Singbet is an Asian giant in the betting market. It is one of the largest bookmakers in Asia, recording a huge turnover. Singbet has been in existence since 2004, in the past it was called Crown. Their markets are available at virtually every bet broker. How is it that this bookmaker has grown by such a size and what influences it? Without a doubt, their odds are great. The margin is very low. Also the limits are not a major problem.  In this case, they are the absolute top of the world. Besides, the bookmaker has a huge offer, especially for football, but also for other sports. Do you want to play the French 3 league for a high stake at great odds? At Singbet it’s possible. What’s interesting is that Singbet, despite being a big bookmaker, has not had any license in any jurisdiction for years. This does not prevent it from being popular on all continents, however, the largest market for them is definitely China.

However, there has been some controversy surrounding Singbet. Or rather, one controversy. Bet cancellations. Some players complain that sometimes their bet is canceled and the stake returned. This can be uncomfortable for the player, especially when gy the bet is won. We will return to this topic in a moment. So, it is easy to understand Singbet high position and their popularity. High odds, high limits and a wide range of offers are something that attracts players. However, this can be said about any asian bookmaker. What then sets Singbet apart from the others? As already mentioned, a wide offer, very wide. Sometimes there is simply no alternative to play some very niche match for a high stake, and whether a player wants to or not he has to bet at Singbet because elsewhere you simply can’t bet on it because no bookmaker other than Singbet has it on offer.

Singbet account

Singbet is available from all major brokers. It is not possible to open an account directly with Singbet. The entire bookmaker service is handled by reputable brokers who operate the entire betting infrastructure at Singbet. This is therefore only possible through a broker. Below is a list of the largest brokers in the market that have Singbet markets available.

Cancellation of bets, what is it actually like?

Some players have raised the issue of too frequent cancellation of bets for no reason. I will say frankly that such opinions happen so it is certainly a problem to some extent. Although, analyzing the number of cancelled bets on my Singbet brokerage account it was about 0.67% which is not that much. However, there is an element of luck here, perhaps someone got hit more often, and another player will bet for years without a return. In any case, even if sometimes the bookmaker cancels the bet and has such high odds, the final balance can still be in favor of the player. Of course, this is not a defense, it’s just math, a bookmaker should never cancel a bet without reason.

The main factor why this happens is that Singbet offers bets on niche regional leagues at high stakes. These markets are certainly less stable than the big leagues and as soon as something strange is detected in the market then the bookmaker can cancel the bet. Singbet is the only bookmaker in the broker’s portfolio that does not look very favorably on arbitrage players. However, the maximum an arber can face is a return of the stake. So arbitrage betting with brokers definitely yes, but rather avoid Singbet.

For those who are worried about cancellation of bets brokers, mainly BetInAsia introduced in Singbet Skype bets with a guarantee that they will not be canceled. This can be an interesting option for very big players. The time to accept such a bet is slightly longer than classically through the system and takes about 2-4 minutes. Bets via Skype with a guarantee can be made on the day of the match.

In conclusion, the choice is yours if you want to use their markets. I personally use and nothing bad has happened to me. It should be noted that the cancellation of bets that has happened to some players is the only controversy related to this bookmaker that can be found on the Internet. Singbet is still since 2004 a reliable, solvent one with big odds and high limits.


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