Person to person betting on betting exchanges

Person to person betting is one of the very popular forms of betting on bookmakers, which gives the player great opportunities and allows him to gain tools that in the classic form are only on the side of the bookmaker. As of today, betting exchanges are very popular and continue to record an increase in users. Considering the numerous advantages and benefits on the side of the player, this is not surprising. Bookmaker exchanges are largely used by professional players. However, person to person betting is open to any interested player.

What are person to person betting on the bet exchange?

An exchange, by the way, as the name implies, is a place that allows an exchange or trade between two private individuals. In the case of a betting exchange, this means that players can bet against other players, this is known as person to person betting. That is, you can bet in exactly the same way as with a regular bookmaker. On the other hand, you can take on the role of a bookmaker and place odds on an event yourself. On the dashboard, these bets are divided into Back and Lay. Back is a classic bet. Lay, on the other hand, allows you to offer odds yourself. Thus, everything is in the hands of the players. You can bet on the odds and stakes that someone else has put up, or you can put up the odds and possible stakes yourself. If practically everything is on the player’s side what then is the role of the betting exchange? The exchange provides all the infrastructure. So, deposits, withdrawals, software and everything else. Since there is no margin on the odds on the exchanges, the exchange takes commissions, usually on winning bets, and this is the exchange’s earnings. We will talk about the principles of commissions on exchanges below. It is easy to guess that if we can only bet if someone puts up a given odds and limit then the key issue in betting person to person is liquidity. In the case of large exchanges there is not the slightest problem with liquidity, even for less popular disciplines, but we will return to this issue.


Available betting exchanges through brokers

A list of the best brokers that provide access to various types of betting exchange options that allow person to person betting.

Available exchanges
Available exchanges
Available exchanges

Betting exchanges

If you want to know detailed information about the available betting exchanges within your brokerage accounts, you can find out by checking our descriptions of all available exchanges below.


Margin vs Commission

Most players are familiar with how bookmakers work and their methods of making money. The bookmaker earns money from the margin it imposes on the odds. The higher it is, the lower the player’s profit. For this reason, most reasonable players look for bookmakers with the lowest possible margin to increase their profits.

How, on the other hand, does this look in the case of person to person betting?

Bookmaker exchanges don’t impose any margin on the odds, which also makes the odds very attractive to players who simply want to bet on a given match and don’t care whether they do it on the exchange or at a bookmaker. However, instead of the standard margin, exchanges charge a commission. Only on winning bets. And just as in the case of looking for bookmakers with the lowest possible margin, in the case of exchanges a rational player will look for those with the lowest margin.

Why do brokers offer the lowest commissions on person to person betting?

The selection of exchanges with which brokers cooperate works in exactly the same way as with bookmakers. It is easy to combine the facts that a broker offering the best bookmakers with the lowest margins and an offer aimed largely at professional players will do the same with bookmaking exchanges. Firstly, the broker is able to negotiate better terms for its players than a single player. Secondly, clones of exchanges operated by brokers have lower operating costs than the parent site. For example, Orbit Exchange, as a Betfair clone, often offers lower commissions. However, it is not possible to open an account yourself with Orbit, only through bet brokers. The conclusion is simple. As with bookmakers, it is worth using brokers for exchanges as well, so that person to person betting will be more profitable for us, especially in the long term.

Facts about person to person betting on bet exchanges

The exchange will never limit you

The betting exchange doesn’t take your bets, it only deals with the software infrastructure that gives you person to person betting opportunities. It is easy to guess that this business model excludes the possibility of imposing any limit on the player. So you can rest assured, your account will never be capped by a betting exchange.

Liquidity of the betting exchange is key

Although limits don’t scare you, the low liquidity of a betting exchange can limit activity and betting opportunities. For this reason, the key is to bet on the largest exchanges with a large number of players. The exchanges and their possible clone sites that are available through brokers are the absolute largest exchanges in the world.

You can become a bookmaker yourself

Thanks to betting exchanges, you can feel like a bookmaker and stand on the other side. Many players on exchanges deal mainly in odds trading and do not bet themselves in the classic way. This is also a sure way in this world. More opportunities are always desirable and in this case, thanks to exchanges, we get these opportunities.

Betting exchanges can be useful for arbitrage players

With very high odds, betting exchanges can be a good place for arbitrage players. Certainly more than once you will find an opportunity to place an arbitrage bet on a betting exchange. High odds and lack of limits are a favorable environment for arbers (of course, you should follow the liquidity of the market you are interested in) . You can read more about arbitrage betting here.

Back and Lay Betting

Person to person betting on a bet exchange looks a little different than at a classic bookmaker. The main difference that a player sees on a betting exchange platform is the two types of bets that we see side by side, with both possibilities showing odds on the same charge. What does this actually mean and what possibilities does it give the player?


BACK means “buy” the odds issued by someone in the LAY option. That is, simply put, in practice it means betting on a given match in exactly the same way and with the same consequences as with a bookmaker. The only difference is that the other side of the bet is not the bookmaker but the other player. The BACK option is suitable for all types of players, including arbitrage players.


