Piwi247 is a platform powered by two big players in the sports betting market. This is Betfair and Pinnacle. So when it comes to such things as the liquidity of the markets, limits, the amount of odds, there is no need to develop the topic. The power provided by such markets speaks for itself. So we can easily place bets on any sport in the classic way, or we can trade odds just like on the Betfair. So, already having the knowledge of how powerful this tool is, we can move on.

Who is behind Piwi247? The platform has been around since 2019 and has only been available from one broker since the beginning. This is a reputable broker that has more than 20 years of presence in the Asianconnect market. At first glance, you can see that there is a connection going on here. After a deeper check of what the situation looks like, most likely Asianconnect is a shareholder/owner of Piwi247. However, Piwi247 certainly has its own management and operation, so it is not an integral part of the broker. It is also not excluded that in the future it will appear in the offer of other brokers.

How to get access to Piwi247?

As you can easily guess for the moment, you will gain access to Piwi247 through the Asianconnect broker. After opening an account, all you have to do is go to the section for adding new bookmakers to your account, select Piwi247, confirm and you’re done. Further instructions with login and password will be received from the broker via email. You can also choose Piwi247 when registering if you don’t have an AC account yet. Then you will immediately get access to Piwi247 after registration. In addition to the platforms shown in the image opposite, we can open an account with PS3838 and Asianodds. As you can see, it is very simple and takes a few moments. Payment processing and infrastructure are handled by a broker. The average withdrawal time is 10 minutes.

The commission is 3%. It is exactly the same as on Orbit Exchange. It is certainly an exchange worth considering. Yes, more of an exchange than a bookmaker. Why? It’s much easier to find other Pinnacle clones (PS3838) and open an account there through almost all brokers. Besides, there are other big Asian bookmakers available for brokerage accounts, so there are more alternatives. With exchanges there are a little less options, so most players treat Piwi247 as an exchange. But interestingly enough, in addition to the exchange, bookmaker option, Piwi247 also has a casino gaming option powered by Evolution Gaming.

In my opinion, Piwi247 gained recognition after buying out broker Sportoddys. You may not have heard of this broker, but they operated for some time offering accounts without KYC. This is, of course, impossible in this industry, a player against a bookmaker does not have to carry out KYC, however, regulatory requirements and just partnerships between brokers and bookmakers dictate such a procedure. Admittedly, it is much more flexible than in regulated markets, but it is there. It seems that Sportddys wouldn’t have been able to operate for so long, although they did require KYC verification from players, despite their declarations. However, the buyout of Sportoddys by Piwi247, a fully secure platform, may have saved certain players from abuse.

The ability to access a Betfair-powered exchange is positive by definition. The more alternatives the better. Because I think it should be considered as an alternative to the most popular Orbit Exchange at the moment. Especially since, as a site operated by such a reputable broker, it is obviously a safe option.


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