Neteller Sports Betting

Neteller is one of the most popular electronic wallets used by players from all over the world for bookmaker payments and more. This payment option is available at the vast majority of bookmaking and brokerage companies. Not surprisingly, it is used by players all over the world.

Neteller has been around since 1999 and is one of the oldest wallets on the market. The company has a Canadian pedigree, but has long been under the FCA and is owned by the global British company Paysafe.

We will try to analyze the usability and possibilities that Neteller offers with regard to betting, as well as examine in which locations this payment solution will work and in which it will not.

Betting brokers accepting Neteller payments

Below is a list of brokers with whom you can make deposits as well as withdraw your funds using Neteller.

As you can see above Neteller is available very widely at betting brokers. In the case of BetInAsia and Sportmarket, the minimum deposit via this method (as well as any other, by the way) is €100. Asianconnect, on the other hand, accepts minimum deposits as low as €10. Deposits and withdrawals via Neteller are free with all brokers. However, you should be aware that if you make more withdrawals in a month, subsequent withdrawals may be charged with a commission (usually around 2% so-called transaction fee) in the case of some brokers. You can find detailed information on this subject in our reviews of individual brokers.

About Neteller

As already mentioned, Neteller has been around since 1999 and is one of the pioneers in the electronic wallet market. For many years, there were practically only two options available on the market, which served practically the entire sports betting market in the world. That second option was a long-time competitor, Skrill (formerly Moneybookers). At the moment, these two companies are no longer competitors, but belong to one company, Paysafe. In addition, due to competition, but more importantly due to regulations in various countries regarding sports betting Neteller although available in most locations cannot process gambling payments in certain locations, a topic we will return to later.

Although the company is from Canada no one associates it with Canada, as they were there for a very short time. Back in 2014, Neteller moved to the British Isle of Man, and from there it continues to operate today already as part of the Paysafe Group. The wallet operates globally, on all continents, and is available in 11 languages, in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Korean, Arabic, Greek, Italian, French, German and Russian.

It is no secret that the main purpose of Neteller’s inception was to handle gambling, bookmaking and forex payments. To this day, this is still one of its main functions. However, the possibilities have already gone far beyond these areas and today a huge number of merchants from all over the world respect Neteller payments.

Adding to this numerous functions such as support (to a limited extent) of cryptocurrencies, a reliable payment card in various currencies (virtual and plastic), this wallet can successfully be even our financial management center in everyday life. Another argument for this is the deposit guarantee (€1,000 new account, full balance for VIP account) in case of bankruptcy, or hacking attack, user fraud and other reasons for loss of funds (legal requirement of UK regulator FCA)

Neteller and sports betting

Sports betting has been one of Neteller’s main pillars since its inception. Of course, we’re talking about handling payments to and from bookmakers. In 2001, the wallet handled more than 80% of global payments in this industry! With a large share of the U.S. market, which, due to regulations, left in 2019, but it had already failed to handle bookmaker payments from this location.

Sometimes there is a situation that Neteller is in a particular market, you can have a wallet and make a card, or have an account without a card however you can not deposit to and from bookmakers. This is the case for min the following countries: Albania, Turkey Cambodia , Canada , Hong Kong , Poland, Israel , Laos , Lebanon , Macau and Singapore as well as several other European countries. You can check the exact information about your location by going to the Neteller website, or by checking the transaction yourself in practice.

However, there is one very important point. A broker is not a bookmaker. For example, there are countries where there is a registry of blocked domains. Neteller blocks these payments, but they are payments to bookmaking companies. A broker is not a bookmaker and payments to it are not blocked. This is the case for many countries. However, not all of them. Laws and regulations are a very convoluted issue, so it is simply worth checking it on your own account. The practice is that more than 95% of locations have the ability to pay into brokers. Directly to bookmakers this percentage is lower.

Neteller does not disclose your data to any entities or countries. The only possibility is when there are proceedings against a particular person and there is a court judgment. This is the case in theory and practice. There is a known case when Turkey and Poland wanted user data from their countries and it was not disclosed. Neteller complied with the law in those countries and started blocking payments to bookmakers to players from those locations however, that’s it (not to all bookmakers, much less brokers, only those on the lists blocked by a specific country whose regulator creates such a list)

So, Neteller is a confidential payment method. However, there are also much more private methods such as Bitcoin or Tether. It all depends on what the player in question needs and what location he or she is from.

Neteller deposit methods and fees

Neteller offers a really sizable list of options for topping up your wallet. Quite a few of the options are heavily personalized and depend on the particular location of the user. The company tries to make sure that in each location where they operate, players have access to popular and secure methods through which to top up their Neteller account.

We will try to present the available options as well as check what the deposit costs are for each method. Usually the cost varies between 0 and 2.5%, usually it is just 2.5%. Below is a summary of the available deposit methods and the total fees involved. It is worth reading the list below to make sure we have the option to top up our account via a method that is convenient for us.

