IGK bet is a large Asian bookmaker, and being more specific Malaysian. However, even though it is from Malaysia, this does not mean that it is a local bookmaker, on the contrary. IGK operates in many markets and their website is available in many languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Laos, Burmese, French, Japanese, Indonesian. However, the bookmakers main markets are mainly Asian countries. As you can see in the attached screenshot above, the bookmaker does not offer a registration option, there is only a login option. You can register through one of IGKBET local bet agents. Actually, not much information about this bookmaker can be found on the Internet, but nevertheless the numbers of searches and inquiries about this bookmaker, testify to a moderate (certainly not low) interest. The peculiarities of the Asian market have shown more than once that large betting companies are not widely described on the Internet, probably the reasons are different.

IGKBET sports

IGKBET, as it claims, offers more than 500 football events per week. And indeed this can be confirmed. The offer on football is large and it is the bookmaker’s main sport. In addition to soccer, other sports are also available, such as Baseball, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Horse Racing, Badminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Field Hockey, Snooker, Pool, Golf, Motor Sports, Handball, Water Polo, Boxing, Darts, Cricket, Rugby, Athletics, Swimming, Beach Football, Squash, Olympic, Netball, Politycs, Sailing, Cycling, Sepak Takraw, Esports, Muay Thai, Entertaiment. This is a complete list of available sports at IGKBET. The bookmaker has easily accessible lengthy rules and regulations on each sport. Seemingly nothing out of the ordinary, but we often come across hidden rules and regulations in the footer in small print, here the rules and regulations for the service and clearing of sports are available at the top of the screen under the “Betting Rules” tab, and it’s intuitive and quickly accessible from anywhere on the bookmaker’s site.

IGKBET mobile

IGKBET is compatible with mobile devices and you can bet with the bookmaker via your phone. This is not so obvious in all Asian sports betting sites, so the bookmaker informs about this possibility in a prominent place on its home page. The very high percentage of smartphone users from the countries of the south asia, which are IGKBET main (but not only) markets, gives the bookmaker a certain handicap in comparison with (some) local competitors whose sites do not work on mobile, or work very poorly.

IGKBET other

The bookmaker targets many types of players, offering high odds on various events and acceptable limits for average players, and has something to offer more advanced players. However very wide offer, a multitude of sports and bets, plus combo bet and parlay betting opportunities, are aimed mainly (but not only) at beginner, recreational players. This is a universal site with a multitude of sports, so there can be no talk of specializations, so it should be considered that this is a site aimed at many different types of players. Returning to parlays betting, many large Asian bookmakers for professional players have severely limited sections for such bets. This is understandable, most advanced players do not place such bets. At IGKBET they are available, but with a win limit. We can bet on such a parlay coupon in which the maximum winnings are MYR 150,000 ( about EUR 30,000).

In addition to sports betting, which is the mainstay of the bookmakers business, it additionally offers keno, roulette, lotteries and other casino games.

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