Matchbook is another betting exchange that offers its markets through betting brokers. The exchange has been in existence since 2004. Like all major exchanges, it comes from the UK and is also licensed there by the UKGC. Matchbook is a recognizable and quite large exchange. It is probably ranked 3-4 in terms of turnover. Behind Betfair and Betdaq. The exchange has global aspirations, and for that reason I work with top betting brokers so that their business goes beyond the UK and Ireland. Like any exchange, Matchbook also has high attractive odds on all events on offer, which is obvious with the exchanges’ business model. The key is the commission. Here the exchange performs brilliantly. The commission is only 1% on winnings when betting on Matchbook through one of the betting brokers.

The exchange has a pretty wide range of sports. In addition to soccer and American sports, there are many other options for popular and less popular sports and leagues. As far as liquidity is concerned, it’s sizable, with the big and well-known leagues no trouble at all, especially for soccer. In the lower leagues it can be a little worse, but thanks to platforms that aggregate odds and markets, we don’t even have to worry about the lack of liquidity. We can always, at the broker of our choice from one account, bet the rest of the stake on another exchange or bookmaker. Certainly, although Matchbook is not one of the main pillars of a brokerage account, it is definitely useful as an option. And in the case of arbitrage players even very much, because as an exchange they fully accept all players.

Access to Matchbook markets

Matchbook markets will be accessed through the brokers listed below. The rates from the exchange will be available in the rate aggregation systems of each broker. At any time we have the option to activate or deactivate this exchange on our brokerage account. The final choice is always up to the player.

In my case, I keep Matchbook always active on my accounts with brokers. I believe that more choice is always good. Thanks to access to this exchange we have access to the full list of the three largest betting exchanges in the world through one account! This is a tremendous opportunity for any player, whether you’re a casual bettor and simply take advantage of the high odds of the exchanges, or whether you’re an arber or odds trader.


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