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Tether is one of those cryptocurrencies that has found its way into payments on bookmaking sites. Not surprisingly, Tether, as a stablecoin, seems to combine the advantages of cryptocurrency and classic payment methods. Betting brokers have long offered free deposits and withdrawals via Tether (USDT) Payments via this stablecoin are fast, in most cases free of charge (no broker fees, possible commission for more withdrawals per month) and, what is also important, safe and unaffected by the risk of fluctuating rates, which may be important for a certain group of players.

Betting brokers accepting Tether payments

Below is a list of brokers with whom you can make deposits as well as withdraw your funds using Tether.

USDT deposits and withdrawals are usually free, examples of Asianconnect’s limits are a minimum deposit of 10 USDT and a maximum of 20000USDT in one go. Darrm payment. Similarly with withdrawals, except that the minimum withdrawal is 50USDT. In any case, the withdrawal time for all brokers is very fast and usually takes a few minutes at most with this method. You can find out all the details about fees, deposit and withdrawal limits in the reviews of the specific betting brokers you are interested in. If you are interested simply go to the reviews above to learn more.

Tether payments

Tether is certainly a global and one of the largest cryptocurrencies, or rather stablecoin. In 2019, for example, USDT surpassed Bitcoin in terms of monthly as well as daily trading volume in the entire global market. This is a great result. It’s not surprising, since a lot of people don’t like currency fluctuations, don’t have the knowledge on the subject, or just aren’t interested in the topic of cryptocurrencies more deeply. And for these reasons, they choose Tether for payments at bookmakers and betting brokers, and of course for payments in other industries.

Tether was established in 2014 in Hong Kong. It was created by a company called Tether Limited Inc. The official website of the project is tether.io One USDT has a value of one US dollar. Always. So with this, you can actually pay like regular currency and at the same time do it in a more anonymous and faster way, since cryptocurrency payments are generally very fast, no matter how remote a part of the world you send funds to.

The company claims to hold reserves at a ratio of 1:1 to the dollar. There has been a lot of controversy on the subject, and even judicial institutions have tried to clarify the matter. As of today, the most likely option is that the company holds part of its collateral in dollars, but at a ratio of less than 1:1, while the rest of the collateral is in other assets and currencies. However, all this does not change the fact that for years it has been one of the most stable and secure stablecoins, which has been proving its usefulness for years.

Tether buying, selling and exchanging

Tether is one of the main and largest cryptocurrencies on the market. It is obvious that this translates into its popularity and, consequently, the possibility of exchanging it for fiat currency or buying goods and services with it. Tether is supported by virtually every major and minor cryptocurrency exchange. Also on exchanges between private individuals, Tether is a frequent subject of exchanges. Many cryptocurrency exchanges offer Visa/MasterCard cards for their accounts.  With the card, you can withdraw Tether directly from an ATM or pay with it at a store. One example is the Binanace exchange, which offers this possibility. In terms of the liquidity and exchange possibilities offered by Tether, a player should not have the slightest concern about any trouble with this cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, when it comes to storing the currency, there are plenty of wallets of various types to choose from. A lot of people use the exchanges mentioned above not only for trading currency as well as for storage. There is no problem with holding your cryptocurrencies on exchanges. Other options are wallets such as Exodus, where registration and KYC are not required. The possibilities are truly vast and it all depends on the preferences of the individual player.

Tether Conclusion

It should certainly come as no surprise that, Tether is being used for payments at bookmakers. The industry, especially these days, needs payments that are fast, relatively anonymous, and not bound by country blockades or restrictions. However, it also cannot be said that stablecoin is a very popular payment method at bookmakers. There are quite a few more bookmakers that support bitcoin, but that’s not surprising. As for brokers, as you can see from the list at the top of the text, at the moment three big brokers accept Tether and in this niche it is a very strong point when it comes to payments. It seems that more and more users will use this payment method as well as cryptocurrencies in general.

In my case, it is not the first choice method yet I use it quite often. The main advantages I see in it are freedom. It is definitely more difficult to interfere with Tether payments than with even a bank transfer. Of course, it also depends on what location you are transferring the cryptocurrency from and what the player’s requirements are, as well as from what location they are coming from. This is a topic for a completely different article. I’m happy to have the opportunity to pay USDT with the biggest betting brokers on the market and hope that their offer will expand to include more stablecoins.


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