PS3838 is one of the largest bookmakers in the world available exclusively through betting brokers. It is a Pinnacle white label and it is the legendary Pinnacle that is behind the site. So it’s no wonder that so many players around the world seek access to this top-notch betting site. You can access their markets in two ways, unlike most bookmakers who are mainly available on platforms that aggregate markets from different betting sites, we can also get an account directly with PS3838, but about that in the next section. PS3838 is available in English, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, French, Thai, Japanese, Korean, German, Khmer and Vietnamese, but of course the bookmaker is open to many other markets. With its policy that accepts virtually all players, professional, recreational, winning, it positions the bookmaker among the world’s top in the industry. And adding high odds and limits, as well as a very high reputation, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular bookmakers on the market.

The company business model is similar to the big Asian bookmakers. They do not limit the accounts of winning players. For this reason, many players have been associated with their services for many years. I myself have an account with PS3838 set up through one of their brokers, and I also use their markets on odds aggregation platforms, including but not limited to PS3838, such as Asianodds for example, and I have never had a problem with limits, too low odds and other unpleasant things for a player. All these long years a completely maintenance-free bookmaker with withdrawals processed within 5-7 minutes (withdrawals are processed by the broker). Arbitrage bets are also accepted. So, thanks to the high odds, PS3838 can be used repeatedly for surebets. Another strong point is live betting. And here, too, there is a huge offering with high odds and limits. As you can see, PS3838 is a very versatile bookmaker, suited to every type of player and device. Sounds great, but in two paragraphs of introduction it is impossible to present all the relevant information about PS3838. For this reason, I encourage you to read on, a comprehensive analysis of PS3838 backed by many years of theory as well as practice supported by thousands of bets placed on PS3838 markets.

Access to PS3838

PS3838 is one of the pillars and most important bookmakers in the brokers offerings. So it’s not surprising that most brokers give you the opportunity to use PS3838. If you’ve already been to the bookmakers website, you’ve certainly seen that there is no registration button. It is not possible to create a PS3838 account or use their markets directly, this is only possible through one of the brokers offering this service. PS3838(Pinnacle) issues the odds and accepts bets, but all the infrastructure, i.e. deposits/withdrawals and all other customer service issues are on the brokers side. From the player’s point of view, this is a good solution, because brokers usually pay out much faster than classic betting sites, and on top of that the player is anonymous to the bookmaker and can easily have a PS3838 account with two brokers, and such action is fully compliant with the regulations. On top of that, the player gains access to other services that he wouldn’t get at an average betting site. When setting up an account, or at a later time, you have two options to access.

Your own PS3838 account

One option is to get an account with PS3838. In your account with the broker, you can choose this option and with this you will get a login and password to the PS3838 website. You will then be able to log in there and place bets. All other operations, except betting, related to PS3838 you will perform from your panel in your broker account. With this solution you gain access to the full pre-match and live offerings. This is a good solution for many players, especially beginners and intermediate players.

Markets on the platform

The second option is to use a broker’s platform that takes odds from multiple bookmakers, including PS3838. In this case, PS3838 is one of many bookmakers where we can bet from a single account. This is a good option for players looking for the highest limits and odds, as well as for arbitrage players. It may happen that not all of PS3838 offerings will be available this way, especially for very niche sports. Of course, there is nothing preventing you from using both access options within one brokerage account.

Brokers with access to PS3838

All the brokers listed above give you a choice. You can get an account directly, use a odds aggregator platform, or both options at the same time. Asianconnect offers access to PS3838 markets on its flagship Asianodds platform, as well as on PIWI247, where Pinnacle markets are available alongside Betfair markets. Of course, there is also the option to get a direct account with PS3838. It’s similar with BetInAsia, meaning a direct account and markets on their flagship BLACK platform. There is also an option to bet via Skype. If you want to find out details such as payment option and many other important things, you can go to the review of the broker you are interested in.

Overview of the PS3838 offer

Let’s explore the individual capabilities, function as well as the overall offerings that the PS3838 makes to its players.

