Bank Wire Sports Betting

Payments through a bank are currently a globally used payment method used o pay bills, for purchases. Bank transfer can also be used to make deposits and receive withdrawals from betting brokers. The use of this method also depends on the location of the player. In some locations bank transfers are fast and reliable, while in others it is a problematic matter.

So it all depends on the possibilities in a given location and the player’s preference for payment methods. Certainly, bank transfer is among the highly secure methods. On the other hand, the downside can be considered the speed of the transaction, which is usually a bit longer compared to other payment methods.

Bank Wire

Betting brokers accepting Bank Wire payments

Below is a list of brokers with whom you can make deposits as well as withdraw your funds using Bank Wire.

Cryptocurrencies and electronic wallets seem to be gaining popularity and are of course offered as available payment methods by all brokers, but a certain group of players still want to use and require brokers to have access to bank transfers. Undoubtedly, such an option can be useful for different types of players and has many advantages.

Transaction processing times at all brokers where the bank transfer option is available are 1-3 business days for deposits and withdrawals.


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