Best horse racing bookies

Bookmakers set odds and handle bets on race outcomes. Central to the betting process, they offer diverse betting options in regulated or unregulated environments. Their influence is key in shaping the betting market, determining odds, and impacting the horse racing betting economy.

You won’t be placing any horse race bets without a bookie offering betting on horse racing, . And if you’re betting on horses, you want the best chances of obtaining good odds while also knowing you can safely collect winnings, get attractive deposit bonuses, and have total trust that you can bet securely.

Your best way to get the greatest experience will be to seek out the best bookies from the outset. That means fully understanding the features and elements that the top bookies for horse racing betting deliver. Let’s start with a handful of the best options:

Who are the best bookies for horse racing?

What’s the best way to determine the best bookie for horse racing?

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Choosing the right bookie for horse racing involves assessing key features that enhance the betting experience.

Focus on the variety in their sports market, particularly their approach to horse race betting. User-friendly websites with live race streaming and race information are crucial. Examine customer service quality, reputation with real bettors, promotional offers, and secure payment methods. A good bookie should provide diverse banking options for flexible betting finance management. Ensure the bookie matches your preferred betting style, from traditional to exotic wagers.

Picking the right site for your horse betting needs might not be as easy as it appears, so let’s explore some of these aspects in more detail:

Trust and reputation

It’s essential to engage with trusted entities, much like seeking a reputable tradesman through recommendations. In the realm of sports betting, trusting your bookmaker is paramount. Fortunately, many established sportsbooks and bookmakers have decades of reliable service, ensuring trustworthiness.

Even newer companies in the betting industry have positioned themselves to offer dependable services. Rest assured, every bookie listed here is fully vetted and trustworthy, ensuring a safe and secure betting experience.

Each bookmaker and broker presented has a high overall reputation as well as positive player reviews. What’s more, Asianconnect is the oldest online broker in the world, having been in business since 1998. The bookmaker Everygame (formerly Intertops) also has a high reputation. It is the oldest online bookmaker in the world, having accepted the first bet ever placed over the Internet by a player from Finland. These are just examples, showing how high a reputation these operators have.

Best betting odds

In the world of online horse race betting, the guide to finding sites with the best betting odds should ideally begin with a comparison across various platforms. The major players in sports betting offer numerous ways to engage with the sport, each bringing unique odds to the table.

There are several sites that compare betting odds across different bookies in an easily interpreted fashion.

All brokers and bookmakers described on the site offer high odds for all players. Nonetheless, the amount of odds has been reviewed again exclusively for horse racing bets. By far the best odds, can be found at the three operators in the main table at the top of the article. It’s also worth noting bookmaker Xbet, which also has low-margin odds on horse racing bets.

Payout reliability

In horse racing betting, it’s crucial to choose a bookie that ensures guaranteed payouts. This won’t be a problem with any of the major betting operators and it’s not possible to label any one of the top sites as the best – they all pay out without notable identified issues.

The best way to handle this aspect is to avoid blacklisted sites known for unfair practices and failing to pay winning punters. You’ll find lists of blacklisted sites on many internet pages with a simple search.

Reviews and Ratings

Navigating the hundreds of online horse race betting sites can be daunting, given the wide range of options readily accessible today. So, a crucial step in ensuring the most rewarding experience is taking the time to check the reviews and ratings of different sportsbooks.

Expert and user reviews are crucial for assessing a sportsbook’s payout reliability, betting ease, and suitability to punters’ needs. These evaluations also consider race variety, bet types, and sportsbook quality.

Most reviews will also analyze the legitimacy, reliability, and fair play adherence of the sportsbook. A bookie’s reputation for timely payouts and clear conditions is as important as its betting options.

Bottom line: read a review of your intended bookie first, then proceed to sign up or deposit your money.

Betting Bonuses and Promotions

In online betting, bookmakers attract customers with deposit bonuses and promotional offers. Carefully evaluate these deals for potential stake boosts, but check conditions like minimum deposits and wagering requirements. Consider the bonus expiry date and winnings cap.

Betting apps bring exclusive mobile promotions, part of bookmakers’ push for on-the-go betting in horse racing. These mobile-specific bonuses often have unique terms and are updated regularly. Regularly checking the app can reveal exclusive promotions not found on the bookmaker’s website.

