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JazzSports Info

The origins of Jazzsports date back to 1994 which puts this bookmaker among the biggest veterans in the betting industry. They formally started their online presence in the year 2000. The bookmaker belongs to the Jazz Business Solutions B.V. company. Because they have been in the business so long and are able to maintain a loyal player base they are definitely a safe choice for any type of player. Despite their “advanced” age, they focus on innovation as demonstrated by the introduction of cryptocurrencies to their payment options (currently supported are: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash) while retaining the ability to pay by a card or use an online wallet. Currently, we are also dealing with new software or graphic changes. Another important solution is the possibility to open two types of accounts, a classic one like at every bookmaker plus a separate option to open an anonymous account where only cryptocurrencies are available for payment. We should also mention the possibility to watch live sports broadcasts in high quality. Despite its cult status Jazz has remained in the shade for many years and in stagnation, however, it has survived all these long years in this competitive industry providing players with an honest opportunity to bet at high odds with interesting bonuses without the fear of withdrawal.Currently, Jazz is in a definite phase of growth in many areas, and looking at their experience in the industry you can be confident about the future.

Bonus and promotions

Jazzsports offers several different bonuses. At the moment, the flagship bonus, or first deposit bonus, is a maximum of $1,000. 50% of its amount is added to our first deposit, with the maximum amount stated in the previous sentence. In order to receive this bonus, you need to use the bonus code on your first deposit JAZZ50. The minimum deposit I qualify for the bonus is $100. A turnover of x10 is required before withdrawal. This is a very good offer with fair terms and conditions, with clear and readable terms and conditions, with no hidden provisions to start your adventure with Jazzsports. Moreover, this is not the only promotion at Jazzsports. The bookmaker offers many more promotions and bonuses, including horse racing, casino bonuses and many more. You can get acquainted with the exact promotional offer on the bookmaker’s website in the BONUSES tab.

Sports odds at JazzSports

At Jazzsports you will find most of the world’s leagues and sports, the sports available at the moment include all major American sports leagues plus lower level games, soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, fighting, tennis, golf, handball, volleyball, cricket, bandy, futsal, badminton, snooker, and other sports. Apart from the classic sports, we can place bets on politics and other major events. It is also worth mentioning that e-sports has its own separate section. To sum up the offer width, yes there are bookmakers that have a larger list of available sports than Jazzsports, however, it has to be said that the offer is good, if any sport is available at Jazz it is quite extended, for example, American sports, college soccer or soccer in which we also have access to women’s leagues from different countries. For specific bets, there is also a large selection from the obvious ones like score or number of goals to the exact result of the match and other side bets. So at Jazz at any time of day or night, we can find bets to place.Many players when choosing a bookmaker for themselves look for information about the odds. And quite rightly so as this is one of the most important factors for a game to be profitable. How does the situation look like at the Jazz? It looks good, the margin is not high, so the odds are high. They are not very high, because there are cryptocurrency bookmakers in our ranking with higher odds, but Jazz with its margin is still pretty good, and playing with them can be profitable. Thus, the odds issued by this bookmaker should be considered fully acceptable and profitable for the player.

JazzSports Live betting and live streaming

We have also examined Jazz sports for their live betting platform. Our experience is very positive. A big advantage and at the same time what makes Jazz sports stand out is the live streaming, a lot of events of different sports are broadcasted on the betting platform. This is helpful in betting for many players and thanks to this possibility many players spend long hours at Jazz sports. Now let’s get to the technical side of the platform. The live betting stands at a really decent level in terms of offer and odds. Every day you will find something for yourself in live betting. The bookmaker also puts a strong emphasis on e-sports, which has its own separate section, both pre-match and live, a lot of e-sports events are broadcasted, so the player does not have to change the window to watch the game and place bets, this is important because live betting is a dynamic game and sometimes seconds decide about our profit or loss. The holding of bets does not deviate from the good market average. Bets are not kept in pending status endlessly. So solid betting plus the possibility to watch live events gives a very high rating for this type of betting at Jazz Sports.

