Skype Betting

What is Skype betting?

Skype betting is a service related to sports betting through Microsoft’s world-famous instant messenger, Skype. It is quite a niche service, but popular and sometimes even necessary in certain groups of players. Betting via Skype is linked to the services of sports betting brokers. Some of the brokers offer this way of betting in addition to their standard services. Apart from certain issues, which we will discuss in a later section, these bets work in accordance with the offerings described in our reviews, at the bookmakers with which the broker cooperates. The only difference is the form of betting and the additional guarantee of the broker.

Who is the skype betting service targeted at?

Unsurprisingly, the Skype betting service is aimed at high rollers, professional players or those who need to take advantage of the advantages and guarantees offered by this form of betting on a specific match. The minimum deposit and minimum stake are higher than, those required for standard bets. For obvious reasons, this is rational and otherwise this system could not work. Although it is a niche service aimed at a narrow group of players, this service can be very useful in certain cases.

Which websites offer Skype betting services?

This type of betting is also among brokers, a rather niche option. Not a great number of brokers have this type of option. However, if you need to bet this way you can use the sports betting broker BetInAsia. This broker has been successfully offering a Skype betting service for many years, with a guaranteed acceptance of the bet. You can find out more details about this type of betting with this broker by reading our BetInAsia review.

Advantages of skype betting

Among the advantages of Skype betting we can include, first of all, the guarantee of acceptance and settlement of the bet. In addition, the possibility of betting at a better-than-standard limit, especially important for less popular lower leagues. Placing a bet through Microsoft’s communicator, the broker undertakes to accept and settle the bet by the bookmakers with whom I cooperate.

The former advantage comes with the latter, the already mentioned higher limits. Especially for more niche matches. These two advantages are closely related. Betting very high stakes on very niche matches can be problematic in some cases, betting in the standard way. And this is where the possibility of Skype betting comes in, which will certainly help to bet high on a match of interest without stress.

What does it take to place bets via Skype?

First and rather obvious, if you don’t have one, you need your own Skype account. Having already an active communicator and an open account with a broker offering this service, there is nothing left to do but to make a deposit. The deposit cannot be lower than the required minimum of the broker in question. Besides, in your account with the agent you should activate this service. If you have gone through all these steps, there is nothing left to do but to start using betting via Skype.

If you are a beginner and don’t bet big, you certainly don’t need this service. However, if you get to a higher level over time, you may occasionally want to bet on a little-known lower league at a high stake, and then betting via Skype may be the answer, to this need.


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