Sports betting and Bitcoin. It’s a marriage of convenience and love at the same time. Whether professional or recreational. From the very beginning we have been following the development of cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin at the forefront and we were sure that the paths of Bitcoin and sports betting would cross very soon, and this is what happened many years ago and remains the case today. Bitcoin betting is gaining popularity in the industry all the time and it is absolutely no wonder. Fast, unfettered payments accessible from anywhere in the world are a very good thing and are an added value for our industry. Bitcoin allows you to create your own private bank, ready to use anywhere in the world. We have prepared a complete guide to sports betting using Bitcoin. Let’s get started!

Betting brokers accepting bitcoin payments

Professional betting brokers quite quickly came out in support of players using cryptocurrencies for betting payments and adopted such an option on their platforms. I will honestly say that at the moment I do not know a broker that does not accept bitcoin payments. All companies are doing it! In some cases, other cryptocurrencies are available alongside Bitcoin, but whether and possibly which ones you will check directly on our reviews of individual brokers. Ok, so below is a list of betting agents that honor bitcoin deposits and withdrawals.

At each of the above-mentioned brokers you will deposit and withdraw funds thanks to bitcoin in a simple, fast and secure way. Very importantly, at least for me, withdrawals using cryptocurrency take a few minutes at most! I’ll be honest, I’ve had accounts with several brokers for many years and, among other things, I’ve used Bitcoin for my payments and they’ve never let me down yet. Withdrawals have always been on time within minutes. In the next section we will discuss in detail what are the payment limits, costs and everything related to this with each individual broker.

BetInAsia Bitcoin Payment

BIA Crypto

First up, we check BetInAsia for payments via Bitcoin.


As you can see in the screenshot opposite, deposits via Bitcoin, as well as the other listed cryptocurrency, are completely free. Always. In addition to Bitcoin, we can deposit with Ripple, Tether, Litecoin, Cardano, Solana, Ethereum, Dogecoin, USD Coin, Dai and Tron (not all are listed in the screenshot but when we go to payments we have an option for all the listed cryptocurrencies above.

To sum up:

Minimum deposit amount: 100€

Fee: Free

Time: 0-10 minutes (also depends on the network)

Withdrawals are equally simple.


Fee: Free (free one withdrawal per month, another 2% commission)

Minimum withdrawal: €100

Time: 0-10 minutes


Asianconnect Bitcoin Payment

The next broker we will check out is Asianconnect. This broker was one of the first in the market to successfully introduce bitcoin as one of the available payment methods.


Asianconnect offers completely free deposits using bitcoin. The only other digital currency that AC accepts is Tether. Deposits are fast and reliable and, most importantly, fully secure.

To sum up:

Minimum deposit amount: 0.00001 BTC

Maximum single deposit amount: 50BTC

Fee: Free

Time: 3 confirmations, 0-10 minutes (also depends on the network)

As for withdrawals, the situation with this broker presents itself as follows.


Fee: Free

Minimum withdrawal: 0.0005 BTC

Maximum single withdrawal: 60BTC

Time: 3 confirmations, 0-10 minutes

We generate the required OTP code you see in the image beside by clicking on the OTP button. We receive the code within several seconds to our email address registered with the broker. We enter the code in the marked field and that’s it. The withdrawal is secured at this point. After that, all you have to do is validate the data we entered and await the funds on your BTC wallet. The broker has a great reputation in the industry and always pays on time, regardless of the method, including BTC.

Advantages of Bitcoin betting

Bitcoin is one of the main payment methods for sports betting at betting brokers and not only that, many bookmakers also use this option. It seems that saying that it is one of the most forward-thinking payment methods in the industry is not an exaggeration. Sports betting with bitcoin is indisputably the future. However, why is this the case? What is the reason for its popularity and such widespread use in our industry? A whole book could be written on this subject! However, I think it will be most reasonable to detail the main advantages point by point, being specific to the point.


One of the main advantages for a certain group of players is the anonymity of bitcoin payments. If we want to remain anonymous, cryptocurrencies are the best option. No one knows that we are transferring our funds to brokers, similarly, no one knows where we are receiving money from. This is one of the fundamentals of the whole idea of cryptocurrencies, you will be able to have confidentiality over your data and enjoy access to the best brokers that offer access to premium bookmakers and provide the highest odds in the online betting market


Cryptocurrency payments guarantee the highest level of security. It is definitely a mature technology and you can definitely have peace of mind when making and receiving bitcoin payments. In this type of payment there are only two parties, us and the broker, and there is no possibility of third parties blocking the payment, as is the case with well-known payment methods, where there are three parties in one payment and in addition to us and the bookmaker there is an intermediary, which is the payment operator, bank, card issuer, etc.

