Sharpbet is one of the younger bookmakers on the list of professional sites with high limits and best odds. For this reason, you won’t find much information about this bookmaker on the internet. Sharpbet was established in 2017, but it has developed in recent times, so you can expect that its popularity will certainly increase over time. The site has Malaysian origins, but is obviously aimed at the global community. This bookmaker has a current Curacao license. As I mentioned earlier, there is not much information about Sharpbet, this is understandable given its young age as well as the niche market this bookmaker operates in. With this in mind, we started our analysis of Sharpbet with an analysis of the bookmaker’s website.

The first thing that strikes one’s eye after visiting their site is the ability to log in without being able to register. This means that Sharpbet operates on a broker-based system. This means that you can bet on Sharpbet markets through one of the bookmaker’s brokers. At the moment not many brokers support this bookmaker, but this is likely to change in the future. Another key issue is the amount of odds. It was obvious that an Asian bookmaker targeting professional players has high odds. We verified this in detail and the odds on the bookmaker’s website for popular and less popular leagues are great. The margin is very low. The bookmaker allows odds to be displayed in various formats such as Decimal, Fractional, American, Malay, HK and Indonesian. There is a tab on the site to change the language, but at the moment the site is in English, but this clearly indicates that translations will be added soon.

Sports offerings are mainly limited to two sports for the moment. These are soccer and tennis. Although Sharpbet specializes in a narrow number of sports, it must be said that the offer for these sports is extensive. For soccer we have a very strong offer with low margins, also for lower and regional games. Also importantly, the site also supports live betting. Whether new sports will be added over time remains to be seen. It can be assumed that they will, and slowly as they grow, this young bookmaker will add other popular sports to its list.

The Sharpbet website allows you to check results up to several days back, with details of individual side bets. Graphically it’s also quite good, clear, and you can switch between light and dark modes. Still the site looks like it’s a bit under construction and a bit empty in a way, I’m not sure if this will change, a lot of bookmakers available at brokers don’t develop their sites too much, as they mainly offer their markets on combined broker platforms, so there’s no need to go to their sites, in the case of Sharpbet there is such a possibility, just like with PS3838. But how it will be with the development, we will see in the future.

So is Sharpbet a safe bookmaker? Yes because it operates through brokers and not directly. If it operated directly the assessment would be different due to its young age. Is Sharpbet some kind of revolution? No, of course, there is no way this site has the level of reputation of PS3838 or BETISN and will not have for the next few years, if it reaches such a level of reputation at all. However, another bookmaker with high odds and an offer for highrollers is unequivocally good news.


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