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Orbitx Exchange is one of the most popular betting exchanges. It has been in existence since 2017 and has gained a very high popularity among players around the world. Both professional and recreational gamblers search the internet for keywords related to this fast-growing betting exchange. Orbitx Exchange has the highest liquidity in the market, which is not surprising when adding that it is an exchange powered 100% by Betfair, the largest player in the exchange market. This means that we have exactly the same liquidity and offerings as on Betfair. So what are the differences and what opportunities do we get by using Orbitx Exchange? Let’s try to answer all your questions about Orbitx Exchange.

So what are the differences between Orbitx Exchange and Betfair

Although it is Betfair that is responsible for Orbitx Exchange, there are some differences between the sites that are important from a player’s point of view. The most important difference is the commission. Betfair has various premium fees in addition to the commission. Orbitx has a lower commission with no premium fees. The second key point is that there are far fewer country restrictions. Betfair’s main site operates in a very limited number of locations, while Orbitx is available in most parts of the world. No wonder Orbitx Exchange is such a popular site among players. Betfair on its main site charges a commission of 5% on winnings, in the case of Orbitx Exchange it is 3%. Isn’t that a big difference?

Orbitx Exchange account

It is not possible to register with Orbitx directly. You can only create an account through a betting broker.

With which broker do I open an Orbitx Exchange account?

For the time being, we will receive an access to Orbitx Exchange through two high-quality betting brokers. The commission is charged only on winning bets. Besides the commission on winning bets, there are no other premium fees. After creating an account with one of the brokers, we will be able to choose from the available Orbitx Exchhange options, after which we will receive full access, login details and we can start trading sports bets.

Best Orbitx service provider

Commission: 3%

Why did Betfair create the Orbitx Exchange?

The answer is simple. To operate globally. Betfair is licensed in the UK and is not available in many countries due to legal considerations. On the other hand, the demand and interest in Betfair markets worldwide is huge, and for good reason, it is the largest exchange with the most liquidity in the world. To meet the needs of players from around the world, the Orbitx Exchange website was established in 2017. This exchange is licensed in Curacao, making it fully legal, and this license allows it to operate in many more locations than the parent site. Orbitx Exchange’s lower operating costs also translate into the ability to offer a better deal to players, making Orbitx’s commission a mere 3% compared to Betfair’s 5%, a point already made above. Thus, the creation of Orbitx Exchange was a great move, and the exchange has instantly become popular around the world.

Orbitx Exchange offers

Orbitx Exchange offers a very long list of available sports. Among others, we have access to markets such as soccer, cricket, baseball, basketball, hockey, rugby, esports, tennis, golf, darts, horse racing, boxing, MMA, motorsport, volleyball, snooker and many others. It is worth noting that Soccer, Cricket, Esports and Horse Racing have separate sections on the exchange’s website. Sports are not the only offer for players. There are also games and slots available. Of course, there are not many of them and it is a rather marginal part of the exchange. However, for a certain group of players this can be useful information. The whole site is quite similar to betfair, but it is not a 100% copy of it in terms of visuals as well as overall site architecture. Nevertheless, both sites are equally very intuitive, even for novice players.

Cash-out on Orbitx Exchange

The Cash out function allows you to withdraw your bets after they have already been placed. This possibility is on many markets and the amount we can withdraw is updated in real time and changed depending on the situation of the match/race. In case we win we can withdraw our bets with some profit, conversely when we lose we can withdraw our bets reducing the loss. With just one click we can withdraw our bets at their current market value. This is a very useful feature and popular among players.


Orbitx Exchange FAQ

All player service is handled by brokers, not the exchange. Thus, the payment options allowed at a broker are equivalent to the payment options at Orbitx Exchange. You are sure to find the payment method you are looking for, as brokers offer many different options, such as Bitcoin, Bank Wire, E-wallet (Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz and others), Tether and many others, you can check the exact list of possible options in each broker’s review.

The Orbitx exchange is aimed at both professional and recreational players. Because of this, the minimum limit per bet is not very high and is only €6. This rate applies regardless of the sport/market we are betting on.

Yes, there is no problem at all for you to have two accounts. On Orbitx Exchange you are anonymous. Your KYC verification is against the broker and not the exchange. Moreover, you can have two Orbitx accounts with both betting brokers.

Unfortunately, no. The vast majority of players are not affected by this, however, there are known cases when a broker/exchange increased a player’s commission, which was leveled at around the standard Betfair 5-6%. You can continue to bet at the increased commission, but you can open an account with another broker and start again with a very low commission of 3%.

The explanation of this question is very similar to the payment issue. It is the broker who is the custodian of your account, so if you have any questions or problems, you should contact the broker through whom you set up your account with Orbitx Exchange.


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