Cricket Bookies

Cricket Bookies

When looking for a suitable cricket betting site, you are bound to find many of them. They are not necessarily the right sites, but they offer cricket betting. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. This statement, is not an exaggeration, observing the enormity of interest in this sport. Especially in certain locations such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, but not only. In many countries, it may not be the most popular sport, but it is on the popular list. All this makes it a definite big sport globally! All this in an obvious way, which does not need to be explained, translates into the offer of bookmakers. Which is very wide in this sport. The vast majority of bookmakers have cricket on offer, with exceptions that are geared to specialize in a narrow range of sports.

So the base of cricket bookies is huge. However, let’s be honest, most bookmakers offer understated odds on cricket, trying to compensate for it with a bonus offer and, by the way, setting high requirements for bonus turnover. If you have familiarized yourself more extensively with our site, or if you are an advanced player, you certainly know how sports betting brokers work and which cricket bookies they cooperate with. Here your account will not be capped if you win too much. Cricket bookies (e.g. PS3838, Singbet) and exchanges (e.g. Betfair, Betdaq) cooperating with brokers are the biggest Asian operators with whom in the vast majority you won’t open an account directly without a broker( sometimes, rarely it depends on the location). All cricket bookies are also low-margin. This means that you always play at higher cricket odds than at any recreational bookie. This is the biggest short and especially long-term bonus for cricket bettors. Overall, no single bookmaker beats the offerings of many of the top bookmakers and exchanges available from a single account.

Best Cricket Bookies and Brokers

We meticulously analyzed bookmakers for their cricket offerings. Then we verified the presence of access to various games, cricket leagues in the offer of each broker. Here are the results of our analysis. Below are the brokers offering professional pre-match betting and live betting on cricket. We highlighted two cricket brokers and one cricket bookmaker with a very wide range of cricket betting offers, high limits and high odds.

With the first two offers, you get virtually unlimited amount play, access to multiple professional bookmakers from a single account, and a lot of utility that is useful for cricket bettors, professionals and novice players. The last offer is direct access to a high-quality bookmaker that has a wide range of cricket offers, live streaming, high bonuses and odds. It has higher limits than most recreational bookmakers, but lower limits than brokers. Still, stakes in the hundreds/thousands (on well-known cricket leagues) are available. In all options you can bet on asian handicaps. As for arbitrage bets, they are fully compliant with the brokers’ rules and can be used freely, without limits. This is not the case with a bookmaker, you should approach arbitrage bets at bookmakers with moderation, rather they can only serve as a complement to the strategy. It all depends on you, what specifically you need and expect from cricket bookies.

Features of high quality cricket bookies

Actually quite a lot has been said before, but not completely and randomly. So, what qualities should a quality cricket bookie have in order to be considered a professional cricket betting site? Let’s look at the various factors one by one.

Low margins on cricket odds

Low-margin cricket markets are the foundation of a quality bookmaker for all players who prefer cricket as the main sport they bet on. High odds are without a doubt, by far the best possible bonus. The longer one bets, the more it becomes apparent in the difference of winning bets or in minimizing losses on losing bets. This is not revealing and applies to all sports, not just cricket. However, bookmakers charge different margins for different sports, we in this situation verify them for cricket bets. For us it is obvious that low odds exclude the bookmaker from our site.

Lots of available markets for cricket

What good are the all-important high odds if there is no possibility to bet on cricket, especially if we mainly care about it. However, it's not too common for cricket to be missing from a bookmaker's offer. Although it is usually available, the breadth of the offer, the availability of leagues, games and the number of side bets on any particular bet already varies widely. Brokers tend to offer basic bets. For this reason, we have also established a quality bookmaker to fill the gap of heavily niche side bets for a certain group of players.

Quick publication of cricket markets

Quick publication of markets in any sport means a very high reputation for the bookmaker. Only professional bookmakers publish odds first and/or very quickly. This means that they are able to assess the risk in the market better than others. Recreational bookmakers copy these odds minus their higher margin. A solid cricket bookie publishes markets for the sport quickly. As a result, if we expect the odds to fall, we take a position quickly, enjoying a value bet that is placed at much higher odds than players who bet while the odds are falling.

High limits for cricket

A few winning bets on cricket and a betting limit of €1 per bet is imposed on our account. Doesn't sound good. Such a scenario can happen with average bookmakers, especially recreational ones. It doesn't apply to professional companies, and only those are offered by brokers. If you're betting on low stakes, this probably won't be a big problem, but if you want to get serious about betting, it's worth choosing professional cricket bookies to avoid problems with limits now or in the future. High cricket limits are one of the cornerstones of a professional cricket bookie.

Overall site reputation

And to sum up, all the above-mentioned factors do not matter if we choose a site that cheats players and do not receive our payout. So overall reputation is very important. The brokers listed on our site, are thoroughly checked. In the reviews you will see which sites we rate high and which low and why so and not differently. On this subpage you are on, we have listed only the sites with the highest reputation in the industry that have always, for years, paid their players promptly on time, regardless of the amount of that payout. We do not recommend betting on new unproven sites.

Most popular cricket games on offer from cricket bookies

Wondering what cricket games and leagues you can bet on? There are really a lot of them! For the popular leagues the cricket bookies offer is really big, for any bet. For less popular leagues, the offer is usually on basic bets, such as wins, losses, point totals, etc. So basically, what can I bet on as a cricket enthusiast? In addition to the international games organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC), you can easily bet on the following leagues:

Indian Premier League (IPL)

Bangladesh Premier League

Caribbean Premier League

Sri Lanka Premier League

Nepal Premier League

Pakistan Super League

Ram Slam T20 League

Masters Champions League

The Big Bash League (BBL)

T20 Blast League

You are sure to find something to your liking. We hope we have brought you the information you wanted about safe, high odds and high limit cricket bookies, and of course cricket betting in general at its best. Betting on cricket is not a simple matter, it requires knowledge and commitment on the part of the player, so it’s worth staying on the safe side and not worrying about anything other than, hopefully, successful betting!


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