Betfair is the largest betting exchange in the world. Its huge liquidity and popularity among players allows it to maintain its status as the largest exchange for many years. The exchange was established in 2000 so it has been on the market for a very long time. The company to which Betfair belongs is listed on the British Stock Exchange. Betfair has a UKGC (UK) license and several local licenses. The exchange also has its stationary points, mainly in the UK. Interestingly, the commission in the UK and Ireland is 5%, while in all other countries it is 7%.  Betfair is available in a very limited number of locations, but there are ways to get around this problem, as well as how to get a lower commission, but more on that later in our text.

Betting/Trading at Betfair with a broker

Betfair can be accessed through a betting broker in two ways. The first is to set up an account with Orbitx Exchange through the broker (read the details). The second, which we will discuss here, is to access Betfair markets on a combined brokerage platform. So, by choosing the option of access through the combined platform, we also get access to other exchanges such as Betdaq, Matchbook in one place. Also we get access to classic bookmakers such as PS3838(Pinnacle), BETISN, Singbet, Penta88 and many other professional Asian and non-Asian bookmakers. So this is a great option for people for whom Betfair is one of the options. Creating an account through a broker allows you to bet from banned locations directly through Betfair.

Is it legal to bet from prohibited locations?

Yes, Betfair works with brokers and creates clone exchanges like Orbitx itself, which are managed by external companies, i.e. brokers. Why? The answer is very simple. Betfair is very popular around the world, but local licenses don’t quite allow it to operate worldwide. Betfair doesn’t waste the potential and offers its services outside its parent site through bet brokers. And this is perfectly fine. Let’s face it, even players from locations that can open accounts directly with Betfair often choose brokers in order to have access to other exchanges/bookmakers as well as to lower their commissions.

Betfair broker

Brokers with access to Betfair markets


Betfair FAQ

Of course they do. Betfair offers the ability to bet and trade odds live as well. In practice, this works especially well for more established sports and leagues. In the case of very niche sports and lower regional leagues it varies, sometimes there is liquidity, sometimes there isn’t. However, the broker’s account allows you to use many options in one place so you can look elsewhere for the option you are interested in if necessary.

Yes, an account with a broker offers many options and the one discussed here, Betfair, is just one of many options. You can trade and bet on Betfair and several other exchanges such as Betdaq, Smarket and others from one account. Hopping between accounts on different betting exchanges is definitely a thing of the past thanks to innovative brokerage systems.


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