CITIbet is a very large Asian (most likely) sports betting exchange. Why most likely Asian? Because the exact information is not known, but the main markets and the whole style of the site as well as the business conducted point to Asia, a thesis bordering on certainty. CITIbet operates globally, however, according to all available information, it appears that their largest market is China. Outside China, CITIbet is popular in the UK, Australia as well as other Asian and European countries. Actually, looking that CITIbet has a specialized offer and does not offer many sports, it is easy to deduce that it is popular mainly where horse and greyhound racing is popular. It is worth noting that CITIbet offers its own markets, it is not another Betfair clone, one should even say more, CITIbet itself offers its markets on other sites that are clones of CITIbet (for example lk988, kle009 as well as many other sites owned by CITI exchange or external operators. Now probably many players will ask the question, how then with liquidity. The answer is simple, no problem, CITIbet operates narrowly and offers interesting features, such as the ability to bet on a losing horse. And that’s what makes it the choice of many players from around the world specializing in such bets. The platform is available in English, Chinese and Japanese. The exchange also offers a lot of usability like live streams from a huge number of races.

CITIbet has been around since 2004, so it has been on the market for a very long time. It is an exchange that does not have a license to conduct sports betting. But despite this, CITIbet has earned a good reputation among players. An example is the well-known situation in 2008, where the exchange’s website was attacked and players money was lost. However, the exchanges bosses decided to return players deposits and pay out fully winning bets. Despite the lack of a license in this way, they have gained a very high reputation and over the years have recorded high growth rates.

CITIbet became notorious in 2019, when articles appeared, as well as statements from managers of horse racing-related organizations, saying that the CITIbet exchanges turnover is huge and constantly growing, and that by doing so it could shake up the racing market, as unlike regulated exchanges it does not provide information to the authorities of horse racing vederation, as well as allowing various types sought after by players bets, such as the already mentioned possibility of betting on a losing horse (Although this is also available on other exchanges in a similar form).


Various estimates of the exchange’s turnover have been floated, all in the high billions of dollars, of course. We won’t cite numbers here, precisely because they are mostly estimates, not actual numbers. But from all estimates, the higher and lower ones, it appears that CITIbet is the largest unregulated sports betting exchange specializing in horse racing in the world with a center in Southeast Asia and a global reach.

CITIbet Login

There is no direct registration option at CITIbet. This is nothing new, and the same is true for many Asian bookmakers such as PS3838 or Singbet and many others. Markets and exchanges can be accessed through sports betting brokers. There are many exchange clones available. The system of operation is similar to, for example, the Betfair-Orbit Exchange line, i.e. Betfair the giver of markets and the last, key point in the betting journey i.e. the bookmaker/exchange And Orbit Exchange i.e. a clone using the markets and liquidity of the parent site and adding more liquidity to the main site, thanks to its own audience, as well as various additional options (some of the non-main options may differ). So CITIbet as a huge exchange is the equivalent of Betfair here. Other sites are clones using their markets. You will only get access to their markets through sports betting brokers and local agents, for different locations.

Good and Safe markets for horse and greyhound racing

CITIbet Offers

CITIbet, from its inception, has set its sights on “narrow” specialization. Narrow in quotation marks because, the niche of horse racing, greyhound and harness racing is very large, but the rejection of other sports can be called a narrow specialization. Perhaps it is because of this approach that CITIbet has achieved so much success in the markets. It offers horse racing, greyhound racing and harness racing. Betting on races from the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, France, South Africa, Singapore, Ireland, Italy and many other places are on offer from the exchange. From the US alone we find such races as Belmont, Churchill Downs, Alburque, Santa Anita, Portland Meadow, Thistledown, Zia Park, Gulfstream West, Golden Gate, Turf Paradise, Will Rogers, Parx, Scarborough, Colonial Downs, Balmoral Park, Saratoga, Harrahs. As you can see, the list is long, and we’re talking about the US and horse racing itself, so it’s actually a very small slice of what’s on offer. Of course, betting is very extensive with many side options. On the odds, as befits a betting exchange, one cannot complain. The limits are also high. By specializing in one area, you can be more exhaustive just in it than by being general. This sentence seems to perfectly reflect CITIbet wide range in its specialty, racing.

CITIbet is a really interesting story. Many years in a difficult market have allowed it to develop a business model that has made the exchange huge in terms of turnover in its field. It also seems that CITIbet is the most talked about in the media when it comes to offshore exchanges/bookies. Actually, this is not surprising, given the huge turnover, as well as the specifics of sports such as horse, greyhound and harness racing. In a way, such an exchange can have an impact on the sport itself, which is not likely to be the case, or not to such an extent, with other such sites that offer other sports such as the world’s most popular soccer. One could debate this subject for a long time, but at the end of the day it is the player himself who will decide what he needs, what his jurisdiction allows, whether the classic equally robust and liquid markets for Betfair horse racing and its clones will suffice, or whether he will want to use the CITIbet exchange after all.


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