Many players around the world are looking for so-called alternative links, also known as mirror links to popular bookmaking sites such as bet365, pinnacle and other well-known and respected bookmaking sites. If you want to learn how mirror links work or are looking for them, you’ve come to the right place. We will try to describe the issue and then find a solution for players who are looking for it.

Why are players looking for alternative links?

Many bookmakers, who have a global reach and players from all over the world are interested in playing with them, are unavailable in several locations. Most often these are Asian countries, but not only. It is impossible to list them because for each bookmaker the list can be quite different. Simply put, player X wants to play at bet365 and tries to access their site and can’t get access. Then the player starts looking for bet365 alternative link to access this site. Is this the optimal procedure and will it be effective? Yes and no. In some situations yes in others no.

So yes. The search for an alternative link will not be effective if the bookmaker whose link we are looking for has our country in its national restrictions. In this case, gaining access via an alternative betlink changes nothing. Even if we manage to register it, with time our account will be blocked, so it’s not worth the risk. In such a situation the only solution is to simply look for a suitable other bookmaking site, which allows registration from the country in which we are located. Otherwise, the only thing left is to move to a country not subject to restrictions, but this seems a bit radical.

What if the country we are in is not on the list of restricted countries? In such a situation, the alternative link will work and we will get access to the bookmaker we want to access. Another solution is a VPN with the optimal location set, but bookmakers have different approaches to this, sometimes negative, unlike sports betting brokers.

Betting brokers as an alternative to mirror links

Sports betting brokers are a great, actually for the moment the best alternative to volatile alternative betlinks. Why? We are already hastening the answer.

One account, many bookmakers. By opening an account with a broker from the level of one account you will gain access to many well-known bookmakers and sports exchanges that you can’t get access to any other way! Having our management center at a broker, we no longer need to look for other offers, especially since brokers do not limit players and are known for the highest odds in the industry.

Stability. Alternative links very often stop working over time and you have to look for new ones, it’s an eternal game of cat and mouse. The broker has one site and does not need to create alternative links, everything works stably.

VPN accepted. Brokers accept and even recommend VPNs to players if they cannot access their site and their products. Faced with bookmakers and exchanges, the player is anonymous and can use a VPN.

Country Restrictions. The example described above where alternative links are ineffective because the country is restricted at the bookmaker. At brokers this is not a problem, enough is enough. The bookmaker does not know our data, we verify identity only against the broker, not the bookmaker.

Stable alternative betting markets

Here’s a list of safe and stable solutions to all the alternative access and blocking problems of many bookmakers, including Pinnacle and Betfair. With sports betting brokers you will get access to the best markets with one account, without having to redirect and search for new links every week.


The most sought-after betlinki alternatives

Pinnacle alternative

In the case of Pinnacle bookmaker, the above information completely solves the problem of access. Every broker offers access to Pinnacle markets, and if you want access to Pinnacle exclusively, you can get a dedicated account at the bookmaker’s clone site – PS3838. Thus, access to Pinnacle is by far the easiest of all bookmakers that players are looking for. No wonder, the best odds and handling of the biggest bets are the backbone of brokers that offer the best markets for sports betting. In conclusion, we can say that your search for Pinnacle markets is over, the solution is completely stable and without any drawbacks.


Bet365 alternative

The second very often sought alternative link is betlink to bet365. Not surprisingly, it is one of the more popular bookmakers. However, it is a recreational bookmaker. Its odds and limits are lower than Pinnacle’s, and even though Bet365 offers great quality and is a legendary bookmaker, it is not suitable to be offered by brokers. The reason is clear, Bet365 can limit arbitrage and win players, which is not allowed at a broker. For this reason, for example, Pinnacle adhering to the Winners welcome principle is a pillar of brokers. So what is the solution for those looking for a bet365 link? According to us, brokers will solve your problem and you will get stable access to the best markets. However, if you want to use a classic bookmaker, we recommend a similar classic bookmaker Mybookie, with also stable access.


Betfair alternative

Betfair is another of the big three most searched for alternative links. Thanks to brokers, you no longer have to search for unstable mirror links. Each broker listed offers access to Betfair betting exchange markets, or the opportunity to open an account with one of several Betfair clones, with lower commissions and no premium fees. With alternative access to Betfair markets, we can bypass numerous national restrictions and the most liquid sports betting exchange stands open to us with full access.



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