Football bookies

Looking for the highest odds and limits on football? You’ve come to the right place. We take football betting seriously. We all want to bet at the highest possible odds, which is why we are only interested in low-margin football odds, as with all other sports, bookmakers with low odds have no place on our site.

Football is the most popular sport in the world, depending on location of course, but considering the global scale this claim is completely valid and obvious. this of course translates into a huge number of bookmakers offering football betting, which we will discuss in more detail later. Whether you’re a professional player, play recreationally or are simply a football fan, check out our complete guide to quality football bookies.

football bookies

Best football bookie broker

Major Asian football bookies such as BETISN, Singbet and PS3838 (a Pinnacle clone) as well as the big betting stakes offer access to the best football markets in the world. You’ll get access to these liquid and advanced markets through one of the reputable brokers, so from a single account you’ll get opportunities that no bookmaker can give on its own. The range of brokers is wide, but football as the most popular sport has huge liquidity on the exchanges. The obvious point, which does not need much mentioning, is the absolute highest odds and limits in the industry. So, step by step. Before we continue with our guide, let’s take a look at the results of our analysis of the best bet brokers for football betting.

Where can I find the optimum football betting offer? Every highly rated broker or bookmaker on our site offers a solid deal on football as one of the world’s major sports. This seems obvious. However, we have taken the liberty of highlighting the following sites that we use to find the best football odds. Below is a list of the best brokers offering access to premium football bookies.


BetInAsia is one of the biggest brokers with a high reputation in the industry. With BetInAsia you will gain access to premium football bookies. You will have access to multiple bookmakers and exchanges on one account. The highest odds and limits are what this broker offers. You can also use the broker to set up an account with some football bookies separately from the main BLACK broker system, based on MollyBet software. The football offering is gigantic. Betting on lower leagues, first halves, corner kicks, goal totals and much more. Although the platform mainly brings together professional players, it is also friendly to recreational players for lower stakes. Find out more by reading our review, or by going to the brokers website.


Asianconnect, the world’s oldest broker, has been serving bettors on football and all other sports for many years. The Asianodds platform, Piwi247 and PS3838 (Pinnacle) provide the highest limits and odds for football betting. The high-quality Asian bookmakers powering this software largely specialize in offering just on football. As a result, you get a huge range of different types of football bets, Asian handicaps and many other options. The platform is also powered by betting exchanges like Betfair. With bookmakers you are anonymous, you are subject to verification with the broker, so it is not a problem to have an account with multiple brokers. It is completely legal. If you are looking for access to asian football bookies then Asianconnect is the broker that can offer you this.


Another broker on the list that offers quite a number of asian football bookies is PremiumTradings. Founded in 2011, this broker offers the opportunity to bet on a wide variety of sports at high odds. Of course, football is the main sport with a very large variety of betting offers on this popular sport. There is access from many niche leagues and high-stakes side bets. The positive thing is that the broker has very few country restrictions (for the availability of brokers by country see the individual reviews or the homepage) PremiumTraings also offers various promotions for players. The brokers offer is aimed at all types of players, arbitrage, professional and recreational.

As you can see, we only analyze professional sites. We do not take low odds and low limits into account. If you are looking for a solid football bookie, we recommend that you refrain from playing at recreational bookmakers with low odds. It is easy to calculate how the odds affect our score. This is certainly the biggest bonus we can get. If you are interested in an elite betting site for football and all other sports, we encourage you to read the knowledge available on our site.

What can we bet on in football with the best asian football bookies

Below are the main options available from Asian football bookies. All types of bets carry very low margins and have the highest limits available in the industry.

1x2 betting



These are the three main types of bets chosen by advanced players and this is reflected in the bookmakers’ offer. Of course, apart from the above-mentioned options we also have the possibility of placing side bets, for example bets on the exact result, the number of cards in the match and so on. It is also worth bearing in mind that a large number of asian football bookies offer live betting in addition to the possibility of betting before the start of the match.

Which football leagues and competitions can I bet on at asian bookies?

The number of football leagues and competitions you can bet on in the football bookie is huge. League matches are played all over the world every day. There is hardly a day that goes by without a match somewhere in the world. When there are breaks in Europe, the Brazilian and other leagues are playing and you could go on and on. It would be impossible to list all the games on offer in football bookie, but we will try to list the most popular ones.

Premier League



Ligue 1


Liga Portugal

Liga Portugal 2

Serie A

Liga Profesional

Jupiler League

Division Profesional

Serie B



Primera División

Liga Profesional

V.League 1



Liga MX

K League 1

Super Lig



Premier Liga




These are just examples, let me say more, of the vast minority of the available offer at football bookies. It is impossible to find another sport with such a huge number of matches. If a country has a major and a minor league, plus cup games, we can be sure that bookmakers who specialize in football, such as BETISN, Singbet or PS3838, whose markets are available at the aforementioned brokers, will cover these markets and we will find the matches we are interested in, of course with high odds and limits. Welcome to the professional football betting power site!