Remember to consider the impact of bonus offers on withdrawals. Bonuses often come with wagering requirements, necessitating playing through the bonus amount several times before withdrawing. This requirement varies among bookmakers. Always review the terms and conditions associated with any bonus offer, which are readily available on the bookmaker’s website.

Website interface and navigation

A seamless user interface and intuitive website navigation are key factors in distinguishing top-tier betting sites. Most platforms feature a sophisticated design with an accessible layout, ensuring ease of use for both new and returning customers.

Operators need to prioritize user-friendly navigation, allowing bettors to effortlessly access essential information and various betting options. This streamlined user experience is essential for efficient site interaction and effective bet placement.

Range of betting markets

Top-rated bookmakers typically offer extensive betting opportunities across different horse racing markets. The mark of a strong bookie will be seen in the range of markets that extend beyond the standard types of bets such as win, place, and forecast.

In-play betting markets are sought-after by many punters. Equally, bets like ‘how far will horse x win by’ and similar wagers appeal to many racing fans. Similarly, many experienced horse racing punters will be looking many days or even months ahead at upcoming high-grade races. In these cases, strong ante-post odds will be tempting to these bettors.

Live Streaming

Access to live streaming of horse races significantly improves the betting experience, offering real-time views and track analysis. Many UK bookies include live coverage in their services, bringing the race atmosphere to your device, be it Ascot or Epsom.

For complete coverage across various tracks, select bookies that go beyond just major events. Look for platforms offering smooth streaming, live chat support, and current racecards. Compare different bookies’ offerings against your needs to find one with comprehensive live horse racing streaming.

Mobile Betting quality and apps

Mobile betting has become increasingly popular, with numbers of punters betting on mobile phones often surpassing those using traditional desktop interfaces. Many bettors now prefer these mobile platforms for horse racing bets, appreciating their convenience and accessibility. Leading sports betting sites approach the solution to this in one of two ways. They either have developed automatically-adjusting user-friendly mobile platforms, or they’ve developed dedicated apps that replicate the desktop experience on smaller screens.

Those bookies that do this well provide easy-to-use mobile interfaces that allow betting on horse races anytime, anywhere. Bettors can access the full range of markets and events, no matter which device they use.

Bet365 is one of the best for mobile betting, offering the full range of online gambling options as seen in this Bet365 review at

Selection of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals

The diversity of payment methods a bookie offers is crucial. Multiple deposit and withdrawal options enhance user freedom and convenience, streamlining transactions.

Smooth payment processes are indicative of a top-rated site, minimizing the hassle associated with financial movements. You’ll want to avoid withdrawal complications, especially when cashing out significant winnings from successful bets.

Choosing well-established bookies typically ensures hassle-free transactions. However, venturing into lesser-known operators or betting in jurisdictions with legal restrictions on gambling can lead to complications. Stick to major sportsbooks for reliability, particularly if gambling is illegal or restricted in your area.

Payments are one of the key issues when choosing a bookie for yourself. With this in mind, any self-respecting betting site offers a variety of payment methods. Each of the bookmakers described here offers the possibility of making deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin, Tetheh, E-wallets as well as many other payment methods, among others. You will get to know the details about the payment systems and limits in the review of each bookie.

Cash Out Options

Many leading betting sites now offer cash out options, allowing bettors to withdraw earnings or reclaim their stake during an event. This feature provides the flexibility to secure a profit or minimize losses before the event concludes.

Opting to cash out early can ensure you gain something from a bet, particularly when you’re betting in multiples. However, it also comes with the risk of missing out on higher profits if your subsequent selections ultimately win. You can also use cashout if you’ve taken an early price about a horse that later contracts. You’ll get back more than your stake.

Cash out values vary from bookie to bookie, with some offering better than others.

Best Odds Guaranteed

Best odds guaranteed is a pivotal feature in horse race betting, offering bettors the highest available odds between their bet time and the starting price. This ensures maximum payouts if the odds improve after placing a bet, mitigating the risk of odds fluctuation. Ideal for the unpredictable nature of horse racing odds, it guarantees bettors the best returns without the need to track odds changes constantly.