Fast payments

When it comes to the speed of payments, cryptocurrencies have no equal. With classic payments, bookmakers take much longer than with payments based on cryptocurrencies! Some bookmakers have completely automated payments, which further streamlines the entire payment process. We all like to receive our money in a fast and efficient way, with Bitcoin you will be assured that your money will not be frozen for a long time, but will quickly reach your wallet!

Easy conversion

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies has never been as easy as it is now! There are a large number of respected exchange venues on the market, in addition, many user-to-user exchange portals and many other ways depending on the location of the player. Digital currencies have firmly established themselves in the minds of people and in the markets, and have gained great popularity and millions of users around the world. So you can easily convert your cryptocurrencies into fiat currency if you want.

Facts and myths about bitcoin betting

The bitcoin betting sector is quite mature and has been around for years. The first cryptocurrency-accepting sports betting operators have been in business successfully paying players over a period of time for more than 10 years. However, some myths about this payment method still circulate among players, usually recreational. Like all other payment methods, this one has its pros and cons. However, no other method is as unknown as cryptocurrencies. Of course, this may be an exaggeration, as millions of players successfully use Bitcoin, but we still encounter players with usually unsubstantiated fears about cryptocurrencies. Let’s try to dispel the myths and confirm the facts about cryptocurrency betting in a factual and point-by-point manner.


Bitcoin is available worldwide.

This is one of the main features for which we love bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency world the most. Over-regulation of the market and various types of restrictions mean that players from one location have access to great brokers and bookmakers with high odds and other player conveniences, while others have no such opportunities and only have access to junk bookmakers. Often the reason for this is payment. Not every country on the globe has fast bank transfers and other accepted payment methods. So in reality it is a division into better and worse. Unfortunately. However, there is a prescription for this. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies do not sort people into better and worse. Bitcoin is accessible from any location in the world. Of course, different countries have different regulations as well as the availability of exchange exchanges varies, but a smart player will manage and be able to make betting payments through Bitcoin without any problems.


Bitcoin is a reliable payment method

Bitcoin is one of the reliable methods of payment in betting. Of course, with today’s technology most methods are quite efficient and reliable. This is also the case with cryptocurrencies. With one advantage in their favor. In the case of Bitcoin there are two parties to the transaction, in the case of classic currencies there are three. The third is, for example, the bank, card issuer, etc. It does not happen often, but certain cases, in several locations, it can happen that our payment is blocked. If you make a deposit with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency there is no such possibility. Your payment cannot be blocked (as you deposit directly from your BTC wallet, of course) So this, as well as the speed of payment and all other factors allow us to conclude that this is a highly reliable and least constrained payment method in onilne betting. Whether you need what bitcoin offers depends on many variables, such as personal preferences, experience, location and availability of local payment methods.


Bitcoin is the future of sports betting

Cryptocurrency markets have fluctuations and, as a result, the mood of players is also changing. During a bull market, many say it is the future of betting. On the other hand, in a bull market, the opposite is true. Such emotions are perfectly natural. However, as described, below, in Myths, BTC fluctuations have little impact on our bets with a broker or bookmaker. So why are cryptocurrencies the future of betting? The answer is simple on the one hand and complex on the other. Telling it simply. Because it can’t be otherwise! Being a little more specific, it should be noted that with the current regulatory oppression in many countries, players are looking for opportunities to bet at high odds. Moreover, in every area of life, people like to simplify rather than hinder and speed up rather than slow down. Thus, simplicity, speed of payment, lack of a third party in handling payments, anonymity (dependent on the player’s action, described below in myths) allow us to estimate with high probability that the share of cryptocurrencies in betting will continue to record increases.


Bitcoin volatility can wipe out profits.

