Match betting

Matched Betting

Match betting is a method used to place sports bets using free bets and bonuses offered by bookmakers. Match betting is nothing complicated, in fact its definition is very simple. Match betting involves placing two bets at two different bookmakers on the same event, but on the opposite option. In order for a bet to fall under the definition of match betting one of these bets must be placed using a free bet or other bonus e.g. for registration. This is not complicated, and carries some limited possible benefits for the player, but there are also some risks involved along the way. However, let’s start with the example of match betting. Despite the definition is not complicated, it is also worth discussing it with an example.

Example: Let’s assume that a player has an account at bookmaker X and wants to place a match bet on the match Athletico Madrid – Valencia, on the number of goals over/under 2.5. The player should create an account at bookmaker Y, which offers a free start bet or a registration bonus for the first deposit. The player then places a bet at bookmaker Y on the over 2.5 and a bet on the under 2.5 at bookmaker Y for the bonus funds. Assuming 50/50 odds and equal odds at the same stakes, usually also dependent on the bonus amount. In the case of not equal odds, bet calculators can be used to calculate the stake. After the match is completed and the bets are settled, the player wins one of the bets at bookmaker X or Y, and regardless of the outcome of the match bet, the player records a positive balance on this bet.

Possible difficulties in match betting

As in practically every sphere of life and business, there are some problems that need to be understood and that players who want to place matched bets will have to face. We don’t want to discourage you from doing so, but we want to approach the subject objectively, because searching for information on the subject, it’s not difficult to notice that most sites present strongly optimistic opinions on matched betting. Too optimistic, in fact. However, this does not mean that this is exclusively a criticism of matched betting. In what follows, we will turn to the other side of the coin and the possible benefits they offer.

This is not a long-term way

Matching bets are similar to some extent to arbitrage betting, especially from the point of view of novice players, since in both cases you make opposing bets on the same event with some final profit. However, for intermediate and advanced players, the differences are obvious. One in particular. Arbitrage betting can be used as a long-term strategy, and this is the one used in practice by many players around the world. Match betting is a completely different game. The number of bonuses, especially those worth taking advantage of, that don’t have predatory terms and conditions are severely limited. The effect is obvious, match betting is not a target strategy for long-term use.

Problems with bookmakers

Difficulties with bookmakers are also possible. For this reason, matched bets should be approached with caution. Matched bets may comply with regulations, but in many cases they do not. One should pay attention to the bookmaker, onego regulations and reputation. A big problem can be placing opposing bets with two bookmakers who belong to the same company. There are many such situations in this industry, sometimes one bookmaker appears under several brands and it is obvious that there are active systems against various types of non-regulatory bets of players. The second problem with bookmakers can be heavy bonus wagering terms and hidden conditions, which can make life difficult for grubbers who place matched bets.

Possible benefits of match betting

No risk match betting also offers some possible benefits that a player who decides to use it can achieve. The benefits are listed second only to possible difficulties for a simple reason. Awareness of the difficulties allows for a better analysis of the situation, not falling into excessive optimism, and above all allows for a rational approach to the possible benefits and using them in a conscious manner to improve your game strategy and really benefit, in this case from matched betting.

Limited profit possible

Although this strategy excludes making long term profits, it does not exclude making profits in the short, limited time. Why only in a limited time was explained in the above section on the fact that this is not a long-term strategy, so we will not repeat it. However, despite the relatively short time in which matched betting can be used, it is possible to build up some budget in this way. The question of whether it is worth the effort, opening new accounts, further verifications depends on the player and his budget. It seems rational to set the amount of matched bets to the maximum amount of bonus or free bet in order to take full advantage of the opportunities on the site since the bonus can be used only once.

Education towards more advanced forms of betting

Our observations show that most players interested in the matched betting strategy are beginners or intermediate players. Thus, it can be hypothesized that this type of strategy can bring some educational benefits to players. To the greatest extent, positive educational effects can be achieved if the target strategy is arbitrage betting and the player does not have much idea about this type of strategy. The ability to manage a budget spread across multiple bookmakers and handle multiple accounts can therefore have the positive effect of being a good introduction to arbitrage betting.

How to start a match betting

STEP 1 - Read about the difficulties of matched betting

Before starting to select brokers and bookies for match betting, it is worthwhile to thoroughly familiarize ourselves with all the difficulties we may encounter while executing our strategy. Doing this at the very beginning will allow you to avoid the obvious problems that are very likely to meet you if you do not do this at the stage of planning your bets. Learning about the difficulties and opportunities presented by matched betting is therefore an absolute must have for a player who is starting out. To approach the subject in any other way is plain gambling. Conscientiously going through this step will make it easier for you to take the next step, which is the selection of suitable and safe bonus sites as well as to more efficiently develop an effective strategy.

STEP 2 - Choose bookmakers and develop a strategy

After learning about the risks and opportunities that await a player who decides to try out matched betting strategies, it remains to search for the right bookmakers and bonuses to put your previously developed strategy into practice. From our experience the results that one bet should be based on one of the bookmakers or brokers that offer safety and high odds. This will allow you to keep one side of the bet completely safe, as well as maximize your eventual profit through high odds. In practice, you place one bet with a broker and the other with a bookmaker with a generous bonus offer like BC Game, Mybookie, Xbet or asian bookies. In the next steps you continue the scheme, using only reputable sites where you won’t have problems with withdrawals, KYC verification, or bonus turnover.

STEP 3 - Build budget and experience

Now it’s time to meticulously implement the previously chosen strategy of match betting using high quality bookmakers with fair bonuses and trading conditions. In this step the player builds experience preparing to bet on surebets or to a lesser extent gaining experience such as budget management. It is also important not to set too narrow a time frame for yourself to achieve your goals. Impatience is definitely not a good option in any sports betting strategy. A serious approach to matched betting can lead a player to build some but limited profit, gain experience and continue betting at a higher level of experience.

Is it worth getting started with match betting?

Matched bets under certain circumstances can be risk-free bets. But even so, there is still an objective answer to this question, it can only be subjective. We have presented all the information on matched betting you need to form your own opinion on the subject. Adding your own goals, sports betting plans, your level of experience to the facts presented, you will get a personalized own opinion on whether it is worth starting. However, it is certainly worthwhile to have knowledge of the next strategy in sports betting and decide for yourself. So, No risk match betting do exist, but only when the assumptions that the player acts rationally and the bookmaker honestly are met (the player uses high reputation of bookmakers).


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