Available sports

PS3838 has a very long list of sports in its offer. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is a bookmaker with one of the widest sports offers on the sports betting market. In football betting, the player gets access to all major European leagues, Asian leagues, American leagues as well as those from other regions of the world. Importantly, there are a great many options for lower national leagues, and I don’t mean leagues like Spanish or English. Lower leagues are also found in many other leagues, it can be said that lower leagues are available from practically every location, we often find odds on lower leagues from African countries and less popular leagues. A big plus is that the lower leagues have as wide a list of available bets on each specific event as the major leagues. So, first of all, Asian handicaps, win bets, over/under, total corner kicks, odd/odd, exact score as well as many other side bets. In addition to the regular higher and lower class domestic games, PS3838 issues odds on domestic cups, international competitions i.e. champions league and other club international events. Of course, representative football is also available. Odds on club and national team friendly matches are also regularly published by PS3838.

PS3838 provides the opportunity to bet on many sports and their offerings are not biased toward one or a few sports and the entire offerings are taken seriously. Sports such as baseball, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, darts, cricket, e-sports, handball, golf, winter sports, tennis, MMA, futsal, American football, betting on politics as well as many other niche sports are available. Interestingly, betting on esports even has a separate tab, which shows that PS3838 also wants to encourage this group of players by offering a very strong esports offer. At the moment, the offer is wide on virtually every sport. In the past, PS3838 pushed hard for American sports outside of football, and it still does, however, there used to be more emphasis on the NHL than European field hockey or the KHL in the case of ice hockey, I remember that there was no option to bet on ML (final winner including overtime and penalty kicks) in European leagues. It was possible to bet on a win in reculminating time or possibly Asian handicap +0 with a return in case of a draw. Today, the European leagues are practically equated with the NHL and KHL. This example is to show that PS3838 is a bookmaker of universals and their sports offer is strong, universal and actually hard to beat.


 PS3838, has been one of the major odds providers in all sports betting markets since its inception in 1998. This means that they are usually the first to issue odds in many markets and many other bookmakers copy odds from them, odds that are reduced in relation to the issuer’s odds. From the beginning, PS3838 has been focused on a business model of high odds and high turnover. This makes it easy to deduce that PS3838’s margins are kept to a minimum, making their odds the world’s top. In practically all markets, their odds appear at the very top of the odds list, and at worst they are on the podium. Margins are so low that they reach values of 2.5-3.8% depending on the market and sport, with the regularity that in liquid large markets this margin is lower. So you can’t have the slightest doubt, when betting at PS3838 you will never be betting at undervalued odds.


PS3838 has been famous for years for its high limits on individual events and not limiting winning players. This means that you will not be capped. Limits are high, much higher than at the average bookmaker. The limit is listed next to each event and if you bet the maximum, the odds will drop and you can still bet on the same event many times. You can also wait a while for the odds to return to the original, but this doesn’t always happen, and you need to follow the market and the event to assess the situation and the movement of the odds. The business model based on dynamic odds allows the bookmaker to properly manage risk and not impose individual limits. Actually, you can say that there are no limits, but above the (high) limit the odds will decrease. Of course, the amount of the limit per event depends on popularity and liquidity, and on large liquid markets it can be tens of thousands of euros, yes on niche bets thousands or hundreds of euros. High limits will satisfy most high-stakes players.


PS3838 has a clean and intuitive interface. We have the option to set the Asian or European markets view, as well as the number of lines displayed from 1 to 5. The site is available in day-light and night-dark modes, which can be useful for those betting live at night. There is also a language switcher (list of available language options at the top of this article). From the main dashboard we have a view of pending bets and favorite leagues. Importantly, the bookmakers website works very well on all mobile devices, with no lag or stutter, so it must be said that PS3838 is a fully responsive site. The interface is classic, but not outdated and should be clear and readable enough for most players.

PS3838 vs Pinnacle

PS3838 is a whitelabel of Pinnacle, so it’s not hard to guess that the sites are very similar. The difference is the layout, which seems a bit more useful in PS3838. Other than that, all sports, markets, odds, limits, live betting are exactly the same. There is not the slightest difference in this case. Technically, both sites are similar. Pinnacle has a lot of regulatory restrictions, and for this reason PS3838 is available in far more locations around the world than Pinnacle is. Actually, this is one of the reasons for the Pinnacle clone. So, for obvious reasons, there is no deeper sense in finding other differences because there are none. PS3838 has the advantage that it is available through a broker, so we also gain many other opportunities that a single bookmaker like Pinnacle is not able to guarantee to its players.


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