Jabet is a niche and unusual bookmaker. You won’t find much information about this bookmaker on the Internet. They have a UKGC license and are based in London.  Thanks to brokers, it is now available to all players who are interested in Tennis. Yes, Tennis, because it’s the only sport available. I’ve read for a long time that they were going to introduce soccer and new sports, but they’re still sticking with Tennis and they’re really good at it. The odds on Tennis are very competitive. The offerings are huge, within Tennis of course. Many tournaments and other major and minor games are available at Jabet. Also live betting. So being able to bet on their markets is very beneficial for players betting on Tennis.

However, this is not the only thing that sets Jabet apart from other bookmakers. Another is the ability to bet on the Back/Lay rules known from betting exchanges. There is no commission involved. However, unusually, you don’t exchange odds with other players, as is the case at any exchange.  The other party is the bookmaker, not the player.  So they are not an exchange, they are a bookmaker with Back/Lay betting, they are probably the only classic bookmaker that is not an exchange and offers this type of betting. If you’re betting on tennis, it’s worth activating Jabet markets on your account with the broker.

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