anonymous. The verification itself proceeds in a simple way and if our data on the account agrees with the documents everything goes very quickly and without stress. After verification we have access to the full usability of the service.

You can do two things. You can check the offerings of other brokers on our site or use a VPN. Above in the article or on the main table you will find information about the countries that Asianconnect does not accept. However, it happens that outside these countries due to local restrictions the broker’s site does not work. The broker accepts the use of a VPN. So once we get access to the site after using a VPN, we can register (with real data, of course) and start betting.



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