Asianstorm is one of the platforms offered by the well-known sports betting broker Brokerstorm. This platform includes many Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges under one account. Thus, it will not be an exaggeration to say that Asianstorm is a powerful platform with a huge number of features, usability and, above all, with the highest odds and high limits. So let’s try to analyze and evaluate the possibilities it offers.

Asianstorm is a platform based on Mollybet software. At the moment it is by far the largest and most advanced provider of this type of software. Sites using Mollybet are sought after by both professional and recreational players, and for good reason. They are simply intuitive to use with so many features that, in a sense, they exhaust the subject and the player no longer needs to look elsewhere. If you have already bet on the platform on this software then you will certainly know how to navigate Asianstrom. However, even if you’re already familiar with the system, it’s worth reading our analysis because despite many similarities, some things may differ, such as the list of available bookmakers.

Asianstorm is owned by the reputable broker Brokerstorm and it is through the broker’s website that registration, deposits and withdrawals from Asianstorm take place. Brokerstorm offers many fast payment methods, as well as other platforms like Winfair24. You can find all the information about payment methods, the offer, as well as answers to many other questions in the Brokerstorm review. Now let’s return to Asianstorm.

Light version

Dark version

Available bookmakers and exchanges under Asianstorm account

Asianstorm offers access to multiple bookmakers and exchanges from a single account. When you select a bet you want to place, you will see a list of bookmakers with which that bet is available. In the settings you can also choose from which bookmakers sites you want the odds displayed in the system. You can change these settings at any time. At the moment Asianstorm offers the markets of the following bookmakers and exchanges:

  • 3et
  • Betdaq
  • Matchbook
  • Fair999
  • Sharpbet
  • 18bet
  • Pin88 (Pinnacle)
  • Sbobet
  • Molly
  • Corso
  • VX
  • 4casters


The list is long and includes recognizable bookmakers such as Pinnacle, BETISN, major sports exchanges and many other betting sites that offer high value to the player. All bookmakers and exchanges on the list are sites with very low margins (or commissions in the case of exchanges). There is no place here for recreational bookmakers with undercutting odds and limiting winning players. This shows all the more how powerful Asianstorm’s platform is, by the way, it is obvious that no single bookmaker can have a stronger offer than several/several professional operators within one account.

A “classic” view of the coupon. When you select “Exchange” on the coupon, you will see the offers of the exchanges and the option to BACK and LAY.

Personalize your Asianstorm account

A big advantage of Asianstorm and the software on which it runs is the considerable possibilities for personalizing one’s account. What may appeal to player A and suit his needs and betting tactics, may not necessarily suit player B. For this reason, we always view the possibility of personalization positively, especially in sites targeting global markets, where player preferences are extremely different. And that’s exactly what Asianstrom provides. The personalization options are numerous. We can choose the odds display format. Decimal, American, Hong Kong and Indo options are available. The odds display format is an extremely important issue and can certainly encourage, or discourage in the absence of an option to change odds many players from different locations with different local odds formats.

There is also a choice of language versions. At the moment Asianstorm is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. However, you can find information from the software provider that there will be new language options in the future, which of course will be implemented into Asianstorm right away. Another option is the ability to select the time zone in which match times will be displayed. Changing the screen to light/dark (screenshots of both versions at the top of the article) can be useful when betting, or trading in the evening or night. Alternatively, also correspond to the preference of private players, the possibility of choice is always a better option than its absence.

Selecting your favorite sports is also an interesting option; after selecting the sports you bet on most often, they will appear at the top of the screen. Asianstrom offers many more options for personalizing your account. In addition to the aforementioned options, we can still use such settings as Asian or European view, default stake per bet (a good option for those who play with flat stakes), choice of main bookmaker, sound alerts. The options are many and there are no more extensive platforms on the market, in terms of personalization options as well as many others than those using Mollybet software, including Asianstorm, of course.

Analysis of betting results

It is not unusual to tabulate the betting history of a bookmaker. However, for the vast majority, it ends with a simple table. As Asianstrom is largely used by advanced, informed players, the possibility of a deeper analysis of one’s game is extremely valuable for such players. In Asianstorm we can very quickly check our today’s and yesterday’s betting balance as well as the sum of the stakes that are in the roost.  Just click on the player icon and the balance appears instantly, without going to another screen. If you are interested in more advanced data, you can find out everything in the “Analytics” section, where you can find out many details about your bets, which can allow you to improve your strategy and manage your budget more effectively.

Other interesting option

It is not simple to describe all the features that are available in this software. Nothing surprising, this is the most extensive system in the industry for many years. Much has already been described of the possibilities we have in Asianstorm. So what else? Not yet to forget the vital statistics. Using Asianstorm, there will no longer be a need for external odds comparison engines as we can quickly and efficiently check the fluctuation of the odds for our chosen match on a clear graph. The fluctuation of the odds from the very moment of posting to the moment we check the selected match. The changes in odds are visible at the largest Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges. No need to explain how valuable this information is. Besides, we will also easily check the liquidity of the markets on betting exchanges. As you can see, the number of functions is so great that, according to many advanced players, it exhausts the subject in the industry. No wonder then that the Molly software used by Asianstorm has dominated the professional sports betting market for years.

Available sports

At Asianstorm we can bet on a wide variety of sports. Below is a list of currently available sports.

Asianstorm offer a huge number of options on the above sports for pre-match and live betting. The offer on footabll is particularly extensive. The number of games available is very large, in addition to the top leagues of course, there are exotic leagues, regional leagues, lower leagues and cups available. I tried to find some overlooked football games, but I was unsuccessful. Bets can be easily grouped into full time, half time, corners and more. The number of options is so large that proper grouping and view settings are essential. In other sports, Asianstorm also has something to boast about. It seems that the statement that the vast majority of players will find here the games they are looking for and a long list of bets on them is fully valid and true.

Asianstorm - for which players?

Asianstorm is undoubtedly a very highly advanced sports betting platform that has advantages for every type of player, and for some it may even be indispensable. The MollyBet software that Asianstorm uses guarantees stability and the best opportunities on the market that a player can get. For arbitrage players, it’s actually one of the few places where they can place their bets without worrying about trouble, similarly, professional players don’t have to worry about limits. On the other hand, beginner players will also find something for themselves. The minimum deposit of Brokerstorm, the broker operating this platform, is €50. Already such a deposit allows you to use Asianstorm and place bets. It’s worth mentioning that accumulated bets are also available (on some markets, especially football) which may be important for beginners. Certainly, betting on such an advanced platform will also allow for player education, which is out of the question at recreational bookmakers.

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