If you’ve been around the betting world for a while you’ve certainly heard of bookmaker Sbobet. It is certainly a very large and recognizable Asian bookmaker. Sbobet was founded in 2004 and is licensed by Isle of Man and First Cagayan Leisure (Philippines) The bookmaker offers a very wide range of sports. The odds are not bad, however, usually when I see a list of available odds for the match I am interested in on my brokerage account Sbobet is not at the top of the list. This means that their odds, although not bad, are nevertheless a bit lower than the top Asian bookmakers in this respect like BETISN, Singbet or PS3838, but this also depends on the type of bet, but we’ll come back to that. The same is true of the limits. They are not bad, but they are lower than, for example, at the above-mentioned bookmakers. (However, the limits are still very high!) This is probably because Sbobet wants to operate globally and has a mixed approach to the betting business. They target smaller players, but also want to please professionals. Because of this, the player gets such a product between a PRO bookmaker and a recreational bookmaker, nevertheless more towards PRO considering the whole.  Of course, comparing Sbobet to typical recreational bookmakers would be a great abuse. This is certainly a site that offers useful markets on many sporting events for any player.

Earlier I mentioned that we will return to the topic of odds. So it is a fact that the margin is minimally higher than some other bookmakers, but there is one important exception. These are Asian handicaps. In this case, Sbobet does not stand out from the competition and also offers great odds. All in all, however, taking into account the whole offer of Asian handicaps and everything else, it is fair to say that Sbobet offers good odds even for PRO players. All in all, it is one of the absolute TOP bookmakers, looking on a broader scale than just the companies available through brokers. Bookmaker Sbobet has engaged in sponsorships because of its global presence. They have sponsored, among others, West Ham United, Leeds United, Cardiff City, Dundalk as well as other teams from England, Ireland, Indonesia and India. The company has also received numerous awards over the years, such as the award for one of the most influential bookmakers in the industry.

Access to Sbobet

Below is a list of betting brokers that offer access to Sbobet markets for players through their odds aggregation platforms. Once you open an account with one of the betting brokers listed below, you will be able to use Sbobet’s odds at any time and they will be displayed to you for the events you are interested in along with other bookmakers of your choice.

Access to Sbobet markets is certainly an added value for most betting players. It will not be an exaggeration to say that this is already a legendary company in its industry. The ability to access their odds, especially Asian handicaps, will please all players, especially those betting on soccer.