BETISN is a major Asian bookmaker that has been in business since 2008. It is licensed by First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation (FCLRC) in the Philippines (home of many Asian bookmakers) and is managed by Oak Tree Services Limited. BETISN has its own website; you can see a screen shot of the bookmaker’s website above. Several pieces of information can be gleaned from it. First of all, you can’t see the “Register” button anywhere. This is because BETISN operates on the basis of brokers (below we will tell you what are the possibilities of gaining access to BETISN markets and which are the best brokers giving such an opportunity) and there is no possibility of direct registration with the bookmaker. We will come back to this topic again. The bookmaker’s website is in English, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. The site’s address is, or is a mirror site, in case the official site is blocked due to restrictions in certain locations.

So how do I get access to BETISN?

BETISN works with several betting brokers to handle the players. The bookmaker is BETISN and it is BETISN that accepts and settles bets, but everything else belongs to the broker, i.e. deposits and withdrawals, contact with the player and implementation of the API that BETISN provides on its betting platform. So you don’t get access to the bookmaker directly only through the combined broker platform, which is actually a big advantage because at the same time you get many other tools useful for the player. Below is a list of the most recognized betting brokers who have access to BETISN markets.

Access to BETISN markets:
Access to BETISN markets:

In the screenshot opposite you can see an example of what access to BETISN markets looks like. This is one of the primary and key bookmakers that are available through brokers. Just look at the attached image for the maximum limit. It’s easy to see that BETISN offers the highest limit, interestingly also at the highest odds! Surpassing even the bookmaker Pinnacle, known for its high limits. All this makes it a bookmaker sought after by many players trying to access their markets. Players appreciate the high odds, high limits and high ethics towards players as befits a reputable Asian bookmaker. Although looking at the limits, one might think that this is a bookmaker especially for professional players with high stakes, it is certainly suitable for anyone, including recreational players with low stakes.

BETISN is often used by arbitrage players. No wonder, looking at how low their margins are. Their odds are simply great. On top of that, often when the odds drop on a given match at other bookmakers, they are the last to lower them, thus attracting arbers. If you have read the review of betting brokers on our portal then you know that brokers and therefore bookmakers within the platform accept arbitrage players. This is a very big plus, it happens that such players have problems, as many bookmakers do not accept such practices. This is one of the factors by which BETISN is a must-have item in the bookmaking portfolio of any reputable betting broker.

BETISN place bet

BETISN odds on the AsianOdds platform at the Asianconnect broker.

BETISN means International Soccer Network

As the development of the abbreviation ISN, or International soccer network, indicates, this is a bookmaker that specializes in soccer. BETISN is at the highest possible level when it comes to soccer. High odds as well as high limits have already been mentioned, and these will certainly satisfy the biggest high-stakes players. However, what is the deal with the offer? As soccer specialists, they offer a great number of options on this sport. First and foremost, Asian Hendicaps. In addition, the final score, under/over, cover score, corners, bets until the break (HT) and many other options for soccer. As for the range of games you can bet on, it’s a wide range. It is possible to bet on soccer leagues from all over the world, including lower, regional ones. Ok, as the name of the bookmaker indicates they are specialists in soccer and will satisfy anyone who bets on this sport. But what about other players? BETISN also offers markets on Baseball, Basketball and American Football. Of course, in this case the offer is not as large as for soccer.  Especially on Baseball, we have the option of placing only the simplest bets on the final victory. In the case of Basketball and American Football, it is better and there is a wider selection of betting options.

So BETISN is a very valuable bookmaker for players, especially soccer. Thanks to its high business ethics and thus the rest of the advantages, like the already mentioned high odds and limits. But also very fast settlement of bets and lack of annoying cancellations BETISN is one of the market leaders, especially in the case of soccer there is a good chance that it will be your first choice bookmaker. For other sports, unfortunately, it can only be a complement to other bookmakers, but in any case it is worth having it activated on your brokerage account.


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