Turf 7 is a sports betting exchange that specializes in betting on horse and greyhound racing. You won’t find more sports on this exchange. From the beginning, they have focused exclusively on racing, and this is still the case today. If we are at the beginnings then the exact date of the start is not known. However, it is certainly not a new exchange. Due to the lack of objective information, we checked the registration date of the domain under which the exchange operates as well as the webarchive’s history. From the information we found, it appears that the registration took place in 2015 and the first documented screenshots that indicate that the exchange was operating were in 2017. So it should be considered that they have been operating since sometime between 2015-2017. That is, some time, not short they have been on the market.

Turf7 is available in English, Chinese (traditional and simplified versions), Korean. The exchange allows lay bets on horses. In addition, they have several non-standard options not found on other exchanges. For example, 10% on winnings to get a 10% discount on losses, a rather uncommon option, but for the moment it is most likely optional, as well as a few other things. The base commission is 2% (up to 4%, depending on the agent), so it is not high. Turf7 is not as popular as at least the huge CITIbet, on the contrary it is a niche exchange, so they try to tempt players with low commissions. The site of the exchange is quite simple, after all, it covers only two sports, but nevertheless, we have heard opinions in the industry that sometimes, it can be difficult to find a race that interests the player (especially this applies to beginners. The interface is not perfect, but with prolonged use it is not a problem.

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Turf7 access

Turf7 does not have the option of direct registration. It is only possible through an agent. At the moment, not many reputable agents offer Turf7 accounts. In addition to the reputation of the exchange (which can be considered to be good, i.e. the exchange has been operating for years and has not caused any problems for players, in short, it is safe), it is also worth paying attention to the reputation of the agent we choose, as he is the one who will handle our deposits and withdrawals. Momentarily Turf7 is not offered by trusted brokers, probably because of not very high interest.In the past Turf7 appeared at major brokers, so it is also possible in the future, we will inform you immediately if something changes. However, we have prepared below a competitive and recommended option for horse and greyhound betting with top odds and the highest level of security.

Turf7 exchange with all its niche is a positive option on the market, of course for horse racing and greyhound players, it is clear that players betting on football, cricket or other sports have nothing to look for here. Such specialized sites are also needed in the market, by the way, it is horse racing and greyhound racing that have their own dedicated systems, not often seen for other sports. Actually, it should also be mentioned that in addition to betting on races, the exchange also offers lotteries and small casino games. We repeat ourselves, but any good exchange or bookmaker with high odds are welcome in the market regardless of popularity. We also hope that Turf7 will develop more, its interface and outreach, making the markets more liquid (which is key) and the accessibility of the exchange itself more widely through this.


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