This bettor-centric feature simplifies wagering across various bet types and events, enhancing the betting experience by eliminating the worry of timing the market. For enthusiasts in horse race betting, choosing bookmakers with best odds guaranteed is a strategic move, ensuring they always secure the most favorable outcomes for their bets.

Recently many bookies have been changing their best odds guaranteed terms to make them more favorable to the bookie’s bottom line. An example of this is where they’ve set a rule that says BOG will only apply to bets placed after a certain time on the day of a race, rather than the night before. Be careful with this rule.

Customer support

Effective customer support is essential in top betting sites, often underestimated in importance. It’s vital for resolving issues related to transactions, betting errors, or account inquiries. When betting with real money, prioritize sites with robust, reputable customer support.

Particularly, look for live chat options for swift resolution of queries or issues, as direct communication with a support agent tends to offer the quickest solutions.

Most bookmakers understand the criticality of providing effective, multi-layered Customer support. Any of the operators we’ve listed here will provide entirely adequate levels of help if needed.

Alternative betting methods

There are a few methods that can either enhance your prospects of winning or give better odds on most runners in any specific race:

Using betting exchanges

The betting industry continually evolves, adopting new strategies to enhance punter gains. In horse racing, the introduction of exchange betting has garnered global interest, offering an alternative to traditional single-operator betting by enabling peer-to-peer wagers. Analyzing exchange betting alongside traditional fixed odds betting offers insight into its advantages.

Betfair (as well as clones of Orbitx Exchange and Piwi247) is the most well-known betting exchange, easily voted as the best because of the high liquidity in its markets. Interestingly, Betfair also rund a traditional fixed-odds sportsbook that also meets many of the criteria for high-value experiences.

Matched betting and sure betting

These two forms of betting – matched betting, and sure betting – fall under the general banner of options that can significantly reduce losing risks. They’re all based on the premise of placing bets on two outcomes in a race such that the bet will win irrelevant of the result.

You can use many bookmakers as part of this strategy, although some frown on the practice and may close Customer accounts if they’re used.

Asianconnect and BetInAsia regulations allow this type of betting when betting on horse racing as well as any other sport.


Receiving industry awards is a significant accolade for any betting operator, reflecting their excellence in the gambling industry. These awards, voted on by industry experts, recognize operators demonstrating consistent high performance.

The SBC annual awards are highly esteemed in sports betting, with Bet365 winning the 2021 Sportsbook of the Year. Ladbrokes, Racebets, and Betway also earned awards for Best Football Sportsbook, Best Racing Sportsbook, and Best eSports Sportsbook, respectively, showcasing their specialized excellence.

If you use any of these betting firms for horse race betting, you can be sure they’re well-regarded operators.

Responsible gambling measures

All bookies have a responsibility to protect their customers from gambling harms. Some provide levels of support to potential problem gamblers with more skill than their counterparts.

This commitment is vital for maintaining customer safety and loyalty. Responsible gaming measures vary, targeting risks like addiction and underage gambling.

Key strategies include setting deposit limits to control account funding, imposing time limits on gameplay, and offering time-out sessions for temporary account suspension. UK betting sites like Betway actively support the Responsible Gambling Trust and provide resources like BeGambleAware to help problem gamblers.

Regional coverage

Due to wildly varying legal positions concerning gambling globally, and a propensity for some operators to focus on specific regional markets, it’s wise to break down analysis of top-performing bookmakers by region

North America/Canada

In North America, understanding online gambling has been complex, particularly with past PASPA regulations affecting sports betting. However, recent changes have led to some U.S. states regulating online betting, allowing residents access to both regulated sportsbooks and offshore operators.

For U.S. residents, regulated sportsbooks are available in certain states, while offshore sportsbooks cater to those in unregulated states. This eliminates the need to travel for purposes of betting on horses.

Key offshore sportsbooks include Mybookie, a prominent US-facing operator available in 47 states, excluding New York, Washington, and Maryland. Mybookie offers a comprehensive betting experience across various sports, including live betting options. Other notable offshore operators are Xbet, Everygame, offering excellent parlay bonuses.


In the UK and Europe, several top bookies cater to punters, with some extending their services to the APAC region. Many are well-established names in the gambling industry, offering a mix of trustworthiness and attractive betting markets.

Bet365 stands out as a renowned brand, known for its extensive coverage across numerous countries where betting is legal. Their promotional offers, including a welcome bonus and occasional reload bonuses, provide great value. However, the betting market thrives on competition, with numerous bookies vying for business through appealing bonuses and promotions.

UK punters enjoy a particularly wide choice due to the unrestricted, well-regulated market, allowing them to bet with almost any sportsbook in GBP. Well-known UK bookies that also serve European markets include William Hill, Ladbrokes, Corals, The Tote, Betfred, Bwin, Skybet, Betfair, BetVictor, Boylesports, and Paddy Power, with the first five also having a high street presence.

For those in the UK or Europe seeking an Asian bookie, Asianconnect comes highly recommended, although many listed operators accept various currencies.


Asian bookies, catering to the specific needs of the region, operate similarly to global bookmakers but with some distinct features. They often offer a broader range of Asian handicap markets and are known for providing better value bonuses and more competitive odds due to lower margins. Additionally, these bookies typically have higher betting limits.

Key players in the Asian betting market include BetInAsia, Asianconnect, Bet365 and 188bet, both popular in Asian and European markets. Other notable bookies in Asia include,,, Vietbet Sportbook, SBObet, 1xBet, 22Bet, Dafabet, W88,, and 888Sport.

These Asian bookmakers are not limited to punters from Asia; they also welcome bettors from Europe, North America, and Australia, subject to local gambling laws. Ensure eligibility for an account through the bookie’s Customer Support or terms and conditions. These operators are appropriately licensed, offering a secure betting environment, making them a top choice for punters in the Asia region.

Australia & New Zealand

Australian and NZ bettors have access to several esteemed bookmakers known for their valuable promotions. Notably, some cater to European account holders as well. Key Australian sportsbooks include:

Mybookie, Everygame, Xbet, Asianconnect, BetInAsia and
Ladbrokes Australia

These platforms are tailored to suit the preferences of Australian punters, offering a variety of betting options.


The African market is rapidly expanding in online sports betting, with several Asian bookies mentioned earlier also catering to African countries like Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia. However, specific sportsbooks are particularly noteworthy for bettors living in Africa, including:

Mybookie, Everygame, Xbet, Asianconnect, BetInAsia and


These bookies are tailored to meet the unique needs of the African betting market, providing a range of betting options suitable for the region.


In horse racing betting, selecting the right bookmaker is a key element of an enjoyable and hopefully fruitful betting experience. Top bookies not only offer competitive odds and a variety of betting options, but they also ensure secure and guaranteed payouts. Established bookmakers are typically trustworthy, providing a safe betting experience.

Reviewing each bookie’s reputation, betting odds quality, and payout reliability is a crucial activity for highlighting an operator that will be best for your bet placements.

Website usability is a key factor, with user-friendly interfaces and easy navigation enhancing the betting process. Diverse betting markets, including in-play and ante-post options, are equally signs of a strong bookie. Live streaming capabilities and efficient mobile betting platforms add value. Reliable payment methods and smooth financial transactions are essential, too.

Cash out options offer flexibility, while best odds guaranteed ensure the most favorable outcomes. Effective customer support, especially live chat, resolves issues quickly. Alternative betting methods like exchanges and matched betting can offer additional opportunities. Industry awards can indicate a bookmaker’s excellence and commitment to responsible gambling, which is crucial for a secure and enjoyable betting experience.

It’s hard to choose one best bookmaker for betting on horse racing. We have selected a few of them, all of which offer quality betting on horse racing, but also differ in some details.

Asianconnect and BetInAsia, for example, offer the highest possible limits on horse racing betting, making it an ideal choice for professional players with very high stakes. These operators also offer access to multiple markets such as Betfair from a single account. They also allow arbitrage betting. Although, these sites are aimed at professional players, they don’t forget about beginners and minimum bets start from €3-5 per bet.

On the other side, Mybookie, Everygame and Xbet can be described. The bookmakers offer high starting bonuses for new players as well as various loyalty programs for already active players. The odds on horse racing are very high and competitive. These bookmakers target recreational and intermediate players for medium to medium-high stakes. They also offer state-of-the-art sites that provide a great user experience, live betting, live streaming of many events and many other utilities.

For detailed information on each site, such as payment methods, available markets, limits, national restrictions, check individual reviews of each bookie.



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