VPN Sports Betting

VPN sports betting

VPN or Virtual Private Network is used by millions of people around the world. There is a high probability, bordering on certainty, that you have already heard or used this type of add-on. This type of software is used for a variety of purposes, but we are interested in betting and will look at it in detail. For many bettors it is critical software, without which we have no chance to access the best sites. For others, it can be an informative curiosity. We will explain what the usefulness of this network depends on and how to use it reasonably. We will consider in what situations can a VPN be useful? And in which ones is it necessary? From which countries is it best to connect? What approach to VPN sports betting do bookmakers have? Does it comply with the operators’ terms and conditions? One could go on for a long time, the questions are many. We will try to answer them and other questions related to VPN sports betting and dispel all doubts of players.

For which players a VPN is useful

The answer seems obvious. However, it is not entirely so. Let’s break down in points the types of players and the level of usefulness of a VPN for a given player.

Player not needing a VPN

If you have no problem accessing about most/all bookmaker sites from official and popular web browsers, and the country you come from is on the list of countries that are accepted by bookmakers, it means you are lucky. It is highly likely that you don’t need any software to access the best bookmaker sites. This is a fairly common situation worldwide, from most locations, you will easily connect to the sites you want. However, the situation may vary at certain points depending on your location, but as a rule, the above description will apply in most situations from which you get full access to the best bookie sites.

A player for whom a VPN can be useful

You have partial access to bookmaker services, and your country is listed on the bookmaker/broker registration form. For example, you can access the broker’s site, but not the bookmaker’s site. In the case of sports betting brokers reviewed on our site, it may be that despite full access to the broker without a VPN and the ability to register from your location, access to some of the functions may be limited. In such a situation, you can use a VPN. Without a VPN you will have access to some of the broker’s features and partners, but only using a VPN will give you access to all features and partners. However, the situation varies from location to location, sometimes it happens that one broker works, the other does not. Thus, it is up to you to use a VPN.

Player for whom VPN is necessary

Total lack of access to brokers and bookmakers. Unfortunately, in certain locations you may have this problem. That’s when you need to use a VPN. However, be sure to check if your country is listed on the registration form with the operator you want to register with. If it’s not, a VPN won’t help either, although not always, there are exceptions, but we’ll come back to this topic later. On the other hand, in most cases, a VPN fully solves the issue and with this we can access from professional sports betting markets. Without a doubt, for such players, a VPN is critical software, without which it is impossible to bet at a professional level.

Is the use of a VPN accepted by bookmakers and brokers?

This is an extremely important issue, it is worth taking an interest in it, so that you do not have problems in the future. Well, the situation differs strongly between brokers and bookmakers. The former, almost all of them accept VPN sports betting and sometimes even recommend its use in a few locations. This is due to the fact that, from some locations it can be a problem to access the services of some partners. However, usually as you have access to a broker, it means you have access to its partners i.e. exchanges and bookmakers, but there are exceptions, rare ones. Keep in mind, however, that you must specify your real country where you are located in order to make later verification seamless. This actually means no official restriction, despite several official ones. However, it depends on the broker’s policy, and it is worth remembering to enter the correct data in the registration form. Towards bookmakers in the broker’s offer we are anonymous so we can use VPN without any obstacles. I myself personally have been using a VPN for years when using Asianconnect and have never had any problems with it. Of course, the data in the form was given according to the facts. BC GAME also accepts VPN.

Brokers is a confidential and partially anonymous service and it is not surprising that there is no problem using a VPN. However, in the case of bookmakers with direct access is a little more difficult, but not much. First and foremost, when registering, you provide only real data. Then, when entering through the VPN, we can expect an email from the bookmaker stating that activity from another location has been detected on our account. Some bookmakers suspend such accounts. If the data given at the beginning was correct and we did not lie, after clarification with technical support and verification, the account is suspended. It all depends on the bookmaker. My personal experience is that at one, emails about suspicious activity come after every login and it is tiresome. At others, on the other hand, one explanation is enough to use services normally via VPN. I know that Jazzsports, for example, takes a lenient approach. So, if we have given real data when registering, we are not threatened by anything except explanations, for this reason, remember to be on the safe side and, despite using a VPN sports betting, give real data in the registration form.

Which VPN is suitable for betting

Currently, there is a lot of Virtual Private Network software readily available on the market. VPN sports betting is therefore, no problem at all, at least in terms of finding the right software. We will not judge on this site which is better and which is worse. There are free and paid options, it all depends on what you expect and how often you plan to use the VPN. Paid options usually offer faster speeds and a greater number of available locations from which we can connect. However, in the vast majority of cases, free solutions, such as add-ons for Chrome or Firefox browsers, or a built-in option in Opera are more than enough for betting. Downloading VPN sports betting software takes a few moments and is not complicated.


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