Fair Exchange (Fair999)

Searching the web for information on Fair Exchange, one will not find much information. In fact, you can mainly come across advertising descriptions of agents who offer access to this exchange, without any specifics. So, how to find out more information about Fair999? We will try, to present all the information on this subject that we know from theory and practice. So, gathering all the knowledge about this exchange into a pile, what can we write about them?

Fair Exchange has been in operation since 2015, and it is another exchange that is powered entirely by Betfair. Probably this is one of the reasons why there is not much information about them. Simply (and obviously) the white label sites powered by Betfair are quite similar (but not completely) and it is a bit difficult to write about another similar site. However, it’s still worth doing because of the fact that these types of White Label exchanges, despite the fact that their backbone is the same can differ dramatically in such things as security, premium fees, side offers, availability and much more.

Fair Exchange offers

Fair Exchange at the moment offers betting and trading on Football, Horse racing, Greyhound racing, Cricket, Basketball,  TennisAmerican Football, Athletics, Australian Rules, Baseball, Boxing, Cycling, Darts, eSports, Golf, Handball, Ice Hockey, MMA, Motor Sports, Rugby, Snooker, and Volleyball. It’s not a long list, but within that list we have what the combined Betfair markets offer. Betting is available pre-match as well as live. Odds and limits need little comment and are, of course, top notch.

Interestingly, I sometimes come across the opinion that Fair Exchange is the most similar (except for the truncated offering) of all White Label clones to Betfair. Only that without premium fees and with a commission on winnings of an acceptable 4-5%(depending on the broker and its negotiated rates)

The exchange also offers some useful side options, an example being the ability to check total stakes and individual stakes for each event. However, it is obvious that this is nothing unusual and practically every exchange has this or similar options, which are equivalent to those in Fair Exchange. Actually, in Fai999 you will find all the key tools for betting and trading, but the platform does not have features with which it stands out in some way from the competition. It is simply put, standard.

Fair Exchange access

As with other Betfair white label sites, the Fair Exchange is only available through agents. All logistics i.e. deposits and withdrawals, technical support are on the agents side. This means that it is not possible to register directly to this exchange. At the moment, not many agents offer Fair999 accounts. In the past Asianconnect still offered the possibility to open an account on this exchange, but they have abandoned this option. The reasons are unknown, or simply that the agent invested in PIWI247 and Orbit Exchange, which are also Betfair clones. Perhaps a third party white label was not needed for the offer. It’s hard to say. However, since 2015 Fair Exchange has been available to players all the time, with a minor break in 2020 when the exchange went out of business for a while, probably due to faulty software that didn’t work very well and was prone to extortion. However, Fair999 returned to the market in the same year (fortunately without controversy) and is still there today. Possibilities for obtaining an account through bet agents below.

Fair999 vs other exchanges powered by Betfair

The opportunities that Fair Exchange provides are lower than the most popular exchanges in the world with the same principle of operation, I am thinking here mainly of Orbit and Piwi247, of course this does not exclude Fair999. The main available sports that are available on the exchange and are listed above have the same offer, liquidity as the most powerful exchanges. The possibilities are lower by such things as side tools, shorter list of sports, etc. It seems that with the statement that Fair Exchange in its niche is just a solid average is a valid statement. This exchange is safe and provides all the standard options to bet and trade on the available markets without worrying about the liquidity of the markets.

Fair999 is a moderately popular exchange, sought after by players betting on games from the list of available sports, arbitrage betting players (surebets are in accordance with the exchange’s rules), people with problems accessing other exchanges, as well as those looking for lower fees and commissions. Moderately popular does not mean that it is a niche, unreliable product. The exchange with a small break has already been on the market for almost 10 years, which is already a period after which some conclusions can be drawn. And those very conclusions are all above. On top of that, Fair Exchenage has a bunch of loyal players who like a transparent product and that’s what this exchange gives them without over standard options, giving them the basics of betting and trading. In today’s landscape in the industry, virtually any player-friendly exchange is at a premium, whether it is a more or less popular choice.


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