Esports Bookies

esports bookies

The high popularity and reach of esports around the world has made betting on esports-related games popular among advanced betting players as well. Not surprisingly, Asia’s largest bookmakers and major exchanges have introduced esports betting into their regular offerings. Advanced brokerage platforms also cater to esports markets. Whether you enjoy esports and simply bet recreationally, or are an advanced player and bet on esports consciously and with clear goals, it makes sense to choose low-margin solutions. Low margins, or high odds, are the absolute holy grail of betting. With brokers, you can get to the most liquid esports markets with the highest odds and limits, with access to many major Asian bookmakers and exchanges from a single account. The high usability of such platforms and the multitude of features can definitely help you with your betting. So, if you are serious about betting on esports, you are in the right place.

Esports Bookies and Brokers

We analyzed the offerings among the esports bookies available on our site and extracted the best deals from the available brokers and bookmakers. What is important is the highest odds, the practical lack of betting limits and the overall reputation of the site. And then there’s the matter of course, which is the high-quality wide range of offers for esports games. This includes pre-match betting as well as live betting. So what came out of our analysis? The results below.

The two brokers mentioned above, Asianconnect and BetInAsia, offer access to the markets of many bookmakers and betting exchanges with the highest odds on esports. It will be no problem at all to bet on high stakes. Also, you will never be capped, as is often the case with recreational esports bookies. Winners are welcome. Also arbitrage players will not have problems, this is in accordance with the brokers’ rules and regulations.  For example, at Asianconnect outside of the odds aggregation system you will be able to open an account with, for example, PS3838, a Pinnacle clone, with great deals on esports. For more information on esports bookies, check out the individual reviews that interest you.

Esports Bookies suitability factors

Esports is a specific field in sports betting. It is one of the few that has specialized bookmakers who do not offer other sports. However, they have too low odds and limits. There are also esports bookies that have a separate section for esports betting, and finally there are places where esports has a place like any other sport. But at the end of the day, what matters anyway is the odds at which we played and the stake we could have bet. Although, of course, the usefulness of various useful side features la betting on esports cannot be denied. Let’s take a look at the factors that determine the usefulness of an esports betting site.

Targeting the smart player

It is obvious that a smart player will look for opportunities to bet on the event of interest at the highest possible odds, so that he can gain as much as possible. A real esports bookie is geared towards knowledgeable players looking for good deals. Such a esports bookies offers high odds and limits. Sometimes sites. that undercut the odds try to divert the player's attention from their margins, through beautiful graphics and high starting bonuses. This may be a good way for beginner players looking for their way in the betting world, but it certainly doesn't work for advanced players.

Understanding the specifics of esports

Many bookmakers do not understand the specifics of esports, which makes their offerings, although they exist, very problematic. What's right, in today's world of access to a lot of information, APIs and other things related to the esports industry, there are no longer as many cases of problematic esports bets, or problems with their settlement, as well as settlement times. However, it is still important to pay attention to whether the bookmaker is serious about the subject. Rather, the failures to draw happen only to recreational and local bookmakers.

High overall rating of esports bookies

Security of deposits, speed of withdrawals, a large list of available payments and many other general factors unrelated to a particular sport is the foundation of a solid bookmaker site. Any bookmaker whether with direct access or through brokerage accounts must be friendly to players of any sport, and this is a factor for every player, regardless of what they are betting on. A fundamental factor, because what good is the best offer if the site doesn't have a good reputation in the industry, the payouts are delayed or worse, there are none. Actually, this is the starting factor, and only after approving these requirements can we analyze the details of the offer.

Useful tools for esports bettors

Side features that make the game easier or more enjoyable. They are unlike high odds and limits to replace. You can always use external sources. Such good solutions can include, live streaming from esports matches, a community of players, chat, etc. Of course, sometimes a weak bookmaker tries to make up for it, but a weak bookmaker, will remain weak when it does not have a solid foundation. Nevertheless, such options are enjoyable for players, for this reason, a solid bookmaker that meets these requirements and provides interesting tools for esports players has been added to the listed esports brokers above.

Community of professional esports bettors

Stop losing on low odds at recreational esports bookies and join the community of professional players who are serious about esports betting. If you are still not convinced, check out our other sites, the knowledge you will gain will allow you to understand the workings of professional betting platforms, as well as gain a lot of other useful information. If, on the other hand, you’re not a beginner, you’re certainly already taking advantage of high odds for your informed bets.


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