JazzSports registration

Registering with Jazzsports is a very simple process. After choosing the JOIN option in the upper right corner of the screen the registration form appears. As with every bookmaker we have to give our first name, last name, address, date of birth and set a password for our new account. Interestingly in the country option, we have the possibility to choose not only all the countries in the world but also the “INTERNATIONAL” option. With a bookmaker of this level and experience with both types of accounts, we are completely safe. We have no specific recommendations as to what type of account to use, both are useful and each player should determine their needs and choose the right account for them.

JazzSports customer service

Customer service at Jazzsports is of the highest standard, interestingly enough even people with an average opinion of this bookmaker, in general, have never had any problems with customer service, at least not that we know of. Apart from the above-mentioned access channels, we have the possibility to talk via live chat available on the website which responds quickly and efficiently. And what is important the staff is educated, this is important because often at many bookmakers you can meet with frustrating situations that the support is not able to help us with our problems due to their lack of education, at Jazz it is exactly the same.Client Service: csd@jazzsports.ag Wagering:managers@jazzsports.ag 24/7 USA :855-910-3888 Banking:888-632-8890 Wagering:888-446-8151

JazzSports Esports

The e-sports are definitely the Jazz’s strong point. The upgrading of the platform has also brought a stronger focus on e-sports, so much so that e-sports lived to see its own separate section. As it has already been written Jazz is developing and doing it well, also in this niche. The offer is really big and apart from the obvious ones like League of Legends, Dota, Counter-Strike we can bet on a lot of other first-person shooters, multiplayers and real-time strategies. The odds are high on all sports and this is no different and interested players should not be surprised by this aspect. We should also mention the huge amount of live betting in this market and in many cases the possibility to follow the matches live, Jazz has extensive live streaming for e-sports.

JazzSports - PRO Or for recreational players?

To sum it all up simply: the bookmaker offers an option for every type of player, from big players to recreational ones. However very big players may have betting limits, but if you are betting in the thousands on popular sports the limits are not a problem, there are simply bookmakers who support even higher bets than Jazz Sports, but even here you can play for really big bets for a long time. Also, players looking for very niche sports or leagues despite the wide offer of Jazz Sports may be slightly disappointed. Players of live betting, e-sports, popular sports should be satisfied with the highest quality of service. So this is a bookmaker for everyone, especially considering that it accepts players from all over the world.

JazzSports - Summary

In conclusion, there can be one thing, Jazzsports is one of the strongest points in the bitcoin bookmaker market. The company has a lot of experience in the industry and this pays off with a good place to bet. After all, if you don’t have a safe betting environment and reliable fast payouts then bonuses, high odds, beautiful graphics mean nothing. Jazz has all this safety, good bonuses, high odds, and other positive features of a good bookmaker. Despite a slightly lower rating in previous years, the overall rating has always remained high. It should also be noted that despite all the positives and distinguishing features such as the possibility to create two types of accounts (classic and anonymous) or the possibility to watch live streams from various sports and e-sports events Jazz is still a niche bookmaker despite its iconic status. So if we are looking for a solid bookmaker for the long term Jazz is certainly a good choice. All in all the high rating seems to be well deserved.


JazzSports FAQ

Definitely yes, this is a completely solvent bookmaker which has been tested by a large number of players. Besides, Jazz sports operates on the basis of a license and is obliged to follow the regulations of the regulator.

In practice quick payouts look like what the bookmaker declares. Our payouts for playing Jazz sports always arrived on the same day, which is within the time frame they declare. Usually the withdrawals however arrived much faster within a few minutes, especially when choosing Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash or another cryptocurrency as your withdrawal method.

The bookmaker provides live streaming from many sports events. This is not a common service, but for many players it will be a huge plus. It should be added that a lot of events on e-sports are broadcasted. For those who like to watch live sports meetings in good quality Jazz is a great solution.

Yes, at Jazzsports we have the option to play online casino, poker and other gambling games.



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