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Asianodds is an advanced platform that aggregates odds from many professional bookmakers. Developed by Asianconnect broker, this platform is unique because it is different from other brokers. Most agents on the market use software from a third-party provider and pay a license for it. Asianconnect took a different path and successfully implemented its own solution, which has proven itself for many years and in no way deviates in level from the best external software providers, and often even surpasses them in level. We will return to this later in the article. Now we will try to present all the features and usability of the Asianodds platform, we have been using the software for many years ourselves so with our practical knowledge of Asianodds you will not miss any important information!

Opening an account with Asianodds

Opening an account at Asianodds can only be done with the Asianconnect broker, as already stated this is a unique service and is limited to this broker only. Creating an account is very simple. When registering in the registration form, you need to select Asianodds from the list of available products at the broker. And that’s it, after registration you will receive login credentials and from the main panel of the broker you will be able to access the Asianodds platform. If we don’t select Asianodds during registration nothing is lost, we can add this service to our account at a later time. Nothing simpler than that.

Available bookies at Asianodds

At Asianodds we have access to many markets. The main bookmakers who provide odds are Pinnacle, BETISN, Singbet, Sharpbet and 3et. Penta88, Sbobet, IBC and GA are also available for some bets. Such a list of professional bookmakers guarantees no trouble with low odds or low limits. In the settings, the player can choose the main bookmaker whose odds will be displayed as the main one, it is also possible to choose to always display the highest odds. After choosing the bet we are interested in, we can bet by default at the highest odds, or we can choose the bookmaker ourselves from the list, we can also make half a bet at one and half at another in the case of high stakes. It is also possible to deactivate and activate individual bookmakers in the settings on our Asianodds platform. After the breadth of the offer, it’s easy to conclude that no single bookmaker can compete with such a wide offer of this advanced platform.

Useful features of the Asianodds platform

Most of the useful features have already been mentioned above, it is obvious that they relate to bookmakers and related settings. However, there are even smaller side facilities for the player. Generally speaking, when entering Asianodds for the first time we see the old version of the platform and in the upper right corner we can swap to the new refreshed version. Both versions of the platform have basically similar features, but the newer one is just visually refreshed. The old one stayed because probably many players are used to a particular version of the software after years of betting. This is certainly a plus for a certain group of players and at the same time shows that the broker cares about its loyal players. I myself personally use the new version, which suits me better visually. But let’s get back to additional side features.

First of all, the platform is multilingual. It works in the default English language, in addition to Spanish, German, Korean and French. The player has access to detailed statistics of his game with a lot of data like turnover, bookmaker where the bet was placed and others, this is very useful for analyzing his game. You can also set a default bet amount if you play with a flat bet, always a bit of a time saver. You can also choose between a dark and light theme, this only applies to the new version of the system. So the usability is many, we presented some of them in our article, they are very useful, and at the same time you can’t say that there is a problem with redundancy, i.e. overload of unnecessary options that litter the interface. It is clean and easy to navigate and every function in the settings is useful.


New version Asianodds

Old version Asianodds

So what does betting on Asianodds look like in practice?

It’s been several years since I stopped betting directly with bookmakers and started looking for a better, broader offer. Asianodds was the first platform on which I bet. To put it simply, the broker I use for this platform has been in existence since 1998, and it is the oldest service of its kind with the highest possible reputation in the industry. Today I bet with different brokers, each has its pros and cons, but it is hard to find any major objective disadvantages in the case of Asianodds, there are no delays in accepting bets, which is important especially in live betting. There are no odds reductions or limits. Withdrawal takes a dozen minutes, in a dozen years I have never waited longer than a dozen minutes for a withdrawal. This is very rare in today’s world, but more than positive, it’s one of the biggest advantages.

Asianodds, with its low minimum stakes starting at just €3 and very high maximum stakes, is certainly suitable for advanced as well as recreational players who are looking for a versatile platform they can rely on for many years. The offering is also more than satisfactory. A huge number of bets on soccer, including exotic leagues and games, as well as a long list of other sports min basketball, hockey, cricket, fight sports, baseball, rugby, tennis ,esports, American football. With a large number of side bets and Asian handicaps. Such an offer will certainly satisfy most players. If you want to learn more about the broker, payment methods, other products, read our review.


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