LAY means “sell” the odds. That is, actually, with the LAY option we can become a bookmaker. We set the odds and the maximum stake for which a player betting on BACK will be able to buy our odds, that is, bet on this event. As you can easily guess, the LAY option is unique in contrast to BACK and is only available on betting exchanges. If you want to trade odds this option is best for you.

Sports Trading

There is a very good chance that even if you are a beginner in person to person betting you have come across the term Sports Trading. So what does this term mean? Is it another feature available on betting exchanges? If you have read the rest of the article then you already know what it means. Sports Trading is simply a term for odds trading. We would like to remind you that no one is forcing you to trade on an exchange, you can treat a betting exchange like a regular bookmaker. For the life of the exchange you need traders and bettors. The peculiarities and mechanisms of the exchange show that the two groups are inextricably linked and dependent on each other.

Sports trading in many cases takes much more time than classic betting. A trader often uses various features of a cash-out exchange to maximize profits or minimize losses. Some traders treat this as a full-time job. A trader, as opposed to a gambler placing ordinary bets, has only the choice of exchanges/brokers, a classic bookmaker does not offer the usability that a trader requires.

Do you think person to person betting is interesting? Would you like to try trading, trade odds with other players, or take on the role of a bookmaker? If you have zero experience with the betting exchange and you have been betting so far, this will not be difficult for you. Many experienced sports traders advise that you start by simply betting on the exchange to familiarize yourself with the interface, and then move on to trading. The choice is up to the player. If you want to read more about how exchanges work, check out the interesting description on Wikipedia about the topic we are discussing. As experienced players, we try to exhaust the topic we set ourselves to discuss, but we also assume that there is never enough knowledge from many sources.

Person to person betting in the service of arbers

We have already touched on the opportunities offered by person to person betting for arbitrage players. However, let’s try to expand on the topic we touched on earlier. Person to person betting is used very much by arbitrage players. These types of players do not use the stock market to trade odds. They look for the highest available odds on a given sporting event. Looking at the fact that on exchanges there is no margin, there is a commission, which through brokers is even lower than directly on the exchange this creates an ideal environment for arbitrage players. Another strength of exchanges in this regard is the rules and regulations. Exchanges, unlike a large number of bookmakers, accept arbers. Besides, it would be strange if it were otherwise. Arbers increase the liquidity of betting exchanges which translates into greater profits for the exchange itself. Also traders have too much for their odds thanks to the influx of this group of players. So it is clear that all parties gain, the exchange, the arber and the trader.

Person to person betting or standard bets, the choice is yours

How about person to person betting and standard betting at the same time? Probably this is the right way for most players. Because why wouldn’t a betting player use a betting exchange if there is currently the highest odds on the event of interest? From time to time the exchange has slightly higher odds, it’s hard to say in what percentage. Probably it depends on the sport of the league and many other factors. In my case it’s about 15-30% of my bets, it’s bets in which the stock market has a better offer than the best Asian bookmakers on offer from brokers. Whether this is a lot or a little is a question worth answering for yourself. Certainly, for traders there is no choice but to use the best betting exchanges. According to many, betting person to person is the future of betting. A rational view is to recognize that there is a place in the market for both bookmakers and betting exchanges because players need both.


Person to person betting FAQ

It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. There are different exchanges, with different commissions, and different bookmakers, differing sharply in their margins. However, averaging, yes exchanges have higher odds. However, in the case of bookmakers who are available on our site, this is not the case. The odds are comparable. Brokers choose bookmakers with the absolute lowest margins on the market, as well as exchanges with the lowest possible commission.

If he just wants to place bets, you can do it both on the stock market and at the bookmaker. The effect is the same. With bookmaker brokers you have access from one account to both bookmakers and bookmaker exchanges. The only thing you should go for is higher odds. Of course, if you want to trade odds you have to choose a betting exchange. Exchanges are a little more complicated than bookmakers, but with us you will surely manage!

Yes, all exchanges offer access to live betting. You can both bet and trade odds. In some cases we can find interesting add-ons to live betting such as a cash-out function, which allows you to withdraw any bet at its value depending on the course/result of the event at the time. Read more in our reviews and articles.

The bet exchange is not a bookmaker, so as a rule I do not offer bonuses for players. Sometimes brokers offer various bonuses and promotions for players, which you can use on the stock exchange (to check the offer, read the review of brokers on our site) However, remember, high odds are the biggest possible bonus for a player, in addition, long-term. No bonus at a recreational bookmaker will cancel out the advantage that high odds give.

Payments on betting exchanges are handled in many different ways. Payment processing is handled by the broker, so the payment methods available from a particular broker will equate to the ability to deposit and withdraw funds. Withdrawals are usually processed in a few minutes. A detailed list of accepted payment methods can be found in each broker’s review, and such methods as bank transfer, bitcoin, skrill and other electronic wallets are available, among others.


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