previously known as: IBCbet


Certainly, many players are wondering which bookmaker is the largest in the world. It is true that there is no clear answer to this question, especially with the specifics of this market. However, you can find information on the Internet in reputable sources that it is Maxbet, which is the largest bookmaker in the world. Wanting to be objective, it is impossible to confirm this, whether it is true or not. However, it is true that in the case of Maxbet we are dealing with one of the largest bookmakers in the world, and perhaps the largest. So what is behind the success of Maxbet, how to access this bookmaker? One by one, we will answer all the questions about Maxbet.

Let’s start with the fact that many players may know Maxbet as IBCbet. The bookmaker rebranded in 2015 and changed its name from IBCbet to Maxbet. Why the change? Most likely because of a high-profile case in 2014 and related legal issues in the US. So, since 2015, the name IBCbet is not in use and the bookmaker does not operate under this brand, also it does not provide services to US players, besides being available to most players worldwide. Like most of the big global bookmakers, Maxbet also comes from Asia, specifically its origins come from Malaysia. The founder of Maxbet (then IBCbet) is a well-known Malaysian businessman in the sports betting and poker industry, Paul Phu (at the moment he is most likely the majority shareholder of Maxbet)The bookmaker is universal and targets all players, professional and recreational.

Access to Asian top markets, including Maxbet

Maxbet operates on a similar principle to many big Asian bookmakers. It does not offer direct accounts. Maxbet deals with betting and everything related to it, while the logistics, i.e. customer service, accounts, payments belong to the bookmaker’s approved partners, i.e. sports betting brokers. So which reputable brokers offer betting platforms that offer high odds, the best limits and a variety of markets from Maxbet and many other high-quality professional bookmakers? List below.

Brokers offer access to a number of quality bookmakers from a single account, Maxbet is one of these available bookmakers. Maxbet markets (sometimes at brokers, it is still interchangeably used the name IBCbet for some markets on their platforms) are among the many you will gain access to through your brokerage account.

What Maxbet offers

Maxbet, also known by its former name IBCbet, offers, as befits a professional Asian bookmaker, high odds. In fact, it would be strange if it were otherwise, but it is necessary for the sake of formality to note this fact even though it is obvious that there is no place for sites with low odds in this group of pro bookies. It is also very important that Maxbet does not limit winning players and is aimed at everyone, recreational players, professional players, arbitrage players. Thanks to its high limits, Maxbet is suitable for any player. And this seems to have been one of the goals of the creator of this bookmaker from the beginning.

On the other hand, when it comes to available sports, the matter is not as obvious as limits and odds, as brokers offer different bookmakers, some of them have a wide offer, while others specialize in a particular sport such as BETISN in soccer or Jabet in tennis. In the case of Maxbet, the offer is wide. Actually, it’s quite easy to make this statement, as it would be strange that perhaps the largest bookmaker in the world, or one of the largest, has a narrow offer. Thus, at Maxbet we can find a wide offer on soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, horse and greyhound racing, handball, rugby, golf, e-sports, cycling , snooker and many other sports.


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