Best basketball betting sites

best basketball betting sites

The huge and growing number of bookmakers means that a player can be confused when searching for the best basketball betting sites. Basketball is a very popular sport on a global scale. Practically on every continent there are countries where basketball is one of the main sports. Also, the number of professional leagues that can be bet on is quite large. Therefore, it is obvious that it is practically impossible to find a bookmaker that does not offer bets on basketball. Of course, the most popular, flagship league on offer from bookmakers is the NBA and NCAA. However, best basketball betting sites also offer other markets, such as many European, Asian and South American leagues. Also, the option for international, interstate as well as team games are not left out of the offer. So, players and fans have plenty to choose from. However, the mere fact that a given sport is on offer in no way indicates the quality of a given bookmaker. It is only a starting point from which to begin a deeper, detailed check of the available information and its verification on the reviewed bookmaker.

Best basketball betting sites list

So what are the best basketball betting sites? Which sites are safe? We’ve compiled a list of bookmaking sites from our site that offer solid deals on NBA, NCAA and many other leagues and games. During our tests, bookmaker-wide factors, odds, margins, live betting and much, much more were important, but we will return to this topic in the next part of our article. So let’s check out the results of our verification for best basketball betting sites.

Virtually all of the betting sites on our site offer high-quality basketball betting, so the choice was not easy. The details were the deciding factor. As you can see, we have chosen a broker and bookmaker, Asianconnect has all the features that professional high-stakes players look for, search for valuable odds, or place arbitrage bets on the NBA or other leagues. We won’t elaborate here, surely you know what I offer and the specifics of the brokers, but if you don’t, you can find out everything on our site, which specializes in it.

Key features of baseball betting sites

What features should a betting site contain to be considered useful for players who prefer basketball as one of the main sports they bet on? General features, as well as those specific to the sport we are about to discuss. How can we distinguish between friendly sites, aimed at player satisfaction, and those that only want to scam deposits or provide low-quality services, encouraging only bonuses? These are certainly important questions to ponder for a while. Let’s list the most important features that the best baseball bookies should represent.

General factors, overall assessment

In this section we have decided to summarize everything so as not to duplicate content from other sites. So, before analyzing the quality of a bookmaker in terms of basketball, it must meet various other basic requirements, without the analysis of which there is no point in checking such a site further. These are such things as solvency, length of activity on the market, fast payouts, high limits for big players, high odds, as we do not accept recreational bookmakers undercutting odds on our site. Besides, practical experience on the sites in question as well as opinions of other professional players. General matters, are the starting and fundamental factor in the search for the best basketball betting sites.

Offerings beyond the NBA

Personally, when it comes to basketball, I am interested in the NBA and partly in NCAA. There is certainly a very large group of players who are also only interested in the NBA. No wonder, it is by far the biggest basketball league in the world, popular all over the world. However, many players also bet on other leagues. Besides, in some situations you don’t have to be a fan or interested in a particular league to search for a value bet or arbitrage bet, professional players often look for odds opportunities in many sports/leagues. For these reasons, a bookmaker targeting basketball bettors, although most bet on the NBA, should also have an inviting offer on other leagues and games. Best basketball betting sites must not be limited to one league, no matter how crucial.

Lots of live betting on basketball

Live betting is also very important, it seems, for a very large group of players. This type of betting has many advantages, such as a minimally smaller margin than on pre-match betting. This is a principle that actually applies to all sports and all bookmakers. Besides, a wide range of live betting offers shows that the platform does not neglect players betting on basketball. Most good bookmakers offer live betting on NBA and college basketball. However, the scale of this offer can vary greatly from a given site. That’s why it’s worth verifying. It seems that live betting is a huge part of bookmaker betting, and no self-respecting platform can overlook it. Thus, best basketball betting sites must have a wide range of offers on the NBA, other American, European, Asian, South American basketball leagues as well as interdenominational games.

Treating basketball as a major sport

The treatment of basketball as one of the main sports by the bookmaker is an equally important matter. This affects a number of things, such as seemingly insignificant, but displaying high in the table of basketball sports which increases convenience. For occasional bettors this is not important, but for those who spend long hours on betting platforms it is. However, this only affects convenience, there are more important things. Another example is that major sports often have a slightly smaller margin than sports treated as niche, and even 0.05% has a big impact in the long run for a professional player. Also, the fact that we have access to multiple types of bets, asian handicaps, win bets, match totals and side bets is also important and shows that basketball is taken seriously at a given bookmaker.

What bets can I place on basketball

What specific bets can we bet on at best basketball betting sites? Let’s list some of the basic possibilities a player has.


Game Handicap


Team Total

Moneyline 1st Half

Game Handicap 1st Half

Total 1st Half

Team Total 1st Half

What basketball games I can bet on

Basketball is not just about the NBA. So what can I bet at best basketball betting sites ?




Lega A


Super Ligi




Energa Basket Liga



B League

Basket League

Super League



Elite League


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