As arbitrage bets, also called surebets, have existed practically since the beginning of bookmaker betting (especially online) there is a high probability that you are already familiar with the term. So whether the term is familiar to you or you have no idea what it means, it’s worth expanding your knowledge. Brokerage services provide unique opportunities for arbitrage players that classic bookmakers do not offer, as you will learn by reading our analysis.

Arbitrage betting, or profit without risk! It sounds beautiful. But is it really risk-free? Mathematically, yes, these are risk-free bets, and thousands of experienced players around the world use this type of betting to make money without risking their capital. However, this is not a quick and easy path. Along the way, we may encounter several significant problems that can hinder our goals. So we will try to take a detailed and comprehensive look at the term arbitrage betting.

Arbitrage betting


The following betting brokers accept arber bets

Are only bookie brokers accepting arbers?

No, however, the vast majority of bookmakers do not accept such bets. Bookmakers that accept surebets are mostly available from the above-mentioned brokers. Having multiple bookmaker accounts is absolutely crucial for an arbitrage player. Thanks to brokers, you have access to many bookmakers, mostly to those in which there is no option to have a non-broker account. It is not a problem to have an account with multiple brokers. This creates great opportunities. Of course, you can use bookmakers who in theory prohibit such bets, but in moderation. This will keep the detection rate of such bets by sites low. However, it seems a rational approach that the broker account is the “pillar” of our strategy and the rest of the bookmakers act in an auxiliary way.


The definition of arbitrage betting is not complicated. Arbitrage betting occurs when a player ( called an arber) bets on all possible outcomes of a given sports event at different bookmakers, taking advantage of odds differences. By setting the appropriate stakes adequate to the odds differences, the player makes a profit regardless of the outcome of a given match. As the profit from this type of betting is usually not large, most arbitrage bettors trade with large stakes in order to make a reliable, satisfactory profit, although of course nothing stands in the way of operating with low stakes. Certainly, arbitrage betting is an interesting option for risk-averse people, who are more interested in a certain lower profit than in the risk of losing their capital. In any case, it is worthwhile to obtain full knowledge of the subject to protect yourself from complications and difficulties in the future.


There can be an arbitrage bet option in every bet. The sport as well as the number of options to bet on is not important. The principle is always the same. To make an example of an arbitrage bet as clear as possible, let’s take a two-way NHL field hockey league bet between the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers as an example. A bet on the final victory (ML). Let’s assume that the odds are strongly balanced and the chances of the teams oscillate around 50%. Bookmaker X puts the odds on Los Angeles Kings 2.07, considering that the chances of this team are minimally higher than the rivals. Bookmaker Y, on the other hand, recognizes that the New York Rangers are the minimum favorite and puts odds of 2.07 on them. The player places €1,000 on both bets at bookmaker X and Y. 1000€ x 2.07 gives a total of 2070€.  That is, the player’s total stake is €2,000 of which one of the bets will be a loser and the other a winner. Regardless of the outcome of this match, the pure sure profit is €70. This is a simple example illustrating the scheme of the arbitrage betting system.


Despite the fact that arbitrage bets are placed at many bookmakers, the regulations of 99% of the sites on the market are unequivocally negative. This means that the bookmaker, upon detection of arbitrage betting by the player, has the right to block his account! You will find such a provision in the regulations at practically all bookmakers, especially those for recreational players. The Internet and numerous free aids are very useful in searching for sports events in which we have an arbitrage bet, it is certainly easier than in the past. However, the development of online betting also has another side. Although it is easier to find such odds today than it used to be, bookmakers also find it much easier than in the past to detect such practices among players and block the accounts of such players. This is by far one of the biggest problems for an arbitrage betting player, as blocking an account and funds can be very painful and destroy our strategy (especially since the stakes in arbitrage betting are usually high).

What does a bookie do when unregulated arbitrage bets are discovered?

Account closure

The most common reaction of a bookmaker to the detection of such violations of the rules is to close the account and return the funds to the player. Some bookmakers may also confiscate the player's funds.


The bookmaker may also impose a limit on the player in certain cases. By imposing a low maximum betting limit (the ability to bet only on low stakes), the player will not be able to make arbitrage bets.

Bet cancellation

It happens that the bookmaker will cancel the detected arbitrage bets as a warning to the player. Such an account is usually already monitored by the operator and is already suitable only for recreational gambling.

