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Betkeen powered by Betfair

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BTC, USDT, USDC, XRP, XLM, LTC, Skrill, Neteller, Jeton, advCash, Revolut, paysafecard, ezeeWallet, Binance BUSD & USDT (BEP2), Sepa, Rapid transfer

Minimum deposit and payout:

10-25 EUR depending on the method

Average payout time:

Immediately to max 15 hours from Easysportbet to our account, transfer from Betkeen to Easysportbet only on Mondays

Withdrawal fees:

0% – 1,99% depending on the method

Transfer between accounts:

Yes, Free

Arbitrage and winning players:

Accepted, however, the maximum rates are a lower than other brokers, suitable for average rates of X – XXXX EUR.

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Country Restrictions


Easysportbet does not accept players from the following locations: USA, UK, France, India, Indonesia, Russia, Netherlands, Columbia, Sweden, Nigeria, Tanzania, Pakistan, Morocco, Libya, Ageria, Belarus and Ukraine.

Players from all other locations are accepted.

Easysportbet is a sports betting broker founded in 2013. The broker’s flagship product is the Betkeen platform, powered by Betfair liquid markets. Easysportbet and their business model is different from most brokers you know or have read about on our site. The main difference is the number of bookmakers/exchanges. Betkeen platform is mainly based on Betfair, unlike other brokers who of course also use Betfair as one of their main markets, but not exclusively. However, with Easysportbet unique operating model, this is fully justified, as discussed later. Of course, it also does not change the fact that Betfair markets are powerful and for trading and for betting, so Betkeen can be a very good and safe option with unique features not found at other brokers. What are these options that I won’t encounter outside of Easysportbet flagship platform that is Betkeen?

In the introduction we will say, briefly, then expand on the topic in the following detailed paragraphs. So, the Betkeen platform works on the principle of a common fund, in which, in addition to our performance in betting, the final return is also influenced by the global performance in a given market on Betkeen. I came across on one of the industry’s sports trading discussion forums that this is so-called socialist trading. Funny, but there is some truth in that. Personally, I think it’s great that there is this kind of unique service on the market and you can use it to your advantage. However, more details later.

Easysportbet is certainly a solvent and respected company that has been on the market for many years. The broker offers a lot of fast payment methods, the list is really long, one of the longest among brokers. Another positive is the low deposit and withdrawal amount threshold. Betkeen platform is configured for both bettors and traders and is multilingual. Technical support, meanwhile, is available in English, Spanish and French, and the broker’s website is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, French and Turkish. Easysportbet is owned by Gymaster NV and holds Curaçao license number 8048/JAZ2015-043.


flagship product Easysportbet

Betkeen is an innovative trading and betting platform that was developed and is owned by the Easysportbet broker. Betkeen markets are powered by Betfair, so we don’t have to worry about the rates or the liquidity of the markets. As it happens on exchanges, instead of a margin we have a commission. In the case of Betkeen, the commission is 1.5% in trading mode and 1.7% in betting mode, commission on wins and losses. There are no premium fees or commissions as there are on Betfair. Besides, the general betting rules are identical to those on Betfair, by the way, it couldn’t be otherwise, after all Betkeen is powered by Betfair. So in effect we have an efficient, smooth professional and secure platform for betting and trading. However, Easysportbet has a peculiar business model, making Betkeen operate under unusual mutual fund rules. After registering with Easysportbet and activating Betkeen’s service, you will receive a comprehensive description and regulations of the fund before proceeding further. However, actually, what is all this common fund actually about?

So, the global score is settled in weekly time intervals. Each settlement week starts on Monday at 00:00 UTC and ends on Sunday at 23:59 UTC. This time period is unchanging and the time frame of the settlement period in Betkeen does not change regardless of the result of the global fund.

The result is based on simple mathematics, gains and losses of winning players vs gains and losses of losing players during that weekly period give a final positive or negative result for the entire fund. If the global weekly score is negative, winning players can transfer their winnings to their Easysportbet account at the end of the fund’s accounting period, from where they can freely withdraw to their account. On the other hand, players who recorded a negative result, their loss is divided among all of them in the appropriate proportion and then returned in the form of a bonus cashback. For example, if the global profit is higher than the loss, the winning players may have a few percent deducted from their weekly profit for cashback for all players. However, the low commission of 1.5% and 1.7% overall means that being a winning player we are still in a great position. And we also get cashback in many cases. The whole system as well as the exact settlement results from the entire history of the fund are published on the Easysportbet website after registration.

This is a very interesting and innovative solution, and is certainly worth a try for experienced traders as well as novices. For some experienced traders, because of its unique features, Betkeen is the main platform for trading and betting. Among other important points, it should be added that the maximum profit on a single market, e.g. the over and under of a given match, is €2,000 and is intended to balance and secure the fund. Betting is easy, with one click on each bet we can change between betting and trading mode. We can take advantage of the default stake from €10 to €500 as well as many other facilities.

I personally used Betkeen out of curiosity about how it works and stayed with Betkeen for a long time as one of the add-on brokers I use. There are over 10000 events per week, including many live, a large sports offering, soccer, horse racing, ice hockey, volleyball, cricket, tennis are just some of the sports available. Markets are also plentiful for each individual event, winnings, goal totals, first half bets, etc. So certainly Betkeen can be and certainly is an option for many players looking for this type of solution for themselves.

