PS3838 is one of the best bookmakers available exclusively through betting brokers. It is a sister site to Pinnacle and they are the ones behind PS3838. So it’s no wonder that so many players seek access to this top-notch betting site. You can access their markets in two ways, unlike most bookmakers who are mainly available on market aggregation platforms from brokers, but we’ll come back to this topic later in our text. The bookmaker is available in English, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, French, Thai, Japanese, Korean, German, Khmer and Vietnamese.

PS3838, as befits its sister site Pinnacle, offers a very wide range of sports, with numerous bets on soccer, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, darts, cricket, esports, handball, golf, winter sports, tennis, MMA, American football and many other sports and non-sports bets, among others. The margin is extremely low, and consequently the odds are very high and will certainly satisfy professional players. However, PS3838’s offer is not only aimed at PRO players. The bookmaker is also friendly and willing to serve recreational players, allowing them to bet at low stakes as well. Getting an account with PS3838 directly rather than through the broker’s platform can be good for mobile players and beginners. The bookmaker has a great mobile site and is less complicated than the broker’s platform.

The company’s business model is similar to large Asian bookmakers. They do not limit the accounts of winning players. For this reason, many players have been associated with the site for many years. I myself have an account with PS3838 set up through one of the brokers, as well as using their markets on combination platforms, and I have never had a problem with limits and other things. For all these long years a completely maintenance-free bookmaker with withdrawals processed within 5-7 minutes (withdrawals are processed by the broker) Arbitrage bets are also accepted. So, thanks to high odds PS3838 can many times be used for surebets. Another strong point is live betting. And in this case we have a huge offer with high odds and limits. As you can see, PS3838 is a very comprehensive bookmaker, adapted to every type of player and device.

PS3838 account

You cannot create an account directly on their site. There is no possibility to register. However, with betting brokers we have access in two ways. The first is the way you know from the descriptions of other bookmakers offered as part of an account with a broker. And this is how you can access PS3838, on a common platform that aggregates markets. The second solution is direct access. Just select such an option in the administration panel at the broker and then we will receive a login and password to our new account and we can bet at PS3838 directly.

Deposits and withdrawals as well as the entire infrastructure are still handled by the broker and in the broker’s account we make all operations regarding transactions and contact with PS3838.  BetInAsia, Asianconnect and Sportmarket offer the possibility of such an account, with the caveat that Sportmarket requires a minimum deposit of €500 to create an account. BetInAsia and Asianconnect have no such requirement. Vodds offers PS3838 rates on its platform without the possibility to create a separate account. Below is a complete list of brokers offering the ability to create an account or access PS3838 markets.

PS3838 vs Pinnacle

As mentioned in previous paragraphs, these are sister sites. Pinnacle is already a legendary bookmaker in the industry, known for years for its high odds and accepting winning big players. This business model based on low margins and high turnover has given them immense popularity. They are known for their many innovations in the industry. They have spearheaded many innovations, such as the introduction of e-sports. However, due to numerous regional regulations Pinnacle is inaccessible to many players.

With help comes the PS3838 site, which is actually no different except for the details, after all it is a site powered by Pinnacle bookmaker and operated by brokers. The only difference may be the payment methods. PS3838’s payment methods depend on the methods offered by the individual broker holding them.  Although the differences may not be great, as both the bookmaker and the broker support most of the popular payment methods.