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Pollytrading is a fairly new broker on the market. They have been operating for a few years (2019 to be exact) This is not a long period for this industry, but it is enough to draw some conclusions about this broker. The first visit to the Pollytrading website brought rather positive impressions. What caught our attention was the very long list of available bookmakers, probably the longest among brokers. After setting up an account, it turned out that the list is not as impressive as declared. Interestingly, Pollytrading differs from other brokers in that we download their software to our computer rather than bet through a website. This doesn’t inspire much confidence especially since the software appears to be on outdated code.

At the moment we do not recommend Pollytrading. The site has problems with very low popularity and liquidity. We will keep an eye on the development of this broker, however, taking all factors into account, it becomes clear that it is not worth risking your funds in Pollytrading in case you have access to much better brokerage platforms with many years of activity on the market.

What options will I get access to from Pollytrading?

Pollytrading offers a single system combining multiple bookmakers and numerous features. Pollytrading is slightly different from other brokers. The main difference is that we don’t bet through the website, but download the gambling software. From this application we do all the activities like betting, deposits/withdrawals of course, verification and much more. This is quite an original solution, which makes it a waste to play on mobile devices as well as the security of our funds is much lower than with a classic broker.

Pollytrading offers a long declared list of available Asian bookmakers (and not only) among bookmakers we can find min: Pinnacle, BETIBC, Sbobet, Betfair, Matchbook, Singbet, GVbet, 18bet, M8bet, Afb88, Betdaq, TBSbet, 928bet, Cmd368, Ga288, Jabet, 3et, Penta88 and others! It’s easy to see that the list is very long. The number of sports/leagues available is also long, and niche games abound. In the list of sports we find Football (interestingly Football is divided into completely separate tabs like Half Time/Full Time/Corners etc.) Tennis, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, Esports, Ice Hockey and Rugby. In the settings, we can choose the bookmakers whose offers will be displayed to us in the odds list. Interestingly, we can choose, for example, to display one bookmaker only in live betting and not in pre-match betting, and vice versa. There are also other display options. Pollytrading provides ample opportunities to personalize the app in this regard. However, in reality it is a little less colorful and the broker’s declarations do not quite translate into reality.

Polly also allows personalization in many other settings, so we can tailor this software to our own preferences and thus improve our game. The settings are many, for example, we have a whole list of actions for which we can set keyboard shortcuts. We can also set sounds on the platform for various events, tempo changes, etc. can be useful if the software runs in the background. We can also personalize many other options. The above is just one of several examples, the options are so many that it will certainly take us a while to customize them to our preferences, although we have to admit that the default options are fine. The Pollytrading platform is available in English and Portuguese.

Payment Method

As already mentioned using the software we can deposit and withdraw funds to and from Pollytrading. Going to the Deposit/Withdrawal tab we will see three options. The first two are Skrill and Neteller. All you have to do is type in the amount and you will receive deposit instructions, you won’t have to wait long for the deposit as it is fully automated, at most it will take a few minutes. The third option involves a small contact form with the broker. There, by arrangement, we can make a deposit through another route. Personally, I use online wallets for deposits and withdrawals at Pollytrading, but I was informed by support that there is an option for bank transfer, just through this contact option. The minimum deposit amount is 150 euros. For withdrawals it is exactly the same, the same options as well as the amount. The minimum withdrawal amount is 150 euros.

Country restrictions

Pollytrading does not accept players from the US, UK, Portugal and Singapore.


Pollytrading can be contacted via email at info@pollytrading.com or via Skype (Skype account can be found by email address)


Pollytrading FAQ

Unfortunately, for the moment, no. The very low brokerage market share translates into problems for the player, such as account blocks, or problems with or delays in withdrawals. It seems that Pollytrading’s problem is simply low liquidity. We strongly advise against depositing larger amounts.

Yes, in my case the verification took longer than with other brokers. Pollytrading several times rejected documents that other brokers accepted. Admittedly, the verification finally succeeded, however, this does not encourage the company.



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