Easysportbet Payments


Easysportbet cryptocurrency

Easysportbet offers the possibility to pay with cryptocurrencies, free of charge. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, as well as stablecoins, USDT, USDC, BUSD. Deposits with stablecoins can be made via ERC20, TRC20, BEP20 protocol. The speed of deposits is instant, in the case of Bitcoin and Litecoin, 3 network confirmations are required. The minimum deposit amount is through Bitcoin and Litecoin 15 EUR, the rest of the coins minimum only 10 EUR. The maximum deposit amount, per transaction, is €5,000. This is the limit that applies per transaction, while there is no limit on the number of such transactions.



Another group of available payment methods that we can find in the available Easysportbet deposit options are popular online wallets. Neteller, Skrill, Jeton, Binance, advcash and ezeeWallet are the wallets through which we can make deposits to our brokerage account. Deposits via electronic wallets are credited immediately. Advcash and Binance deposits are free of charge. Skrill, Neteller and ezeeWallet deposits are subject to a 1.9% transaction fee and Jeton deposits are subject to a 0.9% administration fee. The minimum advcash deposit is €10, Binance €20, while the rest of the available e-wallets are €25.

Bank, card and prepaid payments

Easysportbet does not forget about classic payment methods either. It’s also no problem to make a deposit using Visa or Mastercard. Credit card deposits are subject to a 2% admin fee, and the minimum deposit amount is €50. It takes a few minutes for the money to be credited to our Easysportbet account. The next options are Revolut deposit via Ramp with a fee of 1.99%, SEPA deposit via Ramp with a fee of 0.99% and a minimum deposit of EUR 25. Last on the list is Rapid transfer, free, posted immediately, with a minimum deposit of €50. However, this method is only available in Norway, Austria, Portugal, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary and Latvia. Prepaid deposit via paysafecard is also possible.


Easysportbet processes withdrawals using a number of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. All cryptocurrency withdrawals are completely free of fees. We can also withdraw our funds via advcash, Skrill, Neteller, Jeton and ezeeWallet. The advcash transaction fee is 0.50%, while with other electronic wallets it is 1.99%. Withdrawals are processed immediately up to a maximum of 15 hours from the Easysportbet main account. However, due to the nature of the shared fund, whose financial summary is published weekly, transfers from Betkeen to Easysportbet are processed only on Mondays. So keep this in mind when planning your budget and not to forget to order a transfer from Betkeen to Easysportbet’s main account from which, as already said, we have discretionary withdrawals. Internal transfers between Easysportbet and Betkeen are free and processed immediately.

Two-factor authentication

One interesting feature that is not very common is the ability to set up two-step authentication when logging in. This should be considered a plus, especially since this option is not mandatory, imposing it would not be beneficial, but it is not, and this is a plus. For users who like this kind of additional security for their brokerage account, this will certainly be a positive option.

Easysportbet registration

Registration at Easysportbet takes less than a minute. The basic information itself is required, as in the attached screenshot opposite. Username, password, email, country and date of birth, after filling in this information, all you have to do is accept the terms and conditions. After all, our Easysportbet account is open. After logging in, complete the personal information in the account settings and we can proceed to the verification process. That’s all, the account is open and after verification fully usable. So, we can say that the registration is no different from what we find at other sports betting brokers.

Easysportbet sign up

Bonuses and promotions

Easysportbet also offers bonuses and promotions on its Betkeen platform. Not to mention, of course, the low commission and high odds, the biggest long-term bonus, the broker also offers a long-term bonus in the form of a weekly cashback, especially for losing bets. This bonus is long-term and is a result of the shared fund system described a few paragraphs above. The amount of cashback depends on the global score of all users every week. The cashback is awarded if a player is at a disadvantage during the settlement period. Another one-time sign-up bonus is a €25 money back to your Betkeen account if you lose your first bet.


Easysportbet support is available via email contact form, available on their website. Support is available 12 hours 7 days a week, exactly Monday to Sunday 10h00 – 22h00 GMT-0. In addition to the standard email contact, you can contact them via Skype or Messenger, After registering in the support tab in addition to the contact options we have the possibility to read answers to frequently asked questions, a table of fees and commissions and much more. Personally, I only contacted them via email. I had no need to look for other access channels as this basic contact option met my expectations and I quickly received answers to my questions. With this in mind, I recommend contacting Easysportbet broker via the contact form available on the website or via email support@easysportbet.co.uk


Yes. Nowadays, the vast majority of bookmakers have sites adapted to mobile devices. However, it is different with brokers. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that brokerage platforms are more technically advanced and have more options than a single bookmaker, this creates some problems with mobile. The second reason is simply that the broker’s system is outdated from this angle or the software provider. Besides, professional players, traders nevertheless still use computers more often than smartphones for betting. However, adaptation to mobile devices I consider very important and the platform of the Easysportbet broker, Betkeen is fully mobile-friendly.

Just like any licensed broker and bookmaker, Easysportbet requires KYC verification. Of course you verify yourself against the broker, against Betfair and any other bookmaking or trading products you are anonymous. Verification is completely standard, the same as with any operator. However, as everyone knows, the approach varies from company to company and sometimes the verification takes too long and there are too high requirements for the quality of photos of documents, etc. In my case, the verification went very well. I sent the required documents according to the instructions after registration and after a few hours I received an email back, without any complaints, that my account is verified. After verification, the account is fully usable and all functions are available.

If you have read the review or are an experienced gambler, you certainly know the answer. Every sports betting broker operates under its brand, which is our so-called command center from which we make deposits/withdrawals and service. In this case, the broker and brand is the eponymous Easysportbet. Brokers have their products and this flagship product in this case is Betkeen advanced and innovative sports betting or trading platform. The system of operation i.e. brand > products applies to most sports betting brokers and this is also the case with Easysportbet.



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