So how do I bet safely without fear of having my account blocked?

As already stated, the vast majority of bookmakers fight arbitrage bets once they are detected. For this reason, when placing such bets on such sites, we must be careful. Fortunately, there are places where we can fully legally place arbitrage bets without fear of being blocked! So the obvious choice seems to be to place such bets at bookmaker brokers. Due to the full acceptance of brokers for arbitrage players, as well as cooperation with large bookmakers for professional players, whose business model is based on low margins and high turnover, which also with the help of high odds affects a good frequency of occurrence of favorable odds differences that lead to arbitrage betting!


Average profit from a single surebet.

Profit from arbitrage bets strongly varies depending on the selected event. This means that sometimes we can find a more or less favorable difference in odds, which will translate into a smaller or larger profit. But of course it is always a profit, there is no possibility of loss or return. Thus, the average percentage profit varies between 0.5-10%, of which the most common is a profit of 1-4% on a single bet. This level of profit per bet causes most players to place high bets to maximize the nominal profit from each bet. Due to the large number of sports events each day, and thus the possibility of finding surebets of interest, the final profit at high turnover can be very attractive.

The rise and fall of bookie odds in the service of arbers.

Surprisingly, we won’t find much information on the impact of volatility on arbitrage betting. Contrary to appearances, this is a very important factor that can extremely positively affect our results by increasing the percentage profit and still not incurring any risk.

So how can watching the changes in odds affect our game and help increase profit? In a very obvious way. So, for example, we want to place an arbitrage bet on the NHL game Los Angeles Kings vs Boston Bruins. We already know which bookmakers we are going to bet at (if we are betting at a broker from one account, we should remember to uncheck the rest of the bookmakers when choosing a bet at the one we are interested in) So we bet on the Los Angeles Kings and immediately on the Boston Bruins.  Theoretically obvious. However, the question arises.

Is it worth waiting from one to a maximum of five minutes?

Placing a bet of a fairly large sum with a reputable bookmaker, whose odds are authoritative in the sports betting market, we can be sure that the odds will drop on the result we are betting on in the entire market after a maximum of 2-5 minutes. The obvious effect of this decrease will be an increase in the amount of the odds on the bet we want to bet on in the second place, and we will be able to place an arbitrage bet at the other bookmaker at increased odds. If several rules are met, our arbitrage bet can be even more profitable!

Tracking changes in odds works better in smaller markets due to the fact that it is difficult to cause changes in odds with one bet on very liquid and popular markets. But even so, still watching and acting at the right time can bring increased profits on hundreds of betting markets.



Detection by the bookmaker of a player who bets on arbitrage bets, and this is in violation of the terms and conditions of the site. It may result in the closure of the account and the refund or non-refund of funds in the account.


This problem has already been partially addressed above. However, it is one of the main dangers that arber can face. The solution is simple. We believe that most of the game should be based on sites that allow arbitrage betting. The fortunate thing for the player is that high-end professional bookmakers are much more likely to welcome such players, as opposed to bookmakers for recreational players (occasional arbitrage betting at sites that do not accept it should not result in account closure). Considering these facts, it seems that the optimal solution is to base most of your bets on a broker account from which we will bet legally, and about this we will get opportunities that we don’t have at classic bookmakers. We ourselves use a system in which about 80% of the game is based on brokers and the rest on various other bookmaker accounts.


Too low a limit on an event at one of the bookmakers at which we want to bet, which makes us unable to place an arbitrage bet.


This is a known problem usually with recreational bookmakers, who by nature have low limits. The key in avoiding this problem is to check the limits before placing a bet. This will allow us to avoid, in most situations, the impossibility of placing a bet at surebet odds with the second-best bookmaker, at which we place the bet.  Admittedly, there are bookmakers at which there is no possibility of checking the limit or a personal limit is imposed on us. It is 100% impossible to protect against this. The only advice can be to avoid weak sites and choose bookmakers and brokers for professionals in which there is no problem with personal limits (brokers on our site never impose personal limits).


The cancellation of a bet and the return of the stake at one of the two or more bookmakers at which we have a bet on the match of our choice. After cancellation, we are left with a concluded bet on the opposite result at another bookmaker.


