What is MollyBet?

MollyBet is a provider of advanced bookmaking software. The company has been in business since 2008 and is currently the clear leader in the bookmaking software market. The software aggregates odds from many of the world’s largest bookmakers and exchanges in one system. Access to all markets is possible from one account. The player has the option to choose the bookmaker where he will bet on the selected match. However, the system selects the highest available odds by default. MollyBet, in addition to this, has other very useful features for players, which we will describe later in the article.

The company does not serve individual customers. MollyBet software is used by sports betting brokers. The platform itself in some functions may differ between the broker sites themselves. This is due to the fact that each broker has an individual system ordered for their specific purposes/needs. Agents have the ability to customize a great deal, making these systems through the brokers’ sites very powerful. MollyBet is a software provider, not a bookmaker or broker, so payment methods and customer service lie entirely with the broker.

Which brokers are using MollyBet software?

At the moment MollyBet is used by the vast majority of brokers. BetInAsia brokerage platform under the name BLACK is based precisely on MollyBet software. Does this mean that all brokers use MollyBet software? No, although MollyBet’s market share is so large that some players here speak of a monopoly, there are other options. One example is Asianconnect in-house broker software, Asianodds, which, although it has slightly fewer features than MollyBet is also a good stable and advanced solution.

What bookies/exchanges are the markets available about with MollyBet?

The number of bookmakers and exchanges available on MollyBet can vary from broker to broker. Brokers usually try to have as long a list of bookmakers and exchanges as possible and, consequently, try to expand the capabilities of the software they use. However, the basis of the offering is similar everywhere. The core of the offer consists of bookmakers PS3838 (Pinnacle) BETISN, Singbet, Sbobet, 18bet, 3et and exchanges Betfair, Betdaq. We can also often find Matchbook, Jabet or Penta88 markets. A full list of available bookmakers within the software can be found in the individual broker reviews.

What sports can be bet on MollyBet platforms?

At the moment MollyBet offers an extensive and wide range of the following sports: Football, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, American Football, eSports, Rugby, Boxing, MMA. Asian handicap betting is available and comes in a huge range of options. There is the possibility of betting on the first half, corner kicks and more. This is especially true for football. A very large number of live bets are also available.

The software will certainly add more sports with the aforementioned list over time. On the other hand, if your sport is not on the list, nothing is lost! Brokers also offer accounts to bookmakers outside their main platform. An example is PS3838, which is a Pinnacle clone and all the odds markets are identical.

What specific features does MollyBet software have?

MollyBet offers a large number of features not found directly on bookmaking sites. The different kinds of possibilities that this software offers attract many professional players. So what does it have that is not standard?

First of all, what has already been described, but can’t be omitted to go further, that is, access to multiple bookmakers and exchanges from one account. We repeat this because along with this comes another feature. The player, selecting the match he is interested in, is presented with a list of available markets at bookmakers and exchanges. By default, the system bets at the highest available odds. If the stake exceeds the limit of a given bookmaker, the rest of the stake is bet at the next bookmaker with the second highest odds in line.

In the settings it is very easy to add or subtract bookmakers and exchanges that are connected to our account. In fact, one click is enough and the bookmaker disappears from our list on the home page. Of course, in the future we can restore it in a similar way. By default, with some exceptions, all bookmakers and exchanges are enabled.

The availability of exchanges allows, in addition to classic betting, Back and Lay trading. Exactly the same as on Betfair. However, much better because, you also have other exchanges at hand. An interesting feature that brokers offer is access for professional players and syndicates to the API. This allows you to use tools for automated trading and betting. MollyBet platform is also popular among players who place arbitrage betting.

MollyBet also offers dozens of other features. In your account settings you can personalize your betting page, change languages (currently available languages are English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian), customize colors or change the odds display mode. It is certainly one of the most powerful sports betting software today.

Through its numerous features and access to a large number of top-notch bookmakers and sports exchanges, MollyBet provides opportunities that no single bookmaker can give.

Is MollyBet only for professional players?

The description of advanced features and the vastness of the markets might make it seem that MollyBet is aimed exclusively at professional players. Nothing could be further from the truth. What is obvious by law is that most players looking for information related to this type of software are advanced in the subject. However, there is nothing to prevent a novice player from also taking advantage of all the possibilities offered by this software. The minimum bet amount, depends on the individual broker, but often the amounts are as low as €5. Certainly, betting at the highest odds is positive and expected regardless of the player’s level.


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