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Premium Bet Broker, Pinnacle, Maxbet, SBObet, SingBet, 18bet Asia, BetISN, Babibet,1bet, Citibet and FairExchange

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Bank Transfer, BTC, USDT, Skrill, Neteller, Jeton

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Up to 4 hours

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First withdrawal of the month free, next 1%

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Yes, Free

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Country Restrictions


PremiumTradings does not accept players from the following locations: USA, Israel and Bulgaria.

Players from all other locations are accepted.

If you are interested in sports betting, there is a high probability that you have already heard about Premium Tradings broker. This is a broker with many years of activity in the market. The beginning of their online sports betting brokerage business dates back to 2011. The principle of PremiumTradings is the same as other solid brokers. That is, in short, the highest odds, the highest limits and quality customer service. Although, at first glance, it would seem that the offer is aimed at professional players, nothing could be further from the truth. Premium Tradings also has a place for beginners and recreational players. The site is multilingual. Available languages are English, Spanish, German, French, Turkish, Greek and Korean.

PremiumTradings is a broker licensed in Curacao. The company behind it is Sprint Technologies N.V. So, many years on the market and performing to all standards makes it necessary to rate PremiumTradings as a solid broker where your money is safe. These guys have been in the business for many years and seem to know what they are doing. While not the largest broker in the industry, they have a large market share and a sizable and growing player base. So much for the introduction. We can move on and analyze the services and opportunities a player gets from Premium Tradings.

What options will I get access to from PremiumTradings?

PremiumTradings has a wide variety of options from quality bookmakers and betting exchanges. The company works only with bookmakers who have low margins and therefore high odds, so desired by all players. So actually the overall offer is of good quality and will certainly satisfy small players as well as high-stakes players. So to the point. So what does the broker offer?

Let’s start with the basic options. The first of these is Bet Broker. This is the system you see immediately when you go to the PremiumTradings website. Of course, without logging in, it is a truncated version and doesn’t have the usability that comes with logging in. However, it allows you to familiarize yourself with the system without registering. Bet Broker has numerous features to improve the game and allow personalization. An example is the ability to change the odds display. We can display the odds in decimal, american, fractional, malay, hong kong, indonesian formats. We can also change the view from Asian to European, or vice versa, according to preference.

There is also no need to go to the sports results pages as they are at hand in the Bet Broker tab. The available markets are powered by major bookmakers such as Pinnacle, Babibet, 1bet, Singbet, Betisn and others, making Bet broker a powerful tool. The list of sports and releases we can bet on through Bet Broker is truly impressive. We can bet on the following sports: football, hockey, basketball, baseball, cricket, esports, volleball, tennis, handball, snooker, rugby, MMA, boxing, futsal, badminton, darts, winter sports and others. Also, non-sports events are among the options. On the broker’s website there is a Bet Broker guideline section that clearly describes how the platform works.

Another option is the Premium Goal platform. This is based on MollyBet software and is similar to other operators using the software. Premium Goal offers access to multiple bookmakers from a single account. Which obviously translates into high odds and high limits. Premium Goal is an offer aimed at all players. Both Premium Goal and Bet Broker offer numerous bets on Asian handicaps as well as other types of bets. This advanced platform will be suitable for professionals as well as beginners.

Next on the list are sports betting exchanges. At the moment it is possible to use such exchanges as Citibet and Fair Exchange. Both exchanges are powered by Betfair.  As you can see, the offer is quite large. And it doesn’t stop there.

Betting via Skype is also available. Targeted especially for high-stakes players. PremiumTradings also offers the opportunity to test some of its products through a demo account option.

Bonus and Promotions

Premium Tradings periodically introduces various promotions for players. This time it is 5% March Moneyback on all Betting Exchanges.

The promotion is valid from the beginning to the end of March and applies to all products powered by Betfair exchanges. The rules are very simple. For example, if a player generates commissions of €1,000, we will refund 5%, or €50, directly to the exchange.