  • Davienda – 2,5%
  • Mastercard – 2,5%
  • Maestro Debit Card – 2,5%
  • Local bank deposit – 0-1%
  • International Bank Wire – 2,5%
  • Paysafecard – 0-5%
  • Rapid transfer – 0-1%
  • REDPAGOS – 2,5%
  • UPI – 2,5%
  • Poli payments – 2,5%
  • WebPay – 2,5%
  • Almancense Exito – 2,5%
  • Banco de Chile – 2,5%
  • Banco Guayaquil – 2,5%
  • Boleto Bancario – 2,5%
  • Carulla – 2,5%
  • Surtimax – 2,5%
  • Trustly – 2,5%
  • Rapi Pago – 2,5%
  • Paysafecash – 2,5%
  • PIX Brazil – 2,5%
  • Sofort – 2,5%
  • Effecty – 2,5%
  • Mister Cash Instant Voucher Payment – 2,5%
  • Multibanco – 2,5%
  • Netbanking – 2,5%
  • OXXO – 2,5%
  • PagoEfectivo – 1%
  • Pago Facil – 2,5%
  • Santander – 2,5%
  • Visa – 2,5%
  • Visa Electron – 2,5%
  • iDEAL – 2,5%
  • Giropay – 2,5%
  • Fast Bank Transfer – 2,5%
  • Euteller – 2,5%
  • EPS – 2,5%
  • Epay – 2,5%
  • Empresa de EdQ – 2,5%
  • Servipag – 2,5%
  • Przelewy 24 – 2,5%
  • PSE – 2,5%

Neteller withdrawal methods and fees

Now let’s check out what the Neteller wallet’s withdrawal options are. Of course, we can transfer funds to hundreds, if not thousands, of the company’s trading partners around the world with just a few clicks. This list includes a whole bunch of bookmakers, brokers and many similar sites. If you have a plastic or virtual card, you can use it to pay at the store, online, as well as withdraw cash directly from an ATM. Converting fiat currency into cryptocurrency is also involved.

There are quite a few possibilities, and to be detailed below is the full list of options you have when it comes to withdrawing funds from your Neteller account.

Bank Transfer – 10USD

Crypto wallet – 2%

Mastercard – 0-3,99%

Net+ Prepaid Mastercard® – 0-1,75%

Skrill – 3,99%

Merchant Sites – 0%

Member Wire – 12,75USD

Money Transfer – 2,99%

Visa – 0-3,99%

Net+ Prepaid Mastercard

Neteller has had a MasterCard on offer for many years. In virtual and plastic edition. I myself have been a user of this card for years and it has never failed me yet. It is important that the currency of the card is the same as the currency of the account. This will reduce the cost of currency conversion. However, if you don’t use the card very often, it doesn’t matter, besides, if you have a VIP account, you have the option of having sub-accounts in different currencies.

The Neteller card has the same utility as any MasterCard. You can use it to pay at stationary and online stores, as well as withdraw from an ATM. Payments are free of charge. Only if there is a currency conversion, the cost is 0 to 1.75% depending on the status (VIP level) of our account. ATM withdrawals cost €4.

The card is compatible with ApplePay. All you have to do is add your Net+ card to Apple Wallet.

How to deposit into a brokers account using Neteller

Depositing via Neteller to a broker or bookmaker’s account is very simple. Sometimes there may be slight differences between the sites that accept the deposit, but the scheme is the same and basically the deposits look similar everywhere. We will try to give a brief overview using two brokers as an example. To begin with, let’s check how it works at Asianconnect.

In step one, go to the Asianconnect broker’s website. Immediately after going about the client panel our eyes will see the Deposit tab. It is crossed out on the screenshot opposite. After the full list of the broker’s payment options is unfolded, we just need to go to Neteller. As you can see in the description, there are limits and fees. Depositing is free of any fees, regardless of the deposit amount. So, after clicking on the Neteller tab, we will be shown the second screen, which we present next. As you can see, the whole process is quick and short.

In the second step, once the Neteller payment panel is expanded, our email address provided during registration will automatically appear. Below that is a drop-down list of bookmakers, exchanges, etc. that we selected during registration. We expand it and select the place where we want to deposit. After selecting the bookmaker, we specify the amount, approve and are transferred to the Neteller site. Now all we have to do is make a transfer from our wallet account to the email address you see in the Neteller tab on the screen shot. That’s it. After about 2-5 minutes the deposit is ready.

As you can see, making a deposit is very easy and takes a few moments. Let’s check out the next broker, BetInAsia. In this case it’s similar with one small difference, it’s a bit easier. As you can see in the screens below, after selecting the E-wallet option, we choose an amount and approve it. Then we simply select a wallet from the list, in our case Neteller, and confirm. We don’t have to perform a transfer as in the case of Asianconnect. We receive a confirmation from the authorization in the Neteller mobile app, we just need to approve and everything is ready, we can bet. With other brokers listed on our site it is similar, equally simple.

Withdrawals to Neteller wallet are processed within a few minutes at most. I myself have been periodically ordering withdrawals from one of the above-mentioned brokers for many years (before that I started with AC) and the maximum I have waited for a withdrawal is 5-7 minutes. Never longer, regardless of whether it’s day or night or the holiday season.

Neteller is a veteran in the market and their systems, have not failed yet. If any bookmaker accepts e-wallets, you can be sure that one of them or the main one is Neteller. Next to Skrill, it is by far the most widely used wallet for gambling payments in the world, with the largest user base.


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