Cryptocurrency fluctuations cannot destroy or increase your profit with betting brokers and most bookmakers. This can only happen in one case, about which in a moment. So, when depositing Bitcoin into a broker or bookmaker’s account, your balance is immediately converted to a currency such as EUR, USD or any other currency you chose when setting up your account. If, for example, after 3 months you withdraw the same amount as you deposited, it will be converted to Bitcoin, at the current market value.  Thus, the amount of coins may vary, of course, but their value does not. The situation is different with bookmakers, whose player balance is in cryptocurrency. In this case, we are exposed to losses, or, on the contrary, to profit, depending on the fluctuation of bitcoin. It is true that everything depends on the player, you can act in such a way that this principle will be a myth, as well as in such a way that it will be true. However, in essence, it is a myth if you look at it one way.


Bitcoin is 100% anonymous

Bitcoin is certainly many times more anonymous than classic payment methods, which have nothing to do with any level of anonymity. But is it 100% anonymous?  Much depends on how the player uses it. A player who is aware and interested in anonymity, can increase the level of payment anonymity to almost 100%! If you deposit to your wallet without KYC, you are anonymous. If on an exchange not quite. Many players first withdraw funds about the bookmaker to their own wallet and only then to the exchange, just gaining more anonymity in terms of transfers. So, from our description, it seems that BTC is an anonymous cryptocurrency, or rather, it can be so. So why is it in the myth category? The key word about the answer is “100%”  Although, BTC will provide anonymity to 99% of players, there are cryptocurrencies inherently more geared towards anonymity like Monero (XMR) Despite the complexity of the topic to a simply asked question, Is Bitcoin anonymous? I would answer yes!


Crypto are not for everyone

Some, few people claim that cryptocurrencies are not for everyone. This is an erroneous claim. Of course, not everyone needs this payment method and will successfully use the many other options available other than cryptocurrencies. And this is ok, diversity and choice is important and very positive. However, some people find cryptocurrencies “too difficult to use” and for this reason they are not for everyone. Ok, if it’s your first time reading up on the subject, it may seem like advanced technology difficult to use. However, after a few minutes, or, after the transactions performed, you will see that it is simpler than it seems, at first glance. Transferring a deposit or ordering a withdrawal is at most a few clicks, taking several seconds. It can’t be complicated! In addition to all the simplicity, why shouldn’t everyone have fast unhindered payment methods available worldwide from any location, which are successfully used by millions of players? Answer this question for yourself.

Not only brokers accept bitcoin

It is clear that professional betting brokers are not the only betting operators that accept Bitcoin. There is currently a very large list of betting sites that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The trend is upward and so is the list of operators, whether we are talking about betting brokers or classic bookmakers. The list is long, but as you can easily guess, our site deals with the PRO version of betting. So here is a list of a few bookmakers that can complete the list of PRO operators, i.e. full player security, long-standing activity on the market, low margins, i.e. very high odds and optimal limits. So, let’s cut to the chase. If you are interested not only in betting brokers but also bookmakers, or due to national restrictions you cannot use brokers and are looking for an alternative then check out the selected bookmakers with high odds below.

Up to $1,000 Sign-up Bonus

MYBOOKIE offers payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum. The minimum deposit is $20. Same day withdrawals. Read more in the review.

Up to $500 First Deposit Bonus

XBET offers payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum. The minimum deposit is $20. Same day withdrawals. Read more in the review.

Up to $150 Sign-Up Bonus

Everygame offers payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin. The minimum deposit is $50. 48h time withdrawals. Read more in the review.



It is very quick and easy to buy or sell Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrency using popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance or Kraken. The exchanges support a whole host of local payment meto for buying as well as exchanging cryptocurrencies. In many cases, payment cards are also available to pay with cryptocurrency in stores and withdraw from ATMs. All you have to do is register on one of the available exchanges and you can start your adventure with cryptocurrencies. Other ways are Bitomats (ATMs – bitcoin, still in a small number of locations, but the number is growing) or people-to-people exchanges like Paxfull, but classic exchanges are by far the most popular method of exchanging cryptocurrencies.

It is certainly the most popular cryptocurrency, accepted in more places than other cryptocurrencies. However, it is impossible to say unequivocally that it is the best digital currency. There is actually no answer to this question. Different cryptocurrencies have their own advantages and disadvantages and will be suitable or less suitable for a particular person. It is impossible to compare BTC and USDT, for example. There are many useful cryptocurrencies and very well, the more solid coins the better. This is not a sports competition, besides Bitcoin there is room for Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and many other highly useful cryptocurrencies.


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