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AstroPay is an electronic wallet that allows payments around the world. To a certain, limited extent, the wallet has proven useful for betting players. If we want to deposit and withdraw money from betting sites using AstroPay we can certainly find such sites even though, there are more popular payment methods. At the moment, the company has about 6 million users worldwide, with a large presence in South America. However, it also has a lot of users from Europe, Asia and Africa.

It has physical offices in South America and the United Kingdom. It appears that AstroPay’s share of the bookmaker payments market will grow, as indicated by its increasing sponsorship of sports teams such as Wolverhampton Wanderers, Newcastle United and Sri Lanka Cricket. The company has also received several industry awards such as Best Payment Method in Africa 2022, as well as being shortlisted for the prestigious Global Gaming Awards 2022.

AstroPay screen

Betting brokers accepting AstroPay payments

Below is a list of brokers with whom you can make deposits as well as withdraw your funds using AstroPay.

As you can see, for the moment, this is a niche payment method when it comes to betting brokers. Only BetInAsia accepts this method as one of the many ways to make deposits and receive withdrawals from the broker. However, if you use AstroPay then you can count on free deposits and withdrawals at BetInAsia. You can read about the exact fees, limits in the broker’s review above.

AstroPay Info

AstroPay electronic wallet was established in 2009. A long enough period of problem-free operation for players allows them to be considered a fully secure place for transactions. Not to mention the 6 million users, as mentioned earlier. The wallet operates in many local currencies and can be funded in a variety of ways, including. Airtle, Banco do Brasil , Caixa, Trustly, PhonePe, Bradeso, Boleto , Indian net Banking, Credit Card are just examples. The total number of options goes beyond the 200 number. AstroPay is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese and Italian.

There are many more possibilities. All this has made AstroPay very popular in places where access to online payments in different currencies is difficult for various reasons. The company is very much focused on personalizing the markets in which they operate. Certainly this wallet is a good option for anyone who wants to place bets, but the disadvantage is that there are still quite a few bookmaker operators supporting this wallet.

AstroPay outside the US, Canada and Australia is available in most locations, including all South American countries offering their local currencies and payment methods. In Europe, the main countries are the UK, Poland and Spain, but there are others as well. Asia should not be forgotten either, especially China, where it is available. Also several African countries such as Nigeria are actively using this payment option. AstroPay also offers a free mobile app for download from GooglePlay and Apple Store.

AstroPay Visa Card

Another very important, in fact one of the most important usability that AstroPay offers, is the virtual Visa card. It works the same way as a plastic card, but we need a smartphone to pay. This allows us to pay wherever the Visa card is honored. The card is offered in virtually all locations. It is popular in South America. Although I will admit that the plastic card, could also be on offer, but well we will wait and see. Perhaps the company will decide to launch such a card. The current Visa virtual card is completely free to use, and activation takes seconds.


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