A bet can be canceled for a number of reasons, for example, fraud, sometimes it is a delayed reaction of the bookmaker to an overrun. Admittedly, this does not happen often, but there is such a danger. It is also possible to cancel the bet and return the funds after the match. This happens, for example, because of stipulations in the regulations such as the different approach of bookmakers to overtime, to early termination of matches by the weather and other not very common problems. Although this is not a common problem it is worth countering, especially if we have a new account. Always check what bet you have placed, for example, a victory in field hockey can be in regulation time or after overtime and penalties and these are two different bets. This applies mainly to novice players.


Various types of mistakes and negligence committed by usually novice arbers, which lead to a reduction or deprivation of profits from the game, and even loss of capital as well.


It can be easily deduced by reading the whole page that although surebets are simple in theory, they require a lot of attention and dedication to the subject, as well as gaining adequate experience. A player can make a lot of mistakes, such as wrong choice of bookmaker, wrong calculation of stakes, not paying attention to other fees, currency conversions and many other things, mostly mentioned above and below. Every field requires a certain amount of experience, and this is also the case here. On the plus side, this is not secret knowledge and the average player will learn the rules of arbitrage without much trouble.


You have to tell yourself the answer to this question. What may seem like the right way for one player to another may not be entirely appealing. Our goal was not to convince you to make a decision just to present facts and myths about arbitrage betting. It seems that players who are not particularly interested in sports, who have a large budget and do not set themselves up for quick and spectacular profits, but instead value a certain and stable increase of funds on the bookmaker’s account should be interested in arbitrage betting. Of course, you may not completely fit the above description and also bets of this type may be suitable for you. Remember, anyone can become an arber!

Arber features

For whom will arbitrage betting be suitable?

In this case, too, it is impossible to fully clearly profile a person who has an aptitude for arbitrage betting. However, it seems that there are some universal characteristics and expectations of a player that highly reflect the goals and requirements of arbitrage betting. So, generalizing, for whom arbitrage betting can be a hit?


You prefer certain profit to risk

If you value a lower but sure stable profit higher over the possibility of a high not-so-sure profit, perhaps arbitrage betting is right for you and your betting style.


You're not scared of math

Admittedly, there are surebet calculators and other aids, but calculating and searching for bets yourself will help you increase your profit and stabilize your income.


You are able to react quickly

Changes in odds are very dynamic. Often the opportunity to play an attractive arbitrage bet appears in, a short time. Being "fast" will allow you to earn more.


You take things seriously

Let's be clear. In order for the results to be satisfactory our solid financial contribution as well as taking it seriously is one of the priorities for a fruitful investment.


Here again I will not surprise you with the answer that there is no single recipe for success in any area of life, and the same is true of betting and arbitrage betting. Yes these are bets without the risk of losing capital, but if you have read the whole page you know that there are risks and opportunities here as well. Certainly, the key issues in the success of our plan will be to follow the aforementioned arber rules in the text, gain experience, internal discipline and systematic play. One thing is for sure, anyone following certain rules is able to organize arbitrage betting in such a way that it will be fruitful in the long term. If you want to further expand your knowledge of arbitration, you can check here.


Arbitrage Betting FAQ

It is impossible to clearly determine the amount you can earn. It is influenced by many factors. However, if you want to calculate your possible profit take into account such factors as your capital, the average percentage profit from a single bet and the frequency of searching for such bets. This should give you an idea of the projected possibilities. As for general theses on profit possibilities, you can find them by reading our article above.

Yes, nothing prevents us from having accounts with different brokers. Thanks to this we can have access about the same bookmaker through different brokers, which only helps in placing arbitrage bets. In relation to bookmakers you are anonymous and such activity is fully legal and there is no problem of “multi-accounts” known at classic bookmakers. In this business model this problem does not exist.

First of all, it should be noted that in the case of arbitrage betting bonuses are of very marginal importance. But of course, if the bookmaker’s terms and conditions allow this type of betting then yes nothing stands in the way of taking advantage of the bonus. However, if such bets are against the terms and conditions of the site in question, you should be careful and not use such sites for this type of betting too often.

There are many systems and styles of betting. As well as many professional players making money in the long term, but from a mathematical point of view there is always risk (as in any investment). In fact, only arbitrage betting from a mathematical point of view is risk-free. Of course, we do not take into account the issue of corruption in sports, sold matches and access to this type of knowledge.


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