Betting Bonuses

Many betting companies offer various kinds of bonuses and promotions. This phenomenon has been common since the beginning of online betting. It’s not unusual and promotions are offered in every industry and sports betting is absolutely no exception, which seems to need no explanation to anyone. It’s hard to find a gambler who doesn’t like betting bonuses, it’s always positive to receive an extra deposit top-up or other type of gratification. This goes without saying, however, we believe that everything should be approached calmly and before taking advantage of a bonus, you should always check the terms and conditions and use only honest bookmaker sites. If you are familiar with our site, then you know that we deal with sports betting in its professional part. For this reason, we take a pragmatic approach to betting bonuses. We will try to guide you, one by one, through the current market of the best betting bonuses and present the theory, risks and analysis of the terms of bonus offers. Get to it!

Best betting bonuses

Let’s start from the end. That is, with the results of our analysis. We analyzed the best betting sites used by advanced players in terms of their bonus and promotional offers. Below is a list of professional bookmakers and brokers offering fair bonus offers to their players.

300% Welcome Bonus up to $20,000

Lots of sports bonuses

Lots of casino bonuses

Details of the bonuses can be found in our review and on the bookies website.

50% up to $1,000 sign-up bonus

up to $1,000 sports reload

8% Horse Rebate

Details of the bonuses can be found in our review and on the bookies website.

What to look for when choosing betting bonuses?

Many recreational players pay attention only to the amount of the bonus, they are blinded by the amount, and other factors recede into the background. This is a big mistake, which, needless to say, may result, in the optimistic case of not being able to turnover the bonus and thus withdraw it, and in the pessimistic variant of losing all the funds. So what factors to pay attention to in order not to fall into the trap?

Bonuses only on sites with high reputation

If a site has poor ratings, is not respected by players, or is simply cheating, it has trouble getting new players. According to some dishonest sites, the prescription is to increase the bonus to make it look really inviting. Surely there will be players who will take advantage of it. Such a bookmaker loses nothing because the players won't withdraw this money anyway, because the bookmaker will make it difficult for them, until he finally closes the account. This is how the operation of not honest sites can be described in a nutshell. You should firmly reject them and disregard the bonuses they offer, even if they look like the best deal in the world. So, if you are interested in bonuses, consider only reputable bookmaking sites.

Betting bonuses turnover required before withdrawal

Any bonus that is offered by a bookmaker requires turnover before withdrawal. This is obvious and justified. After all, if there were no such conditions, anyone could simply take the bonus, withdraw the money immediately and, given the scale factor, cause the bookmaker to go bankrupt. Thus, every bookmaker requires turnover of bonus funds. However, the requirements can strongly vary from site to site. The wagering conditions can be fair as well as those that cannot be met. Usually reputable companies have fair conditions for their bonuses. Wagering conditions should be clearly stated in the terms and conditions, specifying the required number of bonus spins as well as the minimum betting odds to be included in the turnover.

Betting bonuses expiration date

At some bookmakers, there is a requirement to turnover the bonus at some specific time. In this case it is similar to the above. It may be a meaningless provision in the terms and conditions for the player, saying, for example, half or a year for turnover, or it may be a problematically short time. If, together with the short time for turnover, high requirements on the number of turnover and odds are imposed, it is obvious that the bookmaker makes it difficult to turnover the bonus. This may not be a fair practice, or the bookmaker may simply be rushing the player, hoping to lose in the meantime. After all, haste is not advisable when betting. The required turnover time should also be clearly and legibly noted in the bonus regulations, of course, if such is required.

What kind of betting bonuses are offered?

First deposit bonus

First deposit bonus, the flagship and most important offer among all promotions offered by bookmakers. Unsurprisingly, it works to encourage players and can help you play for a start. The bonus is very simple, after registration and deposit we get a starting bonus. Sometimes it is credited automatically, sometimes you have to write to support or enter a bonus code, it all depends on the policy of the site. Usually in this type of bonuses the maximum amount as well as the percentage is specified. This means that we receive an additional percentage of our first deposit up to the given maximum amount. Nothing simpler than that. This is by far the most popular and sought-after promotional offer by players.

Free bet

This is a less popular, yet occurring promotion on many bookmaking sites. It works in a simple way. After opening an account and making a deposit, we get the opportunity to place a free bet. Such a bet is risk-free. If we lose, we do not lose anything from our deposit. On the other hand, if our free bet turns out to be a winner, we take the winnings. Usually the amount of the free bet is predetermined and it does not depend on the amount of the deposit we make. However, the amount of free bets is usually quite a bit lower than first deposit bonuses, but there are exceptions. So a free bet is as simple and easy promotional offer for players.

Second deposit betting bonuses

Sometimes, not very often you can meet with a bonus for the second deposit. It looks like the bookmaker breaks the maximum bonus pool into the first two deposits. You get the first bonus from the first deposit, under the same rules as described above. Subsequently, making the second deposit you get the second bonus. The rules are the same as for the first bonus. As a rule, the second bonus is a little lower than the first part. Nevertheless, this is not a very common offer and usually unheard of. Of course, there are exceptions.

Loyalty programs

Some companies do not forget about their regular players either. In some cases, a player who already has an account and one who has used the sign-up bonuses has the opportunity to take advantage of other offers. Of course, they are usually not that generous, but rewarding regular players in any way is always welcome. Loyalty programs can include, for example, collecting points for activity, which can then be cashed in, or exchanged for free bets, and the like. Loyalty programs often vary widely depending on the bookmaker in question. These types of programs are present in a certain, small part of bookmakers.

High odds best betting bonuses

A bit of a different side. If you are familiar with our site, you probably already know that we emphasize professional betting and are focused on long-term betting profits. So we can't help but mention that high odds are the best long-term bonus. With each bet you win a little more and the longer you play, the more profit you record or limit your losses. The peculiarity of our site, influences the fact that all the bookmaker sites we describe offer high odds, that is the best betting bonus. If, using the high odds, you can top up your game with the other standard betting bonuses listed above, all the better! The benefit is double.


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