Betnfair is a highly liquid sports betting exchange whose markets are powered by one of the most recognized exchanges, Betdaq. Betnfair is operated by Brokerstorm. It’s a broker that has been on the market since 2017, which provides security and is player-friendly. This also makes Betnfair a safe and stable option. Besides, it means that all the “logistics” i.e. payments, registration are done by the broker. The number of payments is wide and includes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Tether, popular electronic wallets, bank transfers and other options. Check out all the details in the Brokerstorm review. It’s also worth mentioning that the Betnfair exchange is only available on Brokerstorm, you won’t find it offered by other sites. So, if you are interested in this exchange or any other offer, then take a look at the entire brokers offer.

Betnfair offers the opportunity to bet on many sports, soccer, cricket, tennis, basketball, baseball and many other sports are available on Betnfair board. The offer is quite broad for most sports. However, the exchange’s offerings should especially appeal to players who bet on horse racing. This is a strong point of the exchange and there are many races and liquid markets available, as well as many betting options including Lay on Horse.

Live streaming (especially in high resolution) is not an obvious option, most sports betting sites do not have access to such useful capabilities. Betnfair offers live streaming of many sporting events including, in particular, numerous horse races. This can certainly be useful for live bettors, as well as simply for people who enjoy watching live sports streams and it helps them place better bets.

The Betnfair platform, or rather its markets are powered by the Betdaq exchange. If you’re already a bit into sports betting you’re certainly familiar with this exchange. Betdaq has been around since 2000, has a very high reputation in the industry and, according to many averaged estimates, is the second largest sports betting exchange after Betfair. As a result, this guarantees that the markets of the Betnfair platform in question are liquid and stable.

All in all, Betnfair can be a useful option for those betting on horse racing, live betting, trading odds on exchanges, arbitrage players, as well as multi-level players and betting on a variety of sports. We always say that the choice is a good one and Betnfair can be one of those choices, offering first and foremost a secure platform and facilities, where we don’t have to worry about the safety of our deposits. In addition to Betnfair, with the same broker we can also check out such options as Asianstorm, Winfair24 and others. You can use one platform as well as all of them, there are no restrictions here, and the minimum deposit to open a Betnfair account is €50. This is not a high amount, especially considering the nature of the platform, which is largely based on professional players.


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