Penta88 is another large Asian bookmaker based on an agency system. We can access this bookmaker through the brokers listed below. The bookmaker has been around since 2017 and hails from Malaysia. Certainly, this bookmaker is one of the very valuable options we can access through brokerage accounts. The high quality of Penta88 is evidenced by the high odds, in many cases I encounter a situation in which the odds offered by this bookmaker are at the top of the list of odds at the broker for a given event. They certainly do not stand apart from the best Asian bookmakers in this regard, and in many events they are the player’s first choice.

Penta88 settles bets very quickly, which may be important for a certain group of players. The bookmaker offers a very large number of markets to bet on. The large number of Asian handicaps, as well as classic bets on many sports and leagues is a very positive feature of Penta88.

Searching for reviews on the Internet, I came across practically only positive opinions of professional players, moreover, in the opinion of some, it is one of the pillars of their brokerage accounts. This is a great achievement for a few years on the market. Also my personal opinions as a player are unequivocally positive. Certainly, Penta88 is a strong point of the broker’s offer.

Penta88 also has many other positive features such as the early issuance of lines. There are many situations in which the odds of this bookmaker appear first long before the event starts. All this translates into popularity among players, and as a result, their odds are available through many brokerage platforms.

Access to Penta88

To access the markets offered by Penta88, you need to register with one of the betting brokers mentioned above. Penta88 is such a serious player in the betting market that it is available on all reputable broker platforms. You can access the lucrative markets offered by the bookmaker through the brokers listed below.

I have been using access to Penta88 markets since the beginning of how brokers included it in their offer. Penta88 seems to be a good option for pro and recreational players. High odds, good limits and fast settlement of bets are arguments for keeping this bookmaker active on your brokerage account. However, the final decision is up to the player, everyone has the possibility to activate or deactivate a specific bookmaker at their broker in the account settings in a very simple way.


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