cmd368 betting

cmd368 is a big Asian bookmaker based and licensed by the First Cagayan Economic Zone Authority of the Philippines. Although an international brand, outside of a few countries in Asia their reach is severely limited. They mainly focuses on betting customers from Vietnam, Indonesia and to some extent Malaysia and other countries in the region. The bookmakers hallmarks are high odds and pretty good limits. Due to the difficult access in many locations, the bookmaker operated at one time on an agency system. This means that cmd368 could be accessed through brokers, not directly. The principle of operation was exactly the same as that of larger Asian bookmakers, such as PS3838 and BETISN. This allowed them to bypass access difficulties and definitely expand their offerings to players. We will return to this topic in a later section. So what does it offer? How to open an account? What are the alternative links and alternative bookmakers? We will try to answer all the questions related to cmd368.

CMD368 sharp bookie?

The specifics of our site beg the question, is cmd368 a sharp bookie? The answer is yes. It is definitely not a poor quality recreational bookmaker. They have good high limits and low margins, on many sports. However, even though they can be classified as a sharp bookie they are to some extent an outlier to the competition of the major Asian bookmakers, who operate more globally. The odds and limits of Singbet, for example, are a bit better than cmd368. Likewise with other Asian giants. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great sharp bookie that offers great value for professional and recreational players. In today’s world of sports betting, where the absolute majority of bookmakers are decidedly soft, any sharp bookie is at a premium, including the cmd368.

CMD368 access

You can access cmd368 in the vast majority of cases through agents. However, for the time being, cmd markets are only available from local agents, or those of dubious reputation. cmd368 was at one time on the platform used by most professional global agents, Mollybet. Of the largest bet agents that accept players from Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and other Asian countries, one can mention one of the global leaders in this industry, BetInAsia. It is one of the largest agents on the market serving players from Asia and around the world. Through it you will get a huge number of options that you would not have the opportunity to get directly from a single bookmaker such as cmd368 or any other. Another option is to use alternative, BC Game, which is available in most Asian languages and aimed heavily at those markets. So, we have selected only one best and closest to the requirements of players looking for cmd368 agent and bookmaker to access the described markets, or an excellent alternative. You will go to their pages below, or you can read comprehensive reviews of these options.

cmd368 alternative

If you were a cmd368 player, or wanted to access their markets for football or other sports or completely different games you will certainly be satisfied with the above offer of 5 star bookmaker and agents sites. We keep up to date with the sharp bookies market so you will certainly learn from us about the availability of cmd368 markets whether on odds aggregator platforms or directly, on whitelabel or agent sites. Sharp betting is our specialty!


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