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Betfair Alternatives

Betfair is the undisputed leader in the field of sports betting exchanges. This is an indisputable fact, and nothing promises to change in the market because the state in which Betfair is the benchmark in its niche has been for many years. However, we will not elaborate here on the Betfair exchange itself, as it is described on other subpages on our site. We will focus on alternatives to Betfair, those completely separate and mainly those based on Betfair markets that are clones. Due to a number of objective factors, for the vast majority of players the alternatives will be the better option. In the following section, we will prove why this can be so beneficial for a wide range of players and why you should consider such solutions in your sports betting adventure.

Why so many players are looking for Betfair alternatives

Lower commissions

This is one of the key reasons why so many players seek Betfair alternatives. The exchange directly imposes increasing commissions on players, taking advantage of its monopoly. Besides, commissions depend on location and are basically only acceptable in the British Isles. The best clones, which are powered by Betfair markets, meaning they have exactly the same odds and liquidity, offer the possibility of lower commissions, especially in terms of premium fees, and do not differentiate between players in terms of location in terms of commissions. Whitelabels are large sites with very large player bases, which means they can afford to negotiate better deals with parent site Betfair. There are also completely separate exchanges that decide their own commission rates. For a full list of Betfair alternatives with commission rates, see below.

Country restrictions

Betfair mother market is the British Isles and they focus mainly on that market. For local regulatory reasons, the direct site is only available in a few locations. Also for regulatory reasons, commissions in these other locations are inflated. This is not the fault of regulation directly, but indirectly through the associated extra costs incurred, which the exchange tries to recoup by imposing higher commissions. However, the demand worldwide is huge, and this is where Betfair alternatives come in, mainly clones with which Betfair is happy to cooperate, giving access to its markets and liquidity in most locations around the world. As a result, the exchange itself gains, as the number of customers and access to new markets increases dramatically, and players around the world gain, gaining access from their location to the most liquid sports betting markets in the world.

Greater possibilities

Betfair alternatives offer not comparably greater opportunities than the exchange itself. First of all, the offer, the markets, the liquidity as they are powered directly by Betfair we do not lose anything in relation to the parent site. In addition to the issues raised above, i.e. access from multiple locations and lower commission, which are extremely important, we also get other opportunities. Sports betting brokers offer fast payouts, which in the case of reputable brands are processed immediately, which is much faster than Betfair. On top of that, there are various types of additional products that we get access to within one account. Thus, in addition to Betfair, we can have access to other competitive exchanges and many high-quality bookmakers. The possibilities are much greater. Also, the use of Betfair alternatives is unequivocally beneficial for all kinds of players.

Best alternative sites powered by Betfair markets

Some sports brokers offer access to Betfair whitelabel clones. These are platforms that offer access to markets and their full liquidity straight from Betfair. In fact, they offer much more, but that has been described above. In the vast majority of cases, there is no direct registration in whitelabel Betfair. We will open accounts with clones of the world’s largest sports gambling hub such as Orbit Exchange, Piwi247, Betkeen or Winfair24 through the best sports agents below.


Easysportbet specializes in alternatives to betfair by offering the ability to access Betkeen own proprietary whitelabel platform. Asianconnect, on the other hand, has a number of products on offer, including as many as two based on Betfair markets, these being the whitelabel Orbit Exchange and Piwi247, well-known among players. If you are interested in the details, go to the reviews of selected sites above.

Separate major sports betting exchanges

Another alternative to Betfair are quite separate sports betting exchanges. Interestingly, with the brokerage platforms already described, you can access all exchanges from a single account! The result is unbeatable liquidity from multiple exchanges. In addition to Betfair, players have the choice of several other exchanges, which of course are smaller, but they are still large, popular exchanges with many players, which translates into acceptable liquidity in many sports. Reasonable options for betfair alternatives include exchanges such as Betdaq, which is the second largest exchange in the world in terms of liquidity and popularity and offers a very attractive 2% commission. Another option and frankly the third largest exchange is Matchbook with a very low commission of 1%. Another less popular Betfair alternative is Smarkets with a commission of 2%.

The main problems of the Betfair alternatives described above are exactly the same as Betfair itself. That is, difficult access from most locations, as all these exchanges are also regulated in the British Isles. The solution is also the same, that is, choosing a broker that offers access to all these exchanges. This way we gain access to all exchanges at once. This is by far the best option for any player focused on better results for his bets.


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