Promo Terms & Conditions: 

  • The cashback is valid for all betting exchanges offered by PremiumTradings.
    *(Citibet is not part of the promotional campaign.)
  • All active, newly opened, and previously closed betting exchange accounts provided by PremiumTradigns are eligible for this promotion.
  • The promotional period is from March 1st to March 31st, 2024.
  • To get the 5% moneyback, you must generate an exchange commission with a minimum value of €500. The cashback is calculated over the amount of the commission already deducted from the betting exchange during the period of the promo. 
  • The cash generated will be automatically deposited into your account when the promotional period expires and will be considered a regular deposit. – no later than the 10th date of the following month.
  • The cashback will not be applied to casino activities.
  • All offers from PremiumTradings are limited to one person, email address, and household. 
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other PremiumTradings promotional campaigns. 

PremiumTradings Payments

At the outset, the forms of payment were presented in a formula of simple facts. Let’s expand on the topic of payment at PremiumTradings. The available payment methods are Bitcoin, Tether, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer and Jeton. Payments are processed while and within a few moments we have access about funds in the brokerage account. The only payment method whose deposit posting time takes longer is bank transfer. Deposit posting time ranges from 1 to 4 days. Available transfer currencies are EUR, NOK, GBP, USD, THB, DKK, HKD, SEK, AUD and PLN. For other currencies, of course, you can convert the funds (the broker offers a live rate converter on its website). Bank transfers are free of charge. In contrast, other deposit methods are subject to fees, quoting the broker “Small administrative costs attached depending on the amount” As a rule, these are minimal fees.

As for withdrawals, the first one in a calendar month is completely free. Each subsequent withdrawal is subject to a 1% transaction fee, a similar withdrawal system to other brokers, except that 1% is one of the lower fees on the market. Fees for subsequent withdrawals in a calendar month, usually range from 1% to 2.5% depending on the broker and withdrawal method. There is no limit on the amount of withdrawals, the amount is arbitrary. To process withdrawals, you need to contact the broker via Skype or email, issue a withdrawal instruction, the amount and the method you have chosen (withdrawals are not automated, but nevertheless amazingly fast) After issuing the withdrawal instruction, you will receive your withdrawal immediately. Withdrawals are processed quickly, regardless of the amount withdrawn. The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is 100 EUR/USD/GBP.

Transfers between bookmaker accounts within a brokerage account are completely free of charge. An interesting option is also the possibility of an internal funds transfer to a friend, who also has an account at PremiumTraings. This type of internal transfer of funds to a friend is also free of charge. So the whole PremiumTradings trading system stands at a good level and what is most important in all this, withdrawals are fast and the player’s funds are safe, whether we are talking about deposit, withdrawal or internal transfers.

PremiumTradings registration

Registration with PremiumTradings is very simple and literally takes a minute. After entering your basic data, you need to select your account currency from a very long list of currency options. When you register, as you can see in the screenshot opposite, you need to select the services you are interested in. But don’t worry, you don’t have to forcefully create some account for later use. You can open an account for a specific service later, there is no problem with that. If your country is not in the list of countries and is not restricted select country: OTHER. As mentioned above, players from the USA, Israel and Bulgaria are not accepted.


You have several options to choose from to contact PremiumTradings support. A live chat is available on the broker’s website for the most urgent contacts. You can also get in touch via email, the contact form available on the site, or simply write an email to or Support will respond quickly to your questions.

The third option is to contact us via Skype communicator, just enter the username prmts77 in the search box of the communicator.


Yes, most of PremiumTradings’ services are adapted to mobile devices. Of course, due to the fact that brokerage platforms have a high level of sophistication, the mobile counterpart has slightly fewer features. However, it is useful and allows you to use the main functions of the platform. The broker is trying to develop on the issue of mobility, resulting in the available mobile application.

The answer is simple, NO. Despite the fact that the main customers of PremiumTradings as well as all other brokers are a large percentage of advanced, knowledgeable bettors, there is nothing to prevent a beginner, betting recreationally, from setting up accounts and starting betting. It is even desirable, because advanced players know what they are doing and where to look for good odds and limits, it is positive to be in such a group.

Just like any licensed broker, PremiumTradings requires KYC verification. If you are already an advanced player, then you surely know how some bookmakers can make life difficult for players by dragging out verification for a long time. In the case of this broker, there is no problem with that. Verification is very fast and problem-free. As a player-friendly company, there is no room for making life difficult for players here.


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