MuchBetter Sports Betting

MuchBetter is one of the electronic wallets used for bookmaker payments. The wallet has been in existence since 2017 and is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and based in London. It is available in most locations around the world. Muchbetter is trying to distinguish itself in the market through various innovations and improvements for users. Such as, for example, various payment gadgets and application enhancements. It is fair to say that they are doing quite well. The company has already received several industry awards. It is certainly an option worth considering for a certain group of players. We will try to trace the advantages and disadvantages of using Muchbetter.

Betting brokers accepting MuchBetter payments

Below is a list of brokers with whom you can make deposits as well as withdraw your funds using MuchBetter.

MuchBetter Info

MuchBetter is certainly one payment option that needs to be talked about. It is a fast, secure wallet with numerous features. The company saw a big increase in popularity quite quickly after its launch. Probably due to the fact that it received various awards for new strat-ups. MuchBetter is similar to other wallets, in fact they all operate on a similar principle and if regulated by the FCA they are safe companies. However, there can be differences in many different issues, such as limits, payment options with bookmakers and more. So although the scheme is similar, there can be many key differences between the portfolios that can determine the suitability or lack thereof for a particular player.

MuchBetter is a highly secure solution. First, most of the funds are secured outside the company’s operating accounts. This means that deposits are guaranteed. Should the portfolio disappear/bankrupt which is unlikely to happen, your deposit of 100% up to £100,000 will be fully refunded. The second thing is that this is a wallet typically for gambling payments and you can safely make deposits and receive withdrawals from bookmakers and brokers without worrying about your privacy.

MuchBetter Mastercad

MuchBetter offers the opportunity to make a free Mastercard or payment key fob that can be clipped to keys and pay by contactless. Although the wallet is available in most countries, the card is available to EEA users. You can use the card to pay at stationary and online stores, as well as withdraw cash from an ATM. However, the card’s payment limits are a bit lower than some other wallets such as Neteller.

ATM withdrawal limits:

per day (max. 5 transactions): up to EUR 300
30 days (max. 15 transactions): up to EUR 2,000
365 days (max. 180 transactions): up to EUR 20,000

Limits for card payments:

daily: EUR 4,500
30 days: EUR 22,500
365 days: EUR 90,000

However, it is possible to increase these starting limits quite a lot. You should contact technical support and make a request to increase the limits (once you are a verified user). Of course, these limits do not apply to payments to trading partners including bookmakers and brokers. If you need really big limits, it’s worth using other options like Bitcoin or Neteller.

MuchBetter sports betting

Thus, the use of MuchBetter in betting is wide and acceptable. On top of that, it is fully secure and confidential. If you already have an account with this wallet, you can easily use the services of the above-mentioned betting brokers. If you don’t already have an account with MuchBetter, check their website for availability in your location, as well as if you’re a big player, take a look at the limits above. If they’re too low for you, it’s worth considering another solution. Certainly, a large number of options is always good, and MuchBetter is one of those options in